Jan 17th, 2012 publishUpdated   Sep 12th, 2021, 2:36 pm

This one’s been going around the wire for a few hours now and I’m just going to go ahead and chime in on it. First, a quick rundown of the story: Samsung had a CES 2012 keynote and, as you’d expect from these keynotes, played some clips. In one of these clips was a device that Samsung used to illustrate someone using a phone to wirelessly control a WiFi-enabled camera. Skip to 7:10 in the video below.

Well, it seems like everyone on the internet wants that device to be the Samsung Galaxy S III. It could be, but it probably isn’t. To me it look more like a Galaxy Note, though people are quick to note that the camera on the device in the video is on the same side as it is on the Galaxy S II. They also note a much thinner bezel, but I chalk that up to bad mock-up work.

It’s not uncommon for OEMs to create random mock-ups that may or may not look like a past, present or future device in their lineup. It’s really foolish to assume that this is the Galaxy S III when the device pictured could be a stretched out Galaxy S II.

I mean, it’s not like their flagship phones look that much different. If not for its size I’d probably have trouble telling the difference between the Galaxy S and S II at a quick glance.

At the end of the day, we’re probably going to see the next Galaxy S flagship device at Mobile World Congress next month. It makes no sense to ruffle feathers over a quick mock-up that flashed on a display for all of three and a half seconds. And that’s that. [The Verge, thanks Chris!]

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