Is This a Galaxy S III or a Bad Mock-up? Probably the Latter


This one’s been going around the wire for a few hours now and I’m just going to go ahead and chime in on it. First, a quick rundown of the story: Samsung had a CES 2012 keynote and, as you’d expect from these keynotes, played some clips. In one of these clips was a device that Samsung used to illustrate someone using a phone to wirelessly control a WiFi-enabled camera. Skip to 7:10 in the video below.

Well, it seems like everyone on the internet wants that device to be the Samsung Galaxy S III. It could be, but it probably isn’t. To me it look more like a Galaxy Note, though people are quick to note that the camera on the device in the video is on the same side as it is on the Galaxy S II. They also note a much thinner bezel, but I chalk that up to bad mock-up work.

It’s not uncommon for OEMs to create random mock-ups that may or may not look like a past, present or future device in their lineup. It’s really foolish to assume that this is the Galaxy S III when the device pictured could be a stretched out Galaxy S II.

I mean, it’s not like their flagship phones look that much different. If not for its size I’d probably have trouble telling the difference between the Galaxy S and S II at a quick glance.

At the end of the day, we’re probably going to see the next Galaxy S flagship device at Mobile World Congress next month. It makes no sense to ruffle feathers over a quick mock-up that flashed on a display for all of three and a half seconds. And that’s that. [The Verge, thanks Chris!]

Quentyn Kennemer
The "Google Phone" sounded too awesome to pass up, so I bought a G1. The rest is history. And yes, I know my name isn't Wilson.

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  1. I would it’s just a bad mockup, but I would except them to make the bezel smaller like they did with the Nexus. 

  2. is apple crazy? They just got shot down entirely in germany once Samsung got involved and now they’re going to try to do it again? This is like asking for sanctions.

  3. I’m waiting for MWC to see what is going to be worth upgrading to. When are the next gen lower power LTE antennas and chips going to hit phones? Tegra 3 with a low power LTE chip sounds like a battery life winner.

    1. Not certain, but I feel Samsung will not use Tegra 3 in their flagship model. It will definitely be Exynos (maybe 4412 or 5250). Tegra3, while good, isn’t powerful enough in GPU. It’s actually slightly higher spec’ed than Exynos 4210. If you over-clock present Exynos to 1.5/1.6 GHz range, you might be getting similar result as Tegra3 already. 
      To give you a simple analogy, Tegra 2 was actually used by Samsung in their Galaxy “R” series – not the “S” series. So, you know they don’t consider Tegra as “S-class”. 

      Technically, 1 very basic issue explains why Tegra’s are not very powerfull. Tegra 2 had a die size of only 49mm^2. Exynos 4210 had about 118. Tegra 3 is just about 79. Could you imagine how much more powerful Exynos would be running on a A15 architecture? Tegra 3 is still using A9.

      1. This, And the new Exynos uses a newer 32nm process compared to the Tegra 3’s older 45nm.
        As for the GPU in the new Exynos, it will probably double the Tegra 3’s performance.


  4. Mockup.  One thing that stands out for me is her right thumb is flattened like its cut off.

  5. Switched from the htc sensation to the samsung galaxy sa2 and haven’t logged back!! GREAT PHONE!.

  6. I bet people are eating their words that Samsung will fail. I will get another Samsung on my next update in a two months.

    1. I’m still on the original Galaxy S running 2.3.5 and I too will most likely be going for another Sammy when my contract is up in November.

  7. looked like a note to me.

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