We’re Live at LG’s CES 2012 Press Conference


We’re in our seats and LG’s CES 2012 press conference is kicking off in just a few minutes. At first glance it looks like we will be seeing a new Android smartphone for Verizon, Google TV gear, and a number of 3D TVs and other home electronics. Things are just getting rolling so stick with us for all the coverage live from the event. The lights are dimming now and the music is pumping. Get ready!

Kevin Krause
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Android, iOS, Windows Phone, and GTV Coverage at CES 2012

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  1. nice use of ICS panoramic ;)

    1. Hovering over the pic says Sony DSC. I did a pano shot the other day with the nexus, not as good. LOL

  2. …I won’t lie.LG has has some of the BEST SCREENs in the TV market.And the phone screens aren’t too shabby either. But,I still think SAMSUNG is the BEST,right-now.

  3. How bout a Sprint ICS phone, damn it.

  4. So glad to know that Phandroid is there to represent us all. 

  5. I would love to know if they say anything about the T-Mobile G2x getting ICS or not. I’ve seen posts previously that said it wasn’t then others that it might. I’d love a definitive answer. 

    1. It is an LG phone. Just branded for T-Mobile. 

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