HTC Rezound Price Cut – Now Only $200 From Verizon Wireless ($150 From Amazon Wireless)


The HTC Rezound rounds up Verizon’s high-end offerings and is the first (out of itself, Razr and Nexus) to see a $100 price-drop. The Beatsified 4G LTE device can now be had for only $200 with a 2-year agreement, squaring off, toe-to-toe, with LG’s upcoming Spectrum. As usual, Amazon Wireless is offering the Rezound at an even deeper discount — $150 with a new contract. The only question is whether you’ll pick this up now, or wait a few more days for the LG Spectrum. What’s it going to be?

[Verizon Wireless | Amazon Wireless]

Chris Chavez
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  1. The Rezound is the best phone out on the Verizon network. The Screen is a thing of beauty and it is as fast as can be. Unlock, Unbloat, And FLY!!!

    1. Spoken like a true rezound owner…….

    2. It is ugly, and the cheapest feeling phone htc has ever put out. I had only.owned htc phones before getting the Nexus. I tried the Rezound…could not like it.

  2. too bad my upgrade is in april,,, But then agains quadcore is in april :P

  3. after htc DInc, i will never use any htc again. 

    1. Hmm, I have a day one HTC Droid Incredible and I’m on the fence about the Galaxy Nexus… my DInc has been and still is a very capable phone. Pretty sure I’ll hold off a few months for the $100 drop that just hit the Rezound. No LTE where I live.

      What was it about your DInc that turned you off to HTC phones?

  4. Still $149.98 more than I paid. Gotta love Black Friday.

  5. Still $249.99 with a family upgrade on Amazon. $289.99 at Costco. Can’t wait to put the D1 out of it’s misery.

  6. I love this phone! My last phone, Thunderbolt. This phone is solid. Beautiful display, like none other. Excellent, camera. Takes beautiful pictures. The stock camera is highly customizable and solid. I go ADD on this phone all day. In 4G LTE it screams!
    Best yet this phone is not buggy. Totally reliable.
    Best of all the Ibeats headphones and music enhancer is OFF THE HOOK! People once you hear these you will want nothing else. And before you cry “but it is only on the stock player ” I say so what? I have always used Power Amp. It’s the best 3rd party IMO. With Ibeats, you simply do not need it. I use this phone thru my car stereo, amazing. Ibeats enabled this phone pushes my klipsch better than my Harmon Kardon receiver. I swear.
    It will get ICS.
    Battery Life is ok. It is full of battery sucking glory. Have access to a power cord or extra battery if you want to pound it all day.
    If you are addicted to your smartphone, and enjoy listening to music on your phone I would definitely consider this phone. You will be happy you did.

  7. I own one and I honestly don’t care much for the red accents, but it is definitely not a cheaply built phone. Cheap build award goes to Samsung. Every Verizon store I went to the galaxy nexus was obviously broken one way or a another, a few involving the battery cover being completely effed. And mind you these are on retracting cords so they can’t be dropped more than a few inches.

    With that said, if I bought this phone on Dec 10, it has the holiday return policy through Jan 15, can I go get $100 back?

  8. Well, finally hot dam it.  I wanted this phone badly, prob wanted the Nexus more but there’s no way I’d pay $300 and agree to a two year contract for a 6 month lifespan  phone. Now, I can use that super wonderfulous $30 loyalty and get it for $170. Not really the best price point but only $20 more than Amazon. On another note, had my DInc since day 1 and I have ROM’d the life out of that phone. I really do like that Inc and my 3yr old can finally enjoy as his own. 

  9. Lol, I sold my incredible on cl for $100 after I got my rezound.

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