IM+ Pro On Sale for Just $.99


The game of messenger applications is a difficult one for all players involved. It’s difficult to emulate each protocol’s unique set of features in one comprehensive application and users will not hesitate to toast you if you don’t live up to their expectations.

After having used IM+ Pro for quite some time I can safely say that they are the cream of the crop. It has support for tons of different protocols and it’s about as problem-free as you can get.

The best news is that it’s on sale for $.99, a $9 price drop that is nothing to sneeze at. If you’ve been wanting to jump on this one be sure to get it as soon as you can since there’s no way the sale can lost long. [Android Market via Android Police]

Quentyn Kennemer
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  1. I keep losing my skype connection through them but the rest of my accounts are fine

  2. I think trillian is the best out there atm, tabbed chat and option to suspend to email is a feature I believe no one else gives out? right?

  3. I paid the ten stinking bucks, and with my Galaxy Nexus, all my accounts logout within a minute or two.  The free trillian has worked amazing for me.

  4. I prefer imo beta (it’s free too)

  5. does anyone really use any im anymore? maybe skype but other then that…cant see it being worth it.

    2 years ago maybe. not now

  6. Thanks a lot for the tip.

  7. i use IM+ (free version) on my rooted googleapps-less Sony Reader WiFi. it’s nice.

  8. K

  9. I like the bigger screen size. If it ships with 4.0 im sold

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