Sony’s Google TV Gets 3D Blu-Ray, Set-Top Box, and New Remote [VIDEO]


Sony has a lot of stuff at CES, my favorite being the Xperia Ion with it’s fast capture camera, but they also had some pleasant surprises to their Google TV lineup. There were three main improvements:

(1) The most noticeable change is with the remote. Sony’s Google TV remote was formerly designed like a Playstation Controller, with the face displaying a full keyboard. Their new version looks and feels much more like a traditional remote with typical controls on one side and a full QWERTY Keyboard on the flip side. The addition of a large trackpad and voice input are incredibly welcome features.

(2) Sony’s Google TV Blu-Ray player has been updated to a much more compact and attractive form factor, essentially halving the size, and adding 3D capabilities. We were told the first generation of devices will receive a software upgrade that will enable 3D as well.

(3) In the past, customers who wanted Google TV with Sony either had to buy a Sony Internet TV with Google TV onboard or buy the Blu-Ray player. But what if you’ve already got a Blu-Ray player and a TV and just want the Google TV experience? Now you can purchase a small Sony Google TV Set Top box that provides a more affordable and compact option.

Other than these hardware alterations, the Google TV experience is very much the same. I’m still waiting for the Android Market to become flooded with apps and games designed specifically for Google TV followed by a flurry of add-ons thanks to Android Open Accessory.

Will 2012 be the year of Google TV? If it is, look for Google IO to be the coming out party.

[Via GTVsource]

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  1. Wish there was word on price and availability. And a DVR

  2. I wonder if that remote will work with my current Sony Google TV Blu-Ray player?  It should since I’m assuming it is BT, right?

    1. Current is RF, new is BT.  So no, it wont..major bummer IMO.

      1. But for 199.99 they will sell you an adapter that will. /hatesony

        1. Ha! …possible :)  Still less of a rip off that I originally paid for my Revue plus HD Cam.  Ug.

      2. Think a USB bluetooth adapter and a firmware update could bring this remote to the current version? As far as I know, the USB ports are only setup for mass-storage right now, but I’m sure that could be changed.

  3. I need specs on the processor in these units.

  4. Is the remote running a quad processor? 

  5. I hope I can use that remote on my HTPC… that’s a sweet looking piece of hardware, and it may be enough to get me to ditch my current remote/keyboard combo.

  6. Gotta say this is the GoogleTv I was looking for.. I saw the remote on g4 I love the features… it’s time for GoogleTV to not suck! lol, i know it never sucked just never took off like i hoped! but I see it gaining much popularity in 2012!

  7. Looks cool, now if Sony would just talk to Roku and combine all the channels they offer and I would ask for one for Christmas 2012 :)

    1. What channels does Roku have that the Android Market or Chrome Web Store don’t?

  8. there is currently NO device which receives HDMI input which records that input….. so if this has a DVR to record HDMI input, Sony would achieve a first in the industry…. paving the way…… i sure hope they can pull that one off

  9. Anyone know if that remote will come with the Blu-Ray Player? Or is tat remote just for the set top box? I am assuming its for both but they really don’t specify in the article or video. I am interested in the Blu-Ray player Google TV and very much “dig” the remote. 

    1. Yep, this remote comes with both models.  

  10. For the UK the coloured buttons at the bottom are in the wrong order (we have RGYB). Is YBRG standard in US?

  11. Wow this is cool; this is why i love Sony. For me, they are the trusted brand. I hope this is also available in other countries.

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