Hands On: Samsung Galaxy Note for AT&T [Video]


Our CES 2012 coverage continues! This time around, Kevin and I were able to get a walkthrough of Samsung’s latest phoneblet — the Galaxy Note for AT&T. In case you needed a refresher, the Galaxy Note comes with a gargantuan 5.3-inch touchscreen display with complimentary “S Pen,” a stylus that the device can recognize as a pen and not just your finger. Unfortunately, I couldn’t shake-down Phillip, our Samsung rep, into revealing pricing or availability of the G-Note but expect it soon and pricing to fall inline with similar high-end devices launching on AT&T.

What do you guys think? Does the Not fall into this weird device purgatory where it’s too large to use as a phone but to small to use as a tablet? Or do you find the Galaxy Note juuuuust right?

Chris Chavez
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  1. Oh, Man! That is SO Cool! FINALLY its here! When the Dell Streak came
    out I KNEW it would be only a little while before something MUCH better came
    out. That the Note is a bit larger is only a BONUS, AND, in multiple colors.
    The Streak was just short of the perfect size, but the screen and OS version
    lacked a LOT. I can’t believe the Note is finally coming. Dell could have had a
    real winner if they had actually promoted the Streak, but Samsung now has the
    ball and is obviously on a roll. Already over a million sold, and they aren’t
    even in the best market yet (USA). I can only hope that they also are available
    on Sprint. I will really have heartburn if I have to switch to ATT just to get
    this ideal phone. Have you seen the lineup of available accessories? I guess
    having it come out a few months earlier (they sold a MILLION in only 2-3
    months) in Europe only works to our (US) advantage, as there are several nice
    accessories available already with a nice list of more to come shortly. I CAN’T

    1. I cant tell if he is serious or trolling!
      Well done.

    2. I think the Dell Streak was a good size and I’m not convinced the Note is better.  I do like the extra width to the display though (Streak aspect ratio was 16 x 9.6 where Note is 16 x 10).  The Streak’s bezels were also way too big (22 and 6.9 mm) compared to the Note’s (16.3 and 5.8), but I wish the Note could have trimmed down even more (say 10 and 4).  With 1280×800 pixels, at least a 5″ screen is justified (302 DPI), but I’m not sure about 5.3″ (285 DPI).  I think I’d rather just have a more compact device with the 302 DPI screen (with 10 and 4 mm bezels, you get a 127×76 mm phone with a 5″ screen – that sounds more like my perfect phone).

      Since I have AT&T, I read a fair amount on XDA Forums about the Note, and while I’m now less concerned about the Pentile screen (though I still want to see for myself), I am bugged about the DAC not being as good as the Galaxy S phones for playing music.

      I don’t need LTE and I hate this trend of US carriers modifying the international phones, but what are you going to do.  If I was completely sold on the Note, I would already have bought an International version last year (though there was an additional problem of AT&T charging some users higher data costs by claiming they were using a tablet – my carrier really sucks, but it has the best coverage at my work site).

      I really really doubt it will ship with ICS.  Be prepared to root your phone if you want ICS right away.

  2. It’s the device of a lifetime, If it ships with ICS

    1. It is getting ICS in the next 2 months

  3. Are they trying to bring back the PDA?

  4. Wow, that looks pretty cool!  I’ve got a couple of questions:
    1) Can you use the pen just as you would use your finger, to navigate the phone and interact with regular (non-note-compatible) apps, or is it only for special-purpose stuff like the annotation function?
    2) Is it too big to fit in your pocket (and still be able to walk comfortably)?

    I was kind of hoping for a high-end qwerty phone on AT&T (almost got the captivate glide, but everyone said the keyboard was too flat), but perhaps the note’s huge screen and pen input could convince me buttons aren’t necessary…

    1. Is it too big to fit in your pocket (and still be able to walk comfortably)?

      Why don’t you cut a piece of wood and find out – it’s pretty much a slab phone at 147 x 83 x 10 mm (rounded to nearest mm).  For me, it’s the 147 that makes it impossible to put into my front pants pocket and sit down comfortably.  If I got this phone, I’d plan on always having it in a jacket pocket – ok, but I’d rather it was 127 x 76 x 10 mm with a 5″ screen.  127 is about as long as a phone can be for my pants pockets.

    2. 1 – yes
      2- No, it is not too big.  Only idiot iSheep would be intimidated by it.

      Swype is the best keyboard and works great on the Note.

  5. YES. Now if they would add a less skinned os (with ICS of course) and have it for more carriers (verizon cough cough)

  6. Chavez – does it fit in your skinny jeans pocket?

  7. So it sounds like it’s not an Exynos proc. That might actually keep me from getting it. 

    1. Well of course it is the Qualcomm Snapdragon dual core as found in the LG Optimus LTE, because of its ability to use LTE frequencies.

  8. I bet this would #getsmokedbywindows phone just like the galaxy nexus. Lulz.

    1. All the win8 phones smoke all these as well..

      1. Until you want apps.

      2.  What have you been smoking?

        1. they havent been been smoking..they are just dumb..they would know how to use a lighter.

  9. 4.6″ this year screen=high end device. 4.3″ screen=now mid range.

    1. then what range is  apple’s 3.5 inchers….?

      1. play phone you give to a baby

  10. any news yet on the galaxy S3?

  11. I wanted the GNote so bad, but no longer – not after learning that its pentile display is flawed with crushed blacks (The Note is on the right):  http://s2.ipicture.ru/uploads/20111213/aRxC6WTf.jpg

    And it doesn’t help that the AT&T version isn’t getting Exynos, since the international version will get better XDA support (more ROMs).

    Might as well wait for a SGS3 or the Note2 with nextgen 22nm Exynos and  a non-pentile SAMOLED+ display fix.

  12. Demo guy should wash his hands if you know you may be filmed while demoing their product. Ugh!!

    Ian B

  13. Just right!! Get over to Verizon; please!

  14. I love how mentioning AT&T LTE network sounded so forced. I am sure he was told to mention it every time and that was what he was doing. It just sounded so different then when he was actually talking about the device. lol

  15. i find it perfect size for me since im a previous streak owner but the problem is now im on verizon and cant afford to get out. this phone needs to come to verizon with a exynos not some qualcomm. it lost half its value to me on att

  16. i have 6 months till i can upgrade my streak on att, hopefully the note will have ICS by then.

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