Another World (aka Out of This World) Comes to Android Courtesy of DotEmu


DotEmu has announced that they’re bringing the cult classic video game to Android – Another World (aka Out of This World to those of us in the US). You’ll be getting the same great fun but with the ability to toggle between classic and HD graphics, classic or new touch controls and more. We’re also getting remastered music, new sound effects and three difficulty levels. All of this is coming in “a few months” so put on your patient cap. In the meantime be sure to check out some gameplay video above.

Quentyn Kennemer
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  1. This game blew me away as a kid. Im excited for this!

  2. Awesome, this was one of my favorites!

  3. I have not seen this game in FOREVER…

    It is nice to see where we have been.

  4. Also loved Flashback, its spititual successor.

  5. Tears……one of my favorite. i still play it on genroid, but i cant wait for this. thank you dotmu…flashback after that?…….I’m really happy that great games like this are being recognized and brought back to life, cant wait to buy it

  6. Does this port of theirs also ignore the fact that Android devices support physical inputs, so things like buttons, controllers, and keyboards?

    So are there settings for one to customize the controls for physical buttons, not just smudge-screens?

    I bought their R-Type port and If this port is the same as in they didn’t bother thinking beyond the smudge-screen, I’ll just stick to DOSBOX.

  7. I seem to recall a 3DO game like this…deja vu for me too.

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