Battle Squadron ONE – World’s First Split-screen Shooter Coming To Android In Early 2012


It was only a few weeks ago that Cope-Com brought the world’s first splite-screen co-op shooter, Battle Squadron ONE to iOS devices and they’re looking to repeat the magic, this time, on Android. Now, if you know me — I love shooters — new school 3D, HD, 16-bit graphics — whatever. Something about these games has captivated my since my youth. Battle Squadron ONE falls more into the 16-bit nostalgia category which is just fine by me.

The developer Cope-Com recently signed an agreement with GoldenCode to distribute their game for all Android devices (2.3 and up) and if you plan on playing the game on your tablet, you can enjoy the added benefit of 2 player co-op. I can’t help but wonder if we’ll begin to see more games follow this trend moving into 2012 with the extra processing power of quad-core CPU’s. How much fun would it be to play a game like Shadowgun with a friend? You can see a video of Battle Squadron ONE’s two player mode in the video below.

[Via AndroidForums]

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  1. will be buying this. me and my son can have some fun! :)

    1. Raise him in the ways of 16-bit. Show him it’s not something to be feared…

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