Intel Demos Pre-Production Medfield-based Tablet from Lenovo


Intel is looking to make a big push into the Android space in 2012, and one of the first manufacturers to hop on board is Lenovo. At CES, the chip maker demoed a new tablet running on the Medfield platform, and though it was a bit rough around the edges it showed some promise. Thanks to a 32nm manufacturing process, the Lenovo-made slate measures in at just 8.9mm thick and might even get a bit slimmer around the edges with a bit of refinement.

 The system was running Android 4.0, and things operated smoothly during a quick hands-on runaround. Features such as Ice Cream Sandwich’s multi-tasking menu performed up to snuff. Some areas saw a bit of lag, but nothing that can’t be smoothed out by the time the tablet launches sometime in the second half of the year. The biggest possible issues is getting app developers to refine their apps for the new platform. While many Dalvik-based Android apps will work without modification, certain apps will require tweaking to their source code.

It sounds like there are big things on the horizon for Intel and Android this year. We are expecting further announcements to roll in later today after the company participates in one of several CES keynote addresses.


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