Fujitsu Arrows Is An Nvidia Tegra 3 Quad-core Godzirra Phone


Before we could even get our grubby little hands on the Fujitsu Arrows, an Nvidia Tegra 3 quad-core packing superphone (or “Godzirra-phone,” as I like to call it), Engadget managed to bypass security and get some almost hands-on time with device.

We say “almost” because even though the early prototype was behind a thick, bullet-proof plexiglass, Fujitsu was giving a few lucky passerby’s the opportunity to do a little gaming on the device using of a wireless Bluetooth controller. Because, let’s be honest, how else are you going to put those 4-cores to good use? The rest of the specs are an Android fanboy’s dream with a 4.6-inch HD screen, 13.1MP with an ISO 25600 and all running on that sweet Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich.

Don’t expect to see the powerful yet sexy handset to hit stateside anytime soon. When we had a chance to speak with Fujitsu about their plans to bring any of their handsets outside of Japan, all I received was a bellowed laugh that seemed to last an eternity. Even though that made chances seem pretty dismal to us, according to Engadget, Fujitsu is currently shopping around for a carriers stateside and in Europe. We’ll bring you some hands-on time with the device a little later this week once the showroom floor officially opens.

[Via Engadget]


Chris Chavez
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  1. No need to be a racist prick……..phandroid is better than that, or so i thought!

    1. Yeah. And anyway it’s “Gojira” in Japanese.

      1. fluffster here beat me to it. I wasn’t angry at the alleged racism (Of course, I’m a round eye, so my opinion on that doesn’t count. I’ll leave that for my Asian brothers from other mothers.), but the failed geek reference set my teeth on edge. 

  2. yea, im.pretty surprised at that racial jab.
    im italian, and even I’m embarrased by that comment.

  3. xD. Hilarious. All you tightwads b*tching Chris out need to lighten up. 

  4. What was uncalled for? Nothing racist in this post. Grow up.

    1. is it wrong to say “chavez huh? im surprised you were able to stop mowing my lawn long enough to write this article, mucho bueno” … i dont think thats politically correct either.

      1. You’re right, what you wrote is not politically correct. It is also racist. That said, what Chris wrote wasn’t even close to being racist. Like the poster above me said, pull the stick out of your ass and learn to take a joke.

  5. Racism is only a bad thing when you have a stick shoved up your butt. Lighten up and take a joke, the world would be a better place if people would stop taking everything so serious and turning something stupid into a big deal. Racism IS a joke, plain and simple.

  6. @stephen… No you’re completely right, what you said and what Chris said are exactly the same thing.. Don’t be so ignorant, that was an extremely stupid example of the situation. Alot of comedians pretty much make a living from racism. When Chris Rock makes a white joke, which he does alot, I lmao, and that’s exactly how racist jokes should be taken. When it turns physical, it’s a completely different story and you know that.

    1. Ok I understand what you are saying because I am not an ignorant person by any means. But this is not a comedy website. I dont like or watch the above mentioned comedians for that exact reason. So why would I want to come to an electronics forum/ news site and read racial slurs? I am open minded enough to see your point, hopefully you are enough to see mine.

      1. He’s actually called Gojira in Japan, with the J being very soft – so
        Godzirra is a closer anglicized version of his name than Godzilla.

        Hope that helps.

  7. You guys need to lighten up, does anyone even watch South Park? Quit getting so butt hurt and go back to the homepage and wait for the next story lol

  8. There is nothing wrong with what Chris wrote. It is accepted as comedy when a black comedian makes fun of white people, or a mexican comedian makes fun of asians, or an asian comedian makes fun of black, white and mexican people. Ive seen examples of all of those, and its FUNNY. And so was this. Honestly, let the Politically Correct Police have a night off, people. :-P

    1. PC People don’t get comedy at all.

      1. Or accuracy. He’s actually called Gojira in Japan, with the J being very soft – so
        Godzirra is a closer anglicized version of his name than Godzilla.

        Hope that helps.

  9. The point is that he was making a joke though. If he called them a “chinc”, however you would spell it (and I know it’s a Japanese joke, but you get the picture) , a word that is MEANT to be an insult, then it may be a different story, but he made a joke. It’s people like you who start problems over stupid things that nobody should be getting offended by, even the race that the joke is toward.

  10. All of you politically correct pansies really piss me off. Now scram kid, you bother me. 

  11. first post about the actual phone: running 4.0 and you still have physical buttons? get the fuck out of here.

    1. Physical Buttons…maybe not.  They may be Capacitive buttons in the style of the SGS series, but they could also be skinned versions of the 4.0 “on screen” buttons.  I’m thinking the latter is the case, cuz the phone doesn’t look that big for such a big screen.

      1. if you look right underneath the icons it looks like there are thin plastic buttons.

  12. I’m Asian and living in Asia and I find nothing wrong with Chris’ article. What I do think is that many of you are being silly. And seriously, how many Japanese would even bother? And even those that do know English and your American nuances probably won’t give a frig. 

  13. holy fuck, all of you shut up and get back to wetting your pants about new phones you’ll never touch…
    This isn’t an ethics website so drop the witch hunt already.

  14. james_C_L you racist idiot.

  15. James needs to STFU

  16. it is pretty racist. but everyone is racist sometimes. 

    but the thing is this is supposed to be your job. no racism on the job. unless your howard stern or something 

    1. its not racist its a joke. stop being so sensitive. holy shit.

    2. He’s actually called Gojira in Japan, with the J being very soft – so Godzirra is a closer anglicized version of his name than Godzilla.

      Hope that helps.

  17. Super phone with…. ___mah battery? Specs are awesome but pointless if it needs to be plugged in every hour :(

  18. Wow, news of a 4 core uber-phone and you guys are carping about an engrish saying of Godzilla. Wow you people need to lay off the coffee and put down the ACLU newsletter. 

    It’s called Jest people, it’s not like he’s running around in a white pointy hood demonizing other races. He’s just injecting a little humor into an article about a smartphone. Plus do you really think the peoples on the other side of the pacific don’t make fun of our culture? 

    Regarding the phone, are those hard buttons? Really? other than that and the car battery you will have to carry around with you this thing seems pretty bad ass. 

  19. Racist joke does not equal racist slur. Hell, it wasn’t even THAT racist.

    Now, let’s just put it to rest and talk about the phone itself. I do wonder what the battery life will be like. It would suck if we had to charge this every few hours, not that we’ll be getting it mind you. It’s unlikely to come to North America.

  20. Phone looks thick and ugly looking. I’ll pass

  21. Remember that one time everyone got butthurt about a gojirra joke…. that was awesome….

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