Rumor: HTC Introducing Tegra 3 Smartphones This February


While this course of evolution of chipsets inside Android handsets isn’t all that surprising, we’re still shocked that phones will be getting quad-core SoCs so soon. One manufacturer said to be at least announcing quad-core phones is HTC. DigiTimes says that they will be snapping up some Tegra 3 chips and will push their own MSM 8906 to be in smartphones that will be shown as early as February this year. That places us at Mobile World Congress, a historically busy event for HTC. We’ll be front row and center for that showing if it does indeed go down there.

Quentyn Kennemer
The "Google Phone" sounded too awesome to pass up, so I bought a G1. The rest is history. And yes, I know my name isn't Wilson.

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  1. But…I was about to get the Galaxy Nexus…

    1. Gave mine back, now i’m waiting again.

    2. Well if you wait for this Quad Core, you can rest assured you’re going to get some manufacturer or carrier skin, so you may want to get the Nexus anyways. In my experience a last gen nexus still runs faster than a brand new Sense, Moto Blur, or Touch Wiz device. Bloatware is bloatware, and unless you personally are a dev and can guarantee yourself that you can remove the UI without any bugs at all, its not worth it to buy a phone with a skin.

  2. So in reality… March-April we may see a Tegra 3 phone. Still before my upgrade in May, so I’m OK with that.

    1. I would guess 3-6 months so May-August…which isn’t bad at all

  3. Yeah we wont see any good phones until summer

  4. HTC have always used Qualcomm chips exclusively, why would they suddely change their mind?
    Especially with their new Krait chips coming out soon.

  5. I’ll hold out for the next Nexus in fall ’12….  Maybe quad core by then….

    1. Did you not read the article????

      1. Did you?  It didn’t say anything about a Nexus.  Also, given that the last 2 were made by Samsung, I don’t see it being a HTC this fall.  So, I will wait and hope Samsung releases a Nexus with a quad core 
        Exynos chip set. Not necessarily a Tegra 3. 

        1. Im waiting for the next version of the Nexus as well, but you can be assured it will be end of the year, near January again. That’s when all of them had their initial release. I on the other hand am praying its anyone but Samsung. Really dislike the cheap plastic feel of all samsung devices.

  6. Yeah, don’t care.  You couldn’t pay me to use a Tegra powered device.

    1. No more HTc for me…Sensation had the last from me. Bulky heavy and ugly

      1. Agree, the sensation is crap. Im stuck with it for another year and half unless I cough up cash for a new phone outright. I loved my HTC Nexus One, but this one just pushed me off the HTC wagon, time to look for someone else. I’d turn to the Nexus but I really hate Samsung build quality, and can’t swing an extra $70 /mo for an equal plan to mine on Verizon.

  7. i’m so done with Sense.

    1. Buy for the hardware not the software.  Rooting solves all software issues!

      1. HTC hardware is starting to look dated and tired compared to the Samsungs like the new G-NEX. sleek, all black, rounded, no lines, and no buttons is the way to go. these HTC square slabs with big edged bezels and backings and cheesy ornamentation and faux markings and designs don’t look so hot anymore. 

        the EVO is a year and a half old. HTC and Chou need to go back to the drawing board and start innovating again rather than be lazy and spitting out EVO variants all day long (EVO, Incredible, Thunderbolt, Desire, EVO 3D, Design 4G, etc.) Chou better kick it up a notch and get his ass in gear or he and HTC are going to keep on getting smoked by Samsung and ultimately be put out of business. 

        1. I will say that while the Galaxy Nexus had some nice things about it.  The reception on it absolutely sucked.  Data dropped a lot, and it was frustrating to be sitting next to my friend on a 2 year old Incredible with a strong 3G signal surfing the net when I couldn’t even get anything but voice.  Definitely not what I expect from a high end phone.

          It doesn’t matter how great or cool a phone “looks” if it’s lacking in functionality, and basic ones at that.  Also, HTC and Samsung just build their devices differently.  Samsung’s more about looks and HTC is about durability.  Ask most people in the forums which has a better build quality and they’ll typically tell you HTC.

          Qualcomm’s putting out some new chips this year that are supposed to be significantly better.  In all honesty, having used both a Rezound and a Nexus, there really isn’t any performance difference between the two.  Nothing noticeable anyway.  Snapdragon’s clocked up enough that it’s about equal with the GNex, plus Rezound has a newer GPU than the Nexus.  Screens are equally good, just different techs and different tradeoffs.

          I tried the Rezound first.  Bought the Nexus and used that for a few weeks.  Went back to the Rezound.  I like Samsung phones and I’ve owned several.  They just screwed up on the GNex IMO.

          1. If you didn’t know, for some days, Verizon had data outages nationwide…

          2. Ya know, I did know that …  but what I’m talking about didn’t occur during those times …

          3. i’ve heard a lot of people saying this, but i personally haven’t experienced the issue.
            i did speed tests on VZ of my nexus vs my wife’s iphone and the reception and speed tests were dead square.
            as far as 4g, i get great reception there too.

            i’m just confused b/c so many people have this complaint, but i have personally not experienced it at all.

          4. May depend on where you live.  I live around Baltimore and spend time around DC and northern Virginia as well.

            Did it always do it?  Of course not, but it seemed to do it when I needed it the most.  My Captivate did that a lot too, but that was more do to AT&T’s crappy network as it worked flawlessly in Europe.

            There was the whole “bar” debacle and it didn’t bother me as long as I could still make a call and use the net.  Speed tests were more or less the same as my Rezound so my complaint isn’t there.  My complaint was more the ability to hang onto the 4G signal, and even get it back.

            What I can say for certain is that after using both phones, the Rezound certainly did better for me in reception.

          5. If you want to go with build quality, pick up a Moto phone.  But I’ll agree with you that Samsung quality isn’t up to par with most high end phone makers.

          6. What do you mean by quality? Like durability? Or hardware? Because HTC has a bad habit of using shitty screens on almost all of their phones besides the Rezound.. There’s just no comparing to SAMOLED+ once you’ve had it.

          7. Uh huh … so the Incredible which was a smaller version of the Rezound’s suck then?

          8. you’re doing it wrong.

          9.  You’re trolling hard.

          10. wow. you sound like a fan boy…Samsung’ s all about looks?? yeah so thats why they have their OWN SoC which owns about anything in the world right now instead of collaberating with other chip manufacturers because they are more concerned on looks. obviously you haven’t come across an Exynos in your lifetime.

          11. Nothing really to say so let’s bring out the fanboy argument, eh?  Yeah, that’s why I’ve owned both Samsung and HTC phones then, right?  You clearly don’t know me nor my preferences.  In fact, you sound like someone just insulted your mother.

            I don’t recall making this an argument about hardware, but since you brought it up …

            And how many phones available in the US have the Exynos chipset?  2. Yeah, there’s always an incompatibility, like with HSPA+ (what chip does the Hercules have) or the GNex (TI OMAP in both GSM and LTE versions).  It’s a nice SoC, but if it’s hard to work with and makes integrating into products difficult, then it doesn’t do us much good now does it?

            I hope they get it right as I’d love to have an Exynos in a future phone or tablet.

            I like Samsung’s SoC.  Hummingbird is arguably better than Qualcomm’s I agree.  That still doesn’t change the fact that a lot of their high end phones don’t feel like high end phones.  I like how my Captivate felt.  The Fascinate didn’t have the same feel even though it was its CDMA sister.

            There are a lot of things I like about Sammy and I’d consider their phones next time around too. 

            I buy what works.  I gave Samsung the shot this time around and it fell short in the areas that matter most to me.  Pretty doesn’t matter when my phone can’t call or give me data when I need it.  A great SoC doesn’t do me any good when it’s not available in the phones on my carrier.  HTC had the better all around phone this time – it works when I need it to.

        2. I was beginning to think I was the only one who can’t stand the look of anything HTC has put out recently.  The Rezound is so ugly.

          1. you people who buy phones because of how “pretty” they look, should stick to apple products and iphones.  clearly, you aren’t too technologically advanced if how a phone LOOKS to you is what matters.  

          2. You can’t really be that ignorant.  The look obviously isn’t the only thing I would base a phone purchase on.  But when it comes to the overall experience of a phone, look and feel are a factor.  If I am going to have a phone for two years, I don’t want to think “god this thing is ugly” every single time I pull it out of my pocket.

          3. i don’t need “pretty”.  but i sure as hell don’t want “ugly” either!!! there is a certain minimum amount of simple minimalistic aesthetic beauty that should always be maintained. do you hear me Chou????


          4. This is kind of a silly comment..these things are not only functional devices but forms of self expression as well. If I’m going to use and show it off for the duration of my contract then it better be very slickly designed. Everyone who holds my Focus S loves how lightweight and thin it is.

          5. Seriously, a year ago these same people thought their HTC device was gorgeous, but since they didnt get an update to design they want to cry. So they run out, get their first Samsung device, say that Samsung designs are new and innovative, when in reality its the same crap they were designing last year!

          6. Apple is the worst looking phone I have ever seen… Though I hate some of HTC bad looking phones, it is way better than iphone.. :P

          7. it’s also a little bit chunky lol

          8. What are you all talking about? The Evo 3D looks uber awesome!! The Sensation on Tmo looks pretty cool. I mean, if the Gnex looks cool, then the Nexus S looks cool. They kinda look the same.

            Oh and don’t get me started on the Galaxy S series.

          9. The Evo 3D could lose that big red ring. And the G-nex does look like a bigger Nexus S, but that was a pretty sexy phone as well.

            The one thing I’d say is it seems most manufacturers have a hard time making the back side pretty.  HTC over does it, Samsung under does it.  And I do understand it is just the back of the phone….but hey, to me that still matters.  Personally, I enjoy the simplistic but sturdy look of Motorola back sides.

        3. agree… they all look the same.

          Since the HTC Desire they’ve just rehashed it again and again. Plus they don’t seem to have the tech to slim it down into a nice chasis which Samsung have constantly done.

          HTc really shouldn’t do what Nokia did with the N95 ~~ yeah it was good. But it was just repeat repeat. No innovation no form factor

          1. But what about the people that actually lyk thicker phones? I actually lyk that since I can actually feel my phone in my hand, and picking it up, the phone doesn’t go flying out of my hand. And yes I have done that with my Epic 4G Touch, until I got this case.

            And HTC makes weird, but cool looking designs for their phones. IDC what anybody says. HTC needs to keep making phones that way. Although that Rezound needs to get. I agree on that one, but that Evo 3D actually looks pretty cool.

        4. And samsung’s dont look like the same square with cheap ass plastic? Seriously, there’s very minor differences in the over all shape fo the SI and the SII. 

    2. It has nothing to do with Sense.  The OG Evo was groundbraking as far as specs and design. Who cares about Sense, root the damn thing when its possible and enjoy the phone, not the UI which came with it. Ya know?

      1. i don’t want to root.  i’ll be going for pure Nexus if available.

      2. Problem with root is you never actually get a pure android at the latest version. You get a buggy hacked version from some random dev who could be putting all sorts of trojans and other shit on your phone, and then you have to spend weeks hunting down a million patches from a million other devs that could be putting viruses on your phone, all to finally get what you wanted in the first place. In some cases you can never actually get what you were after because devs move on to new phones, leaving you having to learn how to be a developer, or suck it up and used a janky a phone.

        1. *sigh* people like this should not be allowed to own smartphones….the phone is actually smarter than the owner

        2. Welcome to the world of Linux. Where you do everything for yourself. 

  8.  Hopefully, one of them will be on Verizon and has a slide out keyboard.

  9. Evo2(3?) please. Sprint needs something big to get me off my og Evo

  10. Fianally!!! I would be able to play online my favourite games: Football Manager 2012 and jeebboo (!!  However, i wonder what really made such a company as HTC to abandon all the sudden the Qualcomm processor for a new one… Some countries had stated serious problems with the Qualcomm chips..perhaps thats the reason behind HTC’s decision..

  11. Htc already has crap battery life. Why are they trying to pursue quad core so soon? They need to sort the sensation out…..

    1. Quad cores actually improve battery life if I am not mistaken….

    2. Why sort out a phone that’s already been out 6+ months. They dont care about the sensation anymore… i have one, its garbage.

  12. I want a worthy successor to my G2.

    1. Agreed! There’s a noticeable lack of great keyboarded phones on the high end scale..

  13. This won’t hold candle against SGSIII with quad core Exynos, HD SAMOLED+.

    1. Neither will it hold one against the exynos 5250: 2GHz A15 dual-core, 32nm (Tegra 3 uses older 45nm process).

      1. Can somebody say Gamecube emulator? :D

  14. ok up the specs HTC but what are you going to do about SHIT BATTERY PLUS SHIT SCREEN?

    1. I’ve been very happy with HTC screens, and all smartphones have shitty battery life.

      1. have you ownd (not just used) a Super AMOLED screen before?

  15. I cant wait. Just hope AT&T gets it first. Im still enjoying my TEGRA 2 dual core phone (Atrix). But they need too get rid of their low resolution S LCD screen and get SUPER AMOLED screen.

    1. Yea thats not happening, they’d have to violate Samsung patents or buy them from Samsung. You want amoled, you have to get samsung, all there is to it.

  16. My Samsung Galaxy Note already clocked 4138 on Quadrant and in testing the Tegra 3 on the Asus Transformer Prime only managed a max of 3000.  More speed to come too with the ICS upgrade,

  17. Can anyone point to a decent article that compares the current dual core offerings from Qualcomm, NVIDIA, and Texas Instruments? I read a ton of tech blogs but I don’t think I’ve ever ran across such an article.

  18. I prefer my phone look like a phone…rectangular, with corners..i dont want a phone that feels like im holding a potato with buttons and touchscreen on it….i mean really people…its a freaking phone, how innovative can you get without it being uncomfortable? You want a freaking triangular shaped phone? How about a dang circle? …….yea I got a REZOUND! So what? I’ve used dozens of Samsungs..they feel like a lightweight toy..and HTC phones are not that wanna skinny phone? go back to your razr, or get the new one…

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