Samsung Galaxy Note For AT&T Denied – Official Press Shots Emerge Soon After


Accessory maker Anymode may have found themselves in bit of hot water after a PR rep inadvertently let slip the existence of the Samsung Galaxy Note for AT&T. And not only did they tie in the device with AT&T but they even went as far as revealing the a general release date on when we should expect the device to hit. Anymode quickly went into damage control mode, issuing a retraction to their earlier announcement:


JANUARY 6, 2012 –The January 5, 2012 CES Media Alert titled “Anymode Introduces First Accessories for Samsung Galaxy Note” contained inaccurate information pertaining to AT&T and the release of the Samsung Galaxy Note.

The information was not provided by Anymode, AT&T or Samsung , nor did Anymode, AT&T or Samsung approve it.

The issuing party apologizes for the publishing of the inaccurate information and any inconvenience it may have caused.

Hot on the heels of Anymode’s retraction, official press shots of the AT&T branded Galaxy Note appeared online complete with the US’s typical 4 row capacitive buttons along the bottom. Pay particularly close attention to the February 14th date on the weather widget. This may clue us in on when we should expect the device to ship, once again reaffirming Anymode’s previous “early 2012” slip.

[Via Pocketnow | TechCrunch]


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  1. Still have my fingers crossed for a Sprint version.

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  2. Still have my fingers crossed for an innovative Vanilla Google 4.0 version that doesn’t remind me of the iPhone, and that will get updates on time.

    1. So you’re waiting for:
      * non-rectangular phones without rounded corners?
      * tires that aren’t round
      * cars without pedals and steering wheels
      * coffee mugs without handles

      1. Nawp. Just waiting on an tablet that’s on par with my GSM Galaxy Sexus.

    2. http://phone-size.com/?s=1%2C6
      Almost laughable when compared side by side.

      1. Oh, cool, I remember hearing about that site. Good to know that they keep it updated.

      2. There is no way this site has things right.  Add the RAZR or the SGSII, they show up smaller than the iPhone.

        1. Don’t when I select them.  Everything I’ve referenced is spot on.

        2. That’s definitely the correct size. If you want I’ll take a picture of my Note next to an iPhone 4 if I can find someone who has one around the office.

      3. Nice site! I plugged in my Inspire and made a paper template for the note – it just barely fits in my shirt pocket, and sticks out a couple inches above it. Might actually be TOO big, darnit.

    3. Alpha ICS 4.0 is already available for the Note: CM9 ICS ROM for rooted Galaxy Note. It runs really smooth and no issues
      other than the camera and S-Pen functionality not working yet, but this phone has a lot of love and development already from the community. A fully functional stock ICS ROM is close and also Samsung promised an official 4.0 update in Q1:


    4. only thing to say is…WHAT!!

  3. Motorola XOOM, Galaxy Nexus.  Happy where I am.

    1. For some odd reason people who comment, find it difficult to keep their comments relevant to the article…….not picking on you man, it plauges most people who comment on phandroids articles

      1. It is relevant.  The Galaxy Note is a hybrid phone/tablet.  My comment was that I am happy with my phone and tablet as separate devices, and that this device doesn’t interest me.

        1. With your elaboration, the comment became semi relevant I guess ;)

    2. Nice devices, but still off topic, even with your explanation of hybrid tablet. The topic here was AT&T and the Galaxy Note.

    3. my Mom has a car…

      1. LOL

  4. So, a possible February 14th U.S. release date? Not bad.
    The international version was released first in late Oct / early Nov, so a 4 month lag time isn’t *that* bad, compared to what seems like the usual 6 month wait.

    (btw – Does anybody track the lag times in U.S. version device releases?)

    1. Good point, seems like the gs2 had about 6 months before it came out in the US. 

      Edit: Per wikipedia, first release of GS2 in Europe was on May 5th, first edition of it in the US was released Sept 16th on Sprint… about 4 months. So I guess this is still on track. It was 5 months before it showed up on Tmobile and 6 months for ATT

  5. Headline is misleading. Makes it sound like Samsung wanted the Galaxy Note on AT&T but AT&T said no.

    1. Yup I think that’s how most of us understood it. Very misleading!!

  6. Nice devices i love all galaxy but i like galaxy tab 7.7

  7. If you rotate the ip4, the Note´s screen width is larger than the ip4 screen height… 3x the screen surface, seems like a toy next to the Note. Already pre-order one with my carrier.

  8. Very good. I like it very much

  9. When the Dell Streak came out I KNEW it was only a little
    while before something MUCH better would come out. That it is a bit larger is
    only a BONUS. The Streak to be about the perfect size, but the screen and OS
    version lacked a LOT. I can’t believe it is finally coming. AND, in multiple
    colors. Dell could have had a real winner if they had actually promoted the
    Streak, but Samsung now has the ball and is obviously on a roll. Already over a
    million sold, and they aren’t even in the best market yet (USA). I can only
    hope that they also are available on Sprint. I will really have heartburn if I
    have to switch to ATT just to get this ideal phone. Have you seen the lineup of
    available accessories? I guess having it come out a few months earlier (they
    sold a MILLION in only 2-3 months) in Europe only works to our (US) advantage,
    as there are several nice accessories available already with a nice list of
    more to come shortly. I CAN’T WAIT!!!!

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