Sony Ericsson Posts Vague Photos of Device(s) to be Announced at CES


Sony Ericsson’s teasing us again. As you know by now, they’ll have a pretty strong presence at this year’s CES and are preparing to announce some interesting new devices. We, of course, want nothing  more than to see the Sony Ericsson Nozomi or the Arc HD.

Sony Ericsson hasn’t given a clue as to how many devices they’ll be announced exactly but if history repeats itself it’ll certainly be more than one – maybe even more than two.

The photos above (grouped into one actual image), posted on Facebook today, may not all be the same devices for all we know. Or it could just be one device. And that’s the beauty of a teaser – give us a lot of nothing and make us suffer with anticipation. We’ll just have to subdue that anticipation until next week, I suppose. [Thanks Joseph!]

Quentyn Kennemer
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  1. i hear they are filing for bankruptcy so now would be a good time to buy stocks..so when stocks rise you sell and maybe double or tripple your share

    1. Sony is not going bankrupt anytime soon

  2. I wonder which one has that kick ass camera from which some leaked photos where posted a while back ago. I think that will replace my Tbolt instead of the disappointment known as Gnex. 

    1. i was in same boat… then i dropped my phone running and its wrecked… so i bought a gnex. its alright. cool features and stuff but miss the SE design.

  3. What I really want on a Sony or anyothere Android phone is a Xenon flash, what is the point of a 12, 13 or greater megapixel camera on a phone (even if it is back lit) if the night time photos look rubbish, Xenon flash is currently 50 times better than an LED flash.

    1. But Xenon flash can only be used for instantaneous bursts, i.e. still cameras. You could never use it as a flashlight or for the camcorder function. What you really want are the (2) LED flashes as on most current phones plus a Xenon flash for still pictures. Now, that would be the Holy Grail of camera phones.

      1. Previous SE phones have had both but may be there just isn’t the room in todays sub 10mm phones.

        1. also devs made apps to turn it on continuously and it would wreck the bulb and maybe even damage the phone. then the stupid customer would complain so they just took it away from all of us

  4. HD front facing camera would be welcome.   Much nicer on those video calls.

  5. Sony Ericson phones get no love from these phandroid readers, I wonder why. They may not make cutting edge phones but they look Damn nice. I can’t wait for them to make a must have phone because their phones always look good.

    1. Because the Sony name is usually synonymous with proprietary crap. It’ll be hard to shake that rep, but I assume they’re using standard microUSB and microSD now. They’re also a content company, so… I’d imagine they’d be very unlocked-bootloader unfriendly.

      1. FYI, SE was the first to offer unlocked-bootloader

        1. And I’d bet somebody probably got fired over it. I wouldn’t count on many future Sony Android devices to be unlocked.

          1. they have had micro usb/mini usb and sd cards for awhile now

  6. New cameraphone?

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