LG and Intel Pair Up To Introduce New Device At CES 2012


LG’s mobile department hasn’t exactly had the best year but rather than give up — they’re trying new things… or rather, revisiting old ideas. According to the Korea Times, LG is getting ready to debut an all new smartphone at CES 2012 powered by none other than Intel’s new Medfield mobile processor. We heard rumors a few weeks back that Samsung would be partnering with Intel for an upcoming smartphone to be debuted at CES in January but maybe it was the other Korean manufacturer this whole time.

The only question that remains if whether or not the device will ever hit market given LG and Intel’s past. At CES 2011 they they actually showed off a smartphone that of course, went belly up due apparently due to “lack of marketability.” The Times went on to source an exec who claims LG will be banking big with this device and could launch as early as March. Once again, the same was said about the two company’s first attempt at a device earlier this year.

Still, LG has a lot to lose but even more to gain this time around and the same could be said with Intel who has made zero impact in the mobile market where SoC’s from Qualcomm have dominated. I think Android 4.0’s compatibility with Intel processors is the moment they both have been waiting for and high-end device could do well for them. Just as long they avoid the quality control issues that plagued the G2X and drop that pseudo TouchWiz UI.

[Via TechCrunch]

Chris Chavez
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  1. Lg is asking for a lawsuit

  2. I hope for LG sake that they sort out the many issues that plagued the G2X since they wont get a second bite at the cherry. Customers will go elsewhere. And what is with the late late updates? Sort it LG we are now on ICS!

  3. LG needs to team up with at&t and release gingerbread for my damn Thrill!!!

  4. G3X on T-Mobile with Stock ICS and Intel processor anyone?

    1. Bleeding screens and endless reboots followed by no OS updates for 6 months anyone? Yea thats what you’ll get with a g3x

  5. LG: making phones no one buys 

  6. After the G2x fiasco…..never ever ever ever ever buying an LG phone…..we’ll see how long it takes them to upgrade their current line of phones to ICS.

    1. Why?  My LG Optimus one is probably the best cell phone I have ever owned.  A solid inexpensive smartphone.  Probably the best inexpensive Android phone out there for what you get. They are still selling them.

  7. LG with Intell processors uhmm jets think about a 3.5 720P HD display 2GB 220 ghts quad processor deon thats alot of ram can that be in a phone yes and that phone ruaning windows 8 that will be amaising i will love to see that something thing small pawer full wao 

  8. After the LG G2x, no thanks. What a POS, and even all these months later they’re still have the same problems with new ones being sold. I’m looking forward to a strong intel processor in the market, but I wish LG wasn’t the one bringing it to us.

  9. erm, since when did LG start using TouchWiz?!

  10. This thing could have a 990x and I still wouldn’t buy it, fuck LG from the bottom of my heart.

    1. Of course you wouldn’t. 990X is outdated. Give me a 3960X and an HD7970 to go with it. :P

      On second thoughts, a full tower desktop chassis with a 4″ screen stuck on it won’t look that cool. Not to mention it won’t fit in many pockets.

  11. Good News :)

  12. I have had the nitro for about 2 weeks now and its the best phone I’ve owned so far. loving it.
     g1, nexus1 , hd2,  vibrant, infuse, and now the nitro.

    LG needs to update their phones officially but in the mean time they should donate some phones to some xda developers and release their driver code and android builds.
    Most people hated on samsung (for good reason) until the galaxy line started change peoples opinion. Things change. The Nitro is a sweet piece of hardware. 

  13. You’re all stuck up appleheads. The G2X is the greatest phone I’ve ever owned. Running gingerbread and have never had any problems in the 6 months I’ve had it. Can’t wait for ICS in the spring….LG.

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