Jan 18th, 2012

AT&T has announced a new set of tiered pricing plans for data-hungry smartphone and tablet users. Data usage is broken down into five plans (three for smartphones, two for tablets) that provide varying bandwidth for prices ranging from $20 to $50. It starts with the AT&T Data Plus plan, which allots 300MB of data for $20 per month. For every 300MB chunk over that limit users will be assessed a $20 fee. Things get a bit more manageable with the $30 per month AT&T Data Pro 3GB plan. For power users there is the $50 AT&T Data Pro 5GB with mobile hotspot and tethering. For both Data Pro plans every 1GB over the limit equates to a $10 fee. For tablet users the AT&T DataConnect plan is available in two options. 3GB for $30 or 5GB for $50.

For the average user, the $30 options provide the most bang for buck with a lower penalty for going over the monthly limit. Current subscribers won’t be required to sign up for one of the new options when they launch on January 22nd.

AT&T Launches New Data Plans

Customers Get More Data, More Value

Dallas, Texas, January 18, 2012

AT&T today announced new data plans for smartphone and tablet customers that will launch this Sunday, January 22. The plans give customers more data and value.

The new smartphone plans include:

AT&T Data Plus 300MB: $20 for 300MB
AT&T Data Pro 3GB: $30 for 3GB
AT&T Data Pro 5GB: $50 for 5GB, with mobile hotspot / tethering
Smartphone customers needing additional data can pay $10 per additional gigabyte on the AT&T Data Pro 3GB and Data Pro 5GB plans; AT&T Data Plus users will receive an extra 300MB for $20.

The new tablet plans* include:

AT&T DataConnect 3GB: $30 for 3GB
AT&T DataConnect 5GB: $50 for 5GB
Existing smartphone and tablet customers will have the choice of keeping their current plans or choosing one of these new plans, and the current $14.99 for 250MB plan for tablet customers will remain available.

To help customers determine which data plan best matches their needs, AT&T has helpful tools atwww.att.com/dataplans – including a data calculator where customers can estimate usage for their typical data activity. Once smartphone and tablet customers are on a plan, AT&T keeps them informed of their usage levels by sending usage alerts as they consume data within their plan. For example, a smartphone customer with AT&T DataPlus 300MB will receive a text message when they consume 65 percent of their data bucket, plus two additional alerts as they approach the 300MB provided with their plan.

“Customers are using more data than ever before,” said David Christopher, chief marketing officer, AT&T Mobility and Consumer Markets. “Our new plans are driven by this increasing demand in a highly competitive environment, and continue to deliver a great value to customers, especially as we continue our 4G LTE deployment.”

Customers are encouraged to keep their device’s Wi-Fi turned on because data usage over Wi-Fi does not count against a customer’s monthly data plan. As an added value, AT&T smartphone and tablet customers have access at no additional charge to AT&T’s 29,000 Wi-Fi hotspots nationwide – the nation’s largest Wi-Fi network.** Customers can get more information at www.att.com/wifiaccess.

For more information, visit www.att.com/dataplans.

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