Jan 16th, 2012

With a couple months for users to get accustomed to their new Samsung Galaxy Nexus (one month if you own the CDMA version), most issues with the device have been acknowledged or addressed. One problem that more and more users are reporting an issue that has the handset randomly rebooting during normal use, whether the device is being used to check email or sitting idle. The GSM version of the Nexus seems to be most affected by the bug, but there are some reports of the CDMA variant seeing similar snags. Google is aware of the plight of its users and is currently working out a fix, though when it will be delivered is unknown. We are guessing the update to Android 4.0.3 will bring about corrections to many of the early problems uncovered by new Nexus users. Anyone out there experiencing reboots at all the wrong times?

[via BGR]

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