Magisto Magic Movie Editing App Coming to Android – Hands-on iOS Version [CES 2012]


I know this isn’t exactly Android but this was a very cool app that I felt deserved some recognition on Phandroid considering the developers are bringing it ot Android later this quarter. The app is called Magisto and it’s heralded for being a “magic” movie maker.

The application takes the editing job out of your hands and does all the work for you. It’ll put together clips and transitions to whatever background music you want. The app uses an algorithm to determine which clips and scenes are related and important to you.

It does this by recognizing faces and objects that appear often in your videos. The algorithm is a bit deeper than that but the developer understandably opted not to go into detail. The app is coming to Android later this quarter. Check out a quick demo of it above.

Quentyn Kennemer
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  1. Wow! I would like to see more about this app. A great idea as long as the execution is done well.

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