Jan 4th, 2012

Google’s made some pretty big strides with Android in recent years. Adoption rate exploded through the roof and it’s on track to become the number one smartphone operating system worldwide in just a few short years (it’s already taken more than 50% in the US market).

With more users comes more developer support because no one wants to develop for a small crowd. That’s a big reason why the Android market was so empty starting out and why there aren’t nearly as many apps available for WebOS as there are for other platforms.

To the point, though – Android now has 400,000 applications in its market, only 100,000 shy from iOS’ count of 500,000. Not all apps may be quality (in fact, some have turned out to be malicious offerings) but there is still a huge abundance of quality applications available from top developers and even some smaller independent developers. Let’s hope 2012 brings many more to the table! [Distimo via The Verge]

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