Grand Theft Auto Tweak App Lets You Enhance GTA3’s Graphics


The other day it was revealed that Grand Theft Auto 3 for Android was almost as customizable as the PC version, allowing users to make modifications by changing some of the files in the game’s folder on your SD card or internal storage.

With a new app introduced to the Android market, users can easily tweak some of the built-in graphics that Rockstar has disabled to accommodate weaker hardware. Things like shadows, lighting, the resolution and draw distance can all be tweaked.

Of course, it should be noted that not every device is guaranteed to respond to every change, no matter if it’s one setting or all of them. Experiment with the tool yourself to see what your phone can and can’t handle. Download link is here (direct APK), courtesy of the developer hacksteak25 of XDA. [via Droid Gamers]

Quentyn Kennemer
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  1. name of app?

    1. pretty sure it’s not in the market(even though the article says so). A download link is provided though

  2. Looks a lot better on my Nexus now. Thanks for this!

  3. its “can and can’t handle,” not “can’t and can’t handle.” just saying

  4. used the app, but found no different on my Galaxy Nexus.

  5. This app is amazing! Turned everything up on the Droid Razr and it looks insane. Can’t believe the graphics I’m now getting with a cellular device. I recommend trying the app and turning up the settings if you have a dual core device

  6. she probably partakes in bukake

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