Sony Announces Xperia S, 720p Display and Playstation Certified


Earlier today Sony showed off their new Xperia Ion, an LTE device coming soon to AT&T. Now we have the pleasure of being introduced to the second Android smartphone to ditch the Ericsson portion of its name. The Sony Xperia S doesn’t differ too much from the Ion: it features a 1.5GHz dual-core processor, a 12MP Exmor R camera sensor, and a 720p display, only here it is 4.3-inches in size. If it looks familiar, it’s because we have seen this phone before under the codename Nozomi. The phone also boasts NFC support. Two things of note are the lack of LTE and the “Playstation Certified” badge the handset will carry, meaning it gets access to gaming content from Sony’s Playstation Suite.

It will launch in select markets towards the end of the first quarter, and will carry Android 2.3 when it does. Black and white versions will be available.


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  1. white looks better

  2. Carrier?

    1. AT&T will be the carrier.

      1. I didn’t think they would get two sony phones

        1. By the way this article is worded it makes it seem like both are going to AT&T but only the Ion will have LTE. With that and the tags on engadget for the Xperia S say ATT but none of the other carriers, so I would presume that they are both coming for AT&T. I like the look of the S but the lack of LTE is a deal breaker for me so either way it doesn’t matter as I will be going with the Ion.

  3. isnt this thing supposed to have a 4.5 inch screen or is there another model?

  4. Damn! On ATT yes! Go Sony but only it comes out next month or march.

    1. The Ion is on AT&T

      “Earlier today Sony showed off their new Xperia Ion, an LTE device coming soon to AT&T.”

      It doesn’t mention where the Xperia S is going, although I’m pulling for Verizon ;P

  5. The Ion will definitely be my next phone when I can upgrade in March. 12MP rear camera, LTE, 4.6in. 720p display, and it is a little “bulky” (IMO it is pretty thin.) A 1.5GHz dual-core Qualcomm MSM8260 powering it will be more than enough for me. While there is no ICS to boot it will be coming later this year, and it also has Sony’s overlay but if it is the one shown above I will have no problem with that. The only downsides I see is that the back-plate isn’t removable so no swapping batteries…

  6. Handphone manufacturers upgrade their offerings every year yet most if not all buyers are locked in a 2 years contract.
    That is the dilemma that all andriod Phone makers face.  

    1. True, but everyone is on different cycles, so it works out.

      1. Yes but phone addicts like me are stuck in a cycle of being pissed of for 12 months and happy for 12 months :)

  7. Black AND White versions will be available….AT THE SAME TIME?!

    1. Lets not get ahead of ourselves… lol

  8. Looks awesome!!!

  9. I was so hyped for this phone up until a few days ago when images appeared online showing this has a non removable battery and no micro sd slot. :(
    Phone is so sexy. Too bad I wont be buying it.

    I’ve mentioned this before, but I’ll say it again. I’m really beginning to get annoyed with this “Lets follow Apple trend” with manufacturers removing the expandable storage option and removable battery.

    1. I agree… Until these things start coming with 128gb + I really would prefer to keep having the option of an SD card. I know everyone keeps screaming that everything is going cloud… but what good does cloud do when data caps are becoming more stringent. I can’t always access Wifi, so the cloud does me no good.

      Thats a sexy phone though, seems like Sony is stepping up.

      1. You hit it to a tee, no use in having cloud data storage when phone companies are now capping data, and charging up the a$$ for data plans.  Unless unlimited data comes back, I see absolutely no reason to buy a phone without removable memory.  Period.

    2. If you read the whitepage for the Ion it actually does have a microSD slot for up to 32GB. While I can’t confirm that for the Xperia S I would assume it would aswell seeing how they are fairly similar (not 100% identical, but similar) in design. Engadget also has a hands-on video and they mention the microSD slot. The Xperia S website by Sony is a little odd in the way they present the phones storage capacity so you’ll just have to go there and look for yourself.

      Ion whitepage: http://developer.sonyericsson.com/wportal/devworld/downloads/download/xperiaionwp1pdf?cc=gb&lc=en

      another website saying the same: http://www.phonearena.com/phones/Sony-Xperia-ion_id6818

      1. The Ion has an Micros SD slot yes, but the Xperia S doesn’t.
        Atleast thats what was said when the pictures with the back cover removed were released pre ces.

    3. I was excited until I found out it would not include LTE. It is such a beautiful phone.

  10. I think ATT should have a roll over data for all those people that didn’t get grandfather in. Pretty cool huh?

  11. nice inter face

  12. It looks funny with the plain Sony labeling.  I used to be a huge SE fanboy (k790a days) but just having the Sony label just screams out cheap walkmans and crappy xplod car audio.  The Sony brand went to shit for me.  I know its nothing more than a name, but for some reason Sony Ericsson makes me feel better than just Sony.  

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