US HTC Flyer (WiFi, 3G) Getting Android 3.2 Update


It looks like the US versions of the HTC Flyer are finally getting the upgrade to Android 3.2. Previously on Gingerbread, HTC promised we’d eventually be seeing Honeycomb for the 7 inch tablet later down the line. Of course, they had to customize the OS to add support for their scribe technology and their custom user interface so don’t be too mad that it took so long.

We’ve seen two different reports (one in our inbox and one over at of people receiving the upgrade and Engadget says that the 3G version is getting it. No word on the EVO View 4G at this time but we can’t imagine it will be too far behind. Be sure to check for the update within your settings menu and let us know if you were able to pull it down! [Thanks Logan!]

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  1. Guys, I have an HTC Evo View and I have 3.2 on it almost a month ago.

    1. it’s been two weeks not a month. 

  2. Gah, if I could unbrick mine I would love to install this.  Maybe I’ll work on it some more today.

  3. FYI: HTC EVO View 4G Honeycomb update came out officially on Dec 22nd.

  4. I didnt think they really would

  5. Dammit…i just shipped mine out for repair.  I have been waiting forever to get this.

  6. awesome, they are giving me an outdated OS.

    1. Honestly, gingerbread is great on this thing. ICS is a stretch on this thing regarding its internals.

    2. Seriously, you are bitching that you are getting an update to 3.2?

      It takes some time to get all Scribe apps updated, it takes a while for Sense to be updated.

      Just how many tablets out there have been updated to ICS??????

      Hell, the Transformer Prime won’t have ICS until at least January 12th.

      1. They should be announcing a timeline when ICS will be available. not when an outdated one will be available. 

        Going with Android means you will be shoved with outdated OS (that failed miserably to gain any traction in the tablet market) down your throat. Yes i’m very excited to get failed OS.
        is there a requirement that new tablets needs to come with ICS BEFORE the old ones are updated to ICS. where is this requirement written. 

  7. I’ve been running the official HC 3.2.1 build (OTA update) on my HTC Evo View 4G (cousin of the Flyer) since the update first became available in Dec.
    I think the Flyer is playing catch-up. And since the Evo View was updated, if I were a Flyer owner I would have been watching/waiting for this update.

  8. My wife and daughter both have HTC Flyers, and neither of them want to upgrade to 3.2. They both like the current buttons that HTC rotates automatically, and don’t want to sacrifice screen real estate for Honeycomb buttons. 

    I’m familiar with Honeycomb as I have a Asus Transformer, but to be honest I can’t think of any compelling reasons that will convince them to upgrade to Honeycomb.

    Can anyone give me a good argument for them to upgrade?

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