Next-gen Google TV Hardware to Be Powered by ARM-based Marvell Armada 1500 CPU


While Intel has been working hard to prepare their lineup of mobile processors for smartphones and tablets running the Android ecosystem, a Google platform that employed the Atom CPU is switching gears. For the next generation of Google TV hardware, Google has chosen Marvell’s Armada 1500 HD dual-core system-on-a-chip. The move sounds like the right choice, as Marvell’s Foresight Platform, on which the Armada CPU is based, offers powerful processing at low power consumption levels. The reduction in heat output allows for the creation of hardware that leaves a much smaller footprint — the non-Google TV Qdeo box pictured above is an example of what we might expect.

The ARM-based platform allows for Blu-ray 3D playback, video encoding and decoding, and the ability to upscale picture quality. It was also the chip behind the OnLive Microconsole (OnLive support looks to make its way to future GTV hardware). It all adds up to an exciting prospect. Standalone Google TV boxes of the next generation will likely rival Apple TV in size and pricing, a must when the two platforms are so often compared.

[via Engadget]

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  1. get some content providers Google.. or this will fail too

    1. Content is not necessary, everything on the net is FREE if you know where to find it. I have netflix on my Revue, the rest I stream for free from a variety of peer-to-peer websites….when Hulu plus goes live on GTV..content wont be a problem for those that HAVE to have it. As far as im concerned the Revue is not a failure, its in daily use in my house since I got it last Christmas as a gift.. Also price was not a problem, it was NOT that expensive, for what ive gotten from the Revue over the last 13 months, its repaid itself over and over…. Are people really this frugal when it comes to GTV, not willing to spend $200 on it, but repeatedly spend $400 to get an unlocked phone, that they sell on ebay, just to get another unlocked $400 phone…buy music at .99ct a pop, rent movies for $5 a pop(whoever still pays for music is an ass) and then complain about a $200 GTV box. Its bizzare.

      1. Whoever pays for music is an ass? Whoever STEALS music is an ass.

        Get out of here, troll.

        1. Yep, if you spent 1ct on music you sir are a hairy fat ass. Ive even got paid apps for free, its not hard. I guess the rest of what i wrote went in on eye and out the other ? Im sure most tech enthusiasts dont pay for music either. If someone gave me an itunes card id sell it. Sorry I offended your delicate sensibilities. my bad.

      2. Pay 200 bux for something a guys ps3 can already do?  Who would spend 200 on a paper weight?  Those are the idiots.  At least get access to nfl ticket, nba league pass, ect..

        1.  please dont call my wife an idiot. It was an awesome purchase, I use it everyday to browse the net and watch free TV, its great. Im sure the fact that your POS3 can access the net, or is it just apps ? is great, but the Revue is great. Do you pay for NFL ticket ? YES. Do you pay for NBA league pass ? YES The things I can watch for FREE instead of for a FEE is awesome. Not taking advantage of that is idiotic. Btw the XBOX 360 is the superior device, no controllers ! 

          1. Sorry, she never told me her name, unless her name is harder, faster, or ouch. All I want is some apps for some services. And yes, I can get all the free stuff on my ps3, but I can’t on a 360. No browser.

  2. 1) it better be price competitive, or else it will fail like the Logitech Revue and Xoom.
    2) better content and apps specifically for the TV
    3) when will I be able to buy movies from the app store rather than just rent them?

    1. Try renting a movie from the Market. Guess what? You won’t be able to. Do you know why? Because somehow, the Market on GTv doesn’t even have the Movies or Music tabs!!! So, to sum things up, you can rent a movie on your smartphone and watch it on a 4.3″ screen, but you can’t rent a movie on your GTv and watch it on a 65″ screen. Who makes these decisions at Google?!

  3. JUST SHOWCASE THE CONTENT people don’t buy boxes for specs, they buy for what they can do.

  4. To rent movies on gtv goto

  5. Why didn’t Google go with ARM to begin with?  Cheaper devices could’ve spurred more sales to begin with.  And Google also said an Google IO 2010 that they would release the source after a year, yet still no source available!

    I’m not going to touch the whole content providers blocking access to GoogleTV.  That’s a financial/legal thing.  I think websites blocking certain browsers is wrong on so many levels.

    1. I think they haven’t released the source code yet because current Google TV is based on Honeycomb. They’ll probably release source code when they switch over to ICS.

  6. until they get content count me out.  I can do all this crap with my ps3.

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