Hands On Video: New ASUS Transformer Prime 700T – Full HD Screen and Ice Cream Sandwich


When we were invited to check out the all new and super high-def ASUS Transformer Prime 700T (previous version was TF201) for ourselves, we jumped at the opportunity. Ever since ASUS took the lid off their all new and improved Transformer Prime a few days ago, I was curious to see if performance would suffer because of the new HD display. Pushing 1920×1200 pixels (technically, a little higher than regular ‘ol 1080p) across the screen is no easy task and whether it was the Tegra 3 processor or Ice Cream Sandwich (most likely a combination of both), one thing is for certain — the new T-Prime flies. There was absolutely zero lag when navigating the homescreen and app drawers and while I didn’t get to run any benchmarks on the device (that will come at a later time), I was able to load up a few games like Sprinkle and Showdowgun for a quick test run. If you’re curious to see how it all went down, check out the hands-on video below.

Chris Chavez
I've been obsessed with consumer technology for about as long as I can remember, be it video games, photography, or mobile devices. If you can plug it in, I have to own it. Preparing for the day when Android finally becomes self-aware and I get to welcome our new robot overlords.

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  1. “It’s possible to love something so much it makes you angry” hahaha…I am right there with ya brother…I would LOVE one of these…

    1. Sounds like someone who beats his wife.

    2. Indeed. Temper-tantrum worthy!

      … oh yeah, Hi Mr. Chavez! You’re adorable.

  2. I cannot wait to have this in my hands!!  What is the release date of this?? 

  3. As sexy and awesome as this is, I don’t feel I do enough with my current tablet to justify a second tablet.

  4. I’m sure the TF700T is awesome.  Please discuss, however, the problems that current owners (and preorder customers who still don’t have their tablet in hand) of the TF201 Prime are having due to a poorly designed backplate which causes weak WiFi and useless GPS.  The “new” TF700T is almost identical in specs, with a higher resolution screen and a better front camera.  Oh, and they redesigned the backplate so that it doesn’t have the same wireless issues.  For current owners of the TF201, there is a petition in place at change.org to encourage Asus to give us some service and provide the same fixes that they applied to the “new” 700 which they just demoed.

    Btw, I currently have a TF201 and I can verify that it is awesome. Other than the wireless issues.

    EDIT: Petition URL


    1. Went to change.org, how do I find the petition?

  5. Well I can at least say this…I am glad my TF201 failed and I returned it to Best Buy for a full refund, cause yeah, um I want Version 2.0!! Hopefully it won’t autoreboot like mine did and the GPS/wifi works like mine didn’t.

  6. Pretty awesome. I’m not in the market for a tablet yet so I’m going to wait for an HD screen with a quad core processor. This is DEFINITELY a step in the right direction though. Great job ASUS!

    1. …thats exactly what this is. maybe you didnt know that.

    2. Yes agree wait wait wait till Q2 2012 and we should have a few HD Quads to select from… who knows Samsung or another could blast past. Whilst dislike Apple as simplistic, basic and locked down they may release a Quad HD in Q2. Which will be great as that will become standard for all in future. Quantum leap in quality and stability is hoped soooon. This pre-release looks great and have no idea how u get it so very early. Must be Asus store as no supplier has a clue what ur talking about. Lol will be standard v shortly I feel.

  7. lol Dude, you truly love your job!! That’s awesome!!!

  8. I don’t know why but I loved this hands on. You did a great job and had me cracking up the whole time.

  9. I’m curious how noticeable the difference is when compared side-by-side with a tf-201. It doesn’t seem like any reviews from CES have given much details about how drastic or minor the changes are.

  10. LOL @ 2:52. That was awesome Chris! Everyone was thinking it.

    1. Yes. I think its fair to say that anyone who frequents this site was thinking that exact thought.

      Thanks a lot Chris!

  11. Do you guys really can see the difference in 10 inch screen between 1920 ad 1080? I saw this and it is almost the same.

  12. I only want to know 2 things…when & how much?

  13. So what does this do that my Bionic doesn’t? Also what are the benefits of ICS on a tablet opposed to a phone?…it looks exactly the same as the phone platform for ICS.

    1. “it looks exactly the same as the phone platform for ICS.”

      Dude, THAT’S THE POINT!!!!

    2. It does everything your Bionic does plus its a tablet with a bigger screen, better resolution, and performs waaaayyyy better then you Bionic. just to laugh download Antutu benchmark, run it on your Bionic and look at the comparison chart…you phone is somewhere down the list while the Prime is on the very top easily passing every other device on the list. Its sick

    3. Ignorance must be bliss?

  14. lol @ “There are alot of french people here…I dont know what they are saying…”

  15. Thats gotta be the smoothest running android tablet ive ever seen. Android 4.0 definitely improved on 3.0

  16. lol @ the french comment chris.

  17. This seriously makes a huge difference. For anyone that wants a good example, just take your android tablet and turn it in portrait mode on this page, zoom out all the way, and then look at the text. You can see that there aren’t enough pixels to diplay all of the text clearly. Yeah, you can read it, but you can’t see the perfect curavature of all the letters. At that resolution your ppi is 225ish; That’s not even a “Retina Display.” However, at the distance that you look at your tablet, it makes all the pixels blend into a magical image, a world without pixels.

  18. Any comment on the impact of the higher resolution screen on battery life?

  19. if you weren’t so passive aggressive you’d notice what he was using in the reflection and you probably wouldn’t make the comment.  It has nothing to do with “HD”.   It’s the simple fact there is an exposure difference between the screen and the surrounding room and the camera is trying to compensate for that.  

    The video was detailed enough.  You may need glasses for that wrinkledface.

  20. I want this, but I feel like the 1080p will make this lag behind the Tranny Prime when intensive games come out. Anyone know how the Tegra 3 scales I high resolutions?

    1. Tegra 2’s maximum resolution was 1280×800, which is what all tablets used. Tegra 3’s maximum resolution is 2560×1600. It will probably be a while before the best of the best Android games will affect it.

  21. “smokes the ipad in every sense”, thank you.

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