Rumor: Samsung Galaxy Note Going to Sprint, Too


The Samsung Galaxy Note may make its way to more than one carrier soon if information received by SprintFeed is to be trusted. According to a “proven source” of theirs (and they have offered up confirmed information in the past) Sprint is said to soon be getting the Samsung Galaxy Note, a 5.3 inch phoneblet that prides itself on its beautiful easy-to-draw-on display and dual-core processor.

We’d naturally expect 4G to be inside, but as Sprint is making the migration from WiMax to LTE there’s no word on which radios might be inside. Hell, that goes for any 2012 device from now on. It’ll be great to see it on multiple carriers, though (the other being AT&T) – perhaps it’ll let Samsung know that us Americans are checking out some of the Europe-focused products they advertise. (Including the Next Galaxy S flagship device.)

Quentyn Kennemer
The "Google Phone" sounded too awesome to pass up, so I bought a G1. The rest is history. And yes, I know my name isn't Wilson.

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  1. Any rumors on the Galaxy Nexus?

    1. I’m sure if they had that info they’d be posting it. 

  2. Hopefully it will be announced next week!

    1. AFAIK, Sprint never announces anything worthwhile at CES. We’ll have to wait for that next conference that’s more towards mid-year, me thinks.

      1. CTIA?

        1. Yeah, either CTIA or that MWC thingamajig.

      2. Except Sprint has an event planned for CES…

        1. Do they? I hope it’s something worthwhile.

          1. No Kyocera Echo 2 announcement, please and thank you!

          2. Lol, that would probably be the WORST thing that Sprint could do. If they are smart, they’ll announce a premiere tablet/phone.

  3. So I just might stay with Sprint after all… 

  4. I wish Tmous was getting it that would be my next phone but sadly it doesn’t look like it.

    1. Suppose you could import one but would be a ton of change to throw down.

  5. ok the Note is MAYBE the one phone i would take in lieu of the G-Nex.  come on Sprint!!!

    Note or G-Nex???????????? which one to get???????

  6. come to verizon! 

    1. You already got the GNex, so Shaddup!

  7. Bring it Bitch! With LTE + ICS.

  8. Too big but for those types that carry phones in cases or purses or in pads this would be perfect for them.

    1. If you stop wearing your girlfriend’s skinny jeans it’ll fit! </deadhorsestillbeingbeat>

      1. LOL I can’t stand it  when dudes where skinny jeans! I’m 6’4″ I just think the ideal phone size is 4 – 4.3″. Personal preference :)

    2. stop bitching, little man.  if you don’t like it – buy a little girlie phone.  or keep your Pixi.

      1. No one is bitching. It’s simply an opinion. Is that too much for a  pathetic loser like you to comprehend? Such a tough guy you are behind the keyboard, trolling and insulting people over the internet. You’re gonna go far in life, kid.

  9. If they get it they’ll name is something retarded and fail to sell them despite how popular they are… I’m going to guess — Samsung Galaxy Note Epic 4G Touch 5.3″ Notepad With Stylus Pen.

  10. Sprint coverage in my area sucks and I’ll jump ship to AT&T before sticking with sprint.  My gf and I were all over down town phoenix yesterday and I was consistently getting 1 bar while she had 3 (she’s on VZ of course).

    Since Sprint and VZ are both CDMA I’m hoping that VZ will pickup the Note also.  Otherwise I’m headed to the Death Star. Besides I’m still pretty pissed at Sprint for never coming thru on the WiMax coverage for the Evo. Fool me once, shame on you…

    1. Sprint coverage is comparable to VZW (they share CDMA towers). you’re looking at bars which vary by phone and carrier and can be easily manipulated? try again, hillbilly.

      AT&T and T-Mob coverage suck.  so you will get what you deserve.

      1. No they are not comparable!  Maybe in your area but not where I work and live.  Take your azz out of your head and read my post thoroughly and you’ll answer your own question.

        1. hillbilly, i’ve been all over AZ including Phoenix and Tucson and never had any problem with Sprint where a VZW customer didn’t have the same problem.  Same goes for the rest of the entire country.  so pull YOUR head out of your ass and stop looking at bars and making up stories.  

          1. Oh nice to know that you have verified coverage for Sprint across the entire country.  We can all rest easy and never question coverage again knowing that John has walked all over the country repeatedly asking “Can you hear me now?”  What a douche you are!

          2. no, douches like Star Wars.  lottsa luck!

          3. no douches make stupid statements like “I’ve been all over AZ and the entire US and if I’ve never had a problem then the other 50+ million sprint users have never had a problem either”. 

            I guess no one in  the rest of the country should vote either cause Lil Johnny is gonna vote for all of us huh Lil Johnny?  The Consumer Report will have to go out of business cause Lil Johnny’s on the job now – GO Lil Johnny GO!

            Hi I’m Lil Johnny – I’m a douchebag and I approve this message.

          4. John is a pathetic troll, and total dumbass. He comes into these techblogs calling names and insulting people on the internet like some tough guy behind the keyboard. He clearly is a loser and sucks at life so he has to make himself feel better by trying to bring others down (via the internet haha) probably because he has such a feeble mind and a decrepit emotional system, so that’s his mechanism to make his lonely worthless self feel better. He’s just another blundering loser talking shit on the internet because his life sucks, so forget about him :)

  11. It is very big for a phone but it has it’s niche market, this is very good for people who used to carry a tablet and a phone around, for example door to door sales reps. Personally I think it’s too bug but then again I thought the same when HTC released the Evo 4G with 4.3″ screen, and now I am thinking of getting a GNex with 4.65″ screen. Technology is moving so fast and the trends change fast too.

  12. if it comes to verizon, I would get this over the GN

  13. …LoL.

  14. …JOHN,JAWMAN,& VADER…I’m sitting here @ UNC CANCER CENTER with my wife.And I was feeling a little down until I read your comments. You guys are CRAAAAZY…LOL.

  15. …I think I will wait for the GALAXY S3.

    1. That’s what I’m doing.

  16. Verizon, pleeeeeze.

  17. I personally hate the TouchWiz UI, so if I do get this, I’m putting cm9 on it.. lol
    But I hope Sprint gets the Galaxy Nexus!!

  18. @jawman
    I’m not trying to stick up for anyone but in reality aren’t you doing the same thing. Isn’t the best way to deal with people like that just not to respond to their comments in the first place.
    And to the gentleman in the hospital with your wife, I’m very sorry you are going through what you are,I hope all ends well and everyone gets to go home healthy. I don’t know you but it doesn’t mean I can’t include you all in my prayers. Best wishes to you and your family.

  19. They still cloning iphone design?

  20. Schweeet!  Take my money please!!

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