Velocity Micro Prepping Two Tablets for CES Debut


Velocity Micro hasn’t had a break out success quite yet, but year after year they have improved upon their Android tablet offerings. They look to do the same in 2012 with the introduction of two new slates during next week’s CES happenings. The Cruz T507 and Cruz T510 are 7-inch and 9.7-inch tablets, respectively, featuring largely the same feature set. They are powered by a 1.2GHz single-core chip, house 8GB of storage, and boast HDMI output. A front-facing camera is present, though Velocity Micro has foregone the inclusion of a picture snapper around back. The best news is that both devices will launch with Android 4.0 (not seen in these early press shots). They will not, however, feature Android Market access. The slates instead will draw their content library from the Amazon Appstore. Given the hardware and Velocity Micro’s pricing history, expect the two to fall in the $200 price range, give or take $50.

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  1. Is google and allowing the cheaper tablets access to Google Market or manufacturers and choosing not to go that route?? Any comments

    1. I would assume its the manufacturers that arent allowing it as the nook tablet is known in the google market place as the Barnes&Noble BNTV250 and a ton of apps work just fine with it as I have been using it

    2. I believe that it is the manufacturers not submitting the tablet for android market approval. Which costs the manufacturer more money per device to get a license to include the android market.

      1. I don’t think this is right.  I think licensing Android market is free; however, Google I think often has conditions to having the market.  It could be that these devices didn’t meet Google’s conditions (eg minimum specs, etc) 

        1. That may be true. But i dont see why though. There is plenty of power in this device for most of the stuff on the market.

    3. It’s the manufactures choice, maybe because the Amazon store is more controlled/locked in.

  2. Hmm with only a single core offering I am not sure they can make anywhere near the splash that the amazon kindle has made.But none the less if they are offered around the $200 range it gives the consumer hope that better tablets will fall around that price range as well.

  3. Thanks Andrew and Brian on the thoughts…

  4. When will this insane output of tablets from different companies stop?  Standards should be introduce for ALL tablets and reduce the field of tablet makers.

    1.  Like the standards for phones? oh, wait, there aren’t any. The only thing phones have over Tablets is that, to my limited knowledge, they all come with the Android Market and the Amazon AppStore for Android is a downloaded app.

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