SwiftKey X Gets a Small Bug Fixing Update


In other aftermarket keyboard news today, SwiftKey X has received an update that addresses several issues. DROID Bionic users will enjoy the fact that they’ve made improvements to voice input for that device. We also have fixes for force close issues, a better way of the app handling low memory situations and more. Make no delay in heading to the Android market for your update. [via Android Central]

Quentyn Kennemer
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  1. OOO, what other apps got small bugfix updates today, or is this the only one?

    Sorry, but I don’t really understand the value of this post. Were people chomping at the bit for this update? Will they not get the update notification?

  2. I wonder how long it will take for the update to make it to the Amzon Appstore?

    1. it already did before you even posted this :)

  3. From their changelog: “XKDPI icons and key-press popup fix”

    What is XKDPI?

  4. thanks I was waiting for this…

  5. i wish they would update something useful, like enlarging the space bar or giving you the option to remove the period key

  6. Well, it doesn’t look like they fixed the keypress popup fix as stated in their update log. I’m referring to the popup that appears above your finger as you tap each key. This popup was broken in a previous update for the Neon and Pumpkin themes. It still works fine in the other Dark and Light themes, though. I’m running it on a Nexus S 4G w/ the latest build of gingerbread.

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