Android, iOS, Windows Phone, and GTV Coverage at CES 2012


Welcome to Phandroid’s coverage of CES 2012! Myself, Kevin Krause, Quentyn Kennemer and Chris Chavez are all here to provide you with all kinds of Android news, from breaking product announcements with hands-on videos to randomly cool accessories and whatever else the obnoxiously huge CES show floor has to offer.

But we’re not ONLY here covering Android:

Today is going to be a JAM PACKED day, with Huawei, LG, Intel, Nokia, Samsung, Sony, Panasonic, Sharp, and many others all holding press conferences to announce new products. We’ll be on site at as many as possible (of the important ones) to provide you first hand coverage.

We already know there will be a ton of Google TV stuff at CES, Windows Phone is starting to look like a seriously viable option, and there will be accessories galore for the iStuff so stay glued to all of our sites for the best coverage on the web!

What are you most excited to see out of CES 2012? For what type of coverage are you most excited?

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  1. Galaxy note coverage and hopefully some hands on video, make it happen captain!

  2. If only I was in Vegas right now, I can’t wait to see all the awesome new tech. :)

  3. A battery that can power my phone without needing recharged twice during the day.

  4. I just want to know if Sprint is really going to receive the GNex later this year, and perhaps a sneak peek at the next EVO (although I assume we’ll have to wait until CTIA for that).

  5. Oh and galaxy S III coverageif it’s announced

  6. What time is the Samsung press conference?
    I just want the Galaxy Note for Sprint.

  7. Galaxy S III on Sprint pleeeeeease.

  8. Personally I’m a Aneroid fan boy but I’m getting burnt out on all the aneroid phones that are coming out one after another. It reminds me of how activision rapes all their titles. Aneroid in a way is the same way. No support after a certain amount of time with a new phone that you signed up for another 2 years with that carrier. Temper to jump ship and grab an iphone. At least they get supported 3 years after release. So with that being said. Show me what ios has to offer.

  9. Agreeing with nyc hitman. As a sprint customer (currently with an evo shift) im interested in more info on the version of the galaxy nexus we’re supposed to get (and when), any info on a new evo line up (and again, round about dates). And also knowing when lte is expected to hit nyc since i think 3 of the 4 first cities are all in texas. (Weird, thought it’d be like nyc, la, miami & maybe dc or something) thanks guys & have fun at the event! Thanks for passing along the info!

  10. Please stick to android(phones, tablets, tv) phandroid.  In addition to that what new devices are targeting the enterprise and commercial field applications.  Microsoft/Blackberry have owned these markets and I feel this year could be the changing of the tide to Android.

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