Verizon’s $2 “Convenience” Fee Now Being Investigated By The FCC


Oh you done did it now, Verizon. Looks like that extra $2 surcharge fee for paying your Verizon bill online has finally gotten more than the attention of consumers but the FCC (who has been a busy boy this year) as well. An FCC official said today in a statement:

“On behalf of American consumers, we’re concerned about Verizon’s actions and are looking into the matter.”

The fee was supposed to hit customers on January 15th but looks like it could be dead in the water if the FCC rains down sweet justice on Big Red. Good ‘ol FCC, always lookin’ out for the little guy. Just goes to show you, if you yell loud enough, someone is bound will hear you.

[NYTimes via Engadget]

Chris Chavez
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  1. yes, F u VZ.  Charge for over the phone payment but not online, cmon SCROOGE

  2. i never understood that at all. how the fuck you gonna CHARGE someone for paying their bill? REALLY? fucking fail Vz

    1. so i think i need to report the superior court of california. they charge to pay their bs fines.

  3. im kinda surprised it took this long for verizon to do this,if i remember right,alltel was doing this before verizon bought them out,and i always thought verizon would continue it

  4. “someone is bound will hear you.” Proofreading, Chris, proofreading.

    1. This conversation NEVER happened… O_o

  5. Can you hear me now?

  6. Good, I hope the FCC stops this dead. Seems everyone wants to charge fees left and right for everything. It’s got to stop!!

  7. Kudos to your graphics guy. That $2 bill is awesome.

    1. You do know $2 bills are actual currency, right?

      1. True that $2 bills exist but that one doest

      2. No shit? I was referring to the integration of the Verizon logo.

  8. Suck it VZW

  9. And just as I’m reading this, CNN reports VZW has changed their mind and scrapped the fee.

  10. VZW has cancelled the fee….they’d rather have the fcc approve their spectrum buy and dont want any trouble….

  11. Nickle and dime the fees and surcharges so their “rates” look the same as everyone else…

    If these companies keep doing this, I will switch to the cheapest non contract, pre paid … whatever.. Or get rid of them altogether.

    Carry my Prime and an old school MP3 player and be done with them…

  12. Typo: “…someone is bound will hear you”

  13. gov’t not so bad anymore. true gop’ers hating that they’re messing w/ free enterprise.

  14. I do not have VZW as my Wireless Carrier, but here is an example that would work for the company.  I work for a Textbook company that supplies customers/students with their textbooks worldwide.  If the student places an order over the Virtual Bookstore, they are charged a lesser price for the book because they are placing the order themselves.  Now whereas if they call into our call Center, the books are close to the listed asking price of books, because the company needs to pay for the time that it takes to actually place an order and at times, can be quite a long and tedious process.  

    Long story short, if they call us for order placement, they are helping to pay our hourly wages, but if they order themselves they don’t

    1. Yes, but the $2 was also for paying online… which doesn’t require a person to deal with it. The real reason they were wanting to do this is to encourage everyone to switch to auto-pay, which conveniently had the fee waived. DirecTV does this too, but they will actually give you a promotional discount for signing up for auto pay. Verizon being Verizon decided to charge extra for all of the other options.

  15. crony capitalism = bad

  16. This wouldn’t have affected me because of the way I pay my bill, but I hate the lengths that VZW is going to make a buck. The Tmo/ATT merger is dead, so why screw your customers out of every penny you can get?

  17. And yet so many people would get rid of the FCC as if it were nothing. Idiots.

  18. Thabk you!

  19. and I am paying an extra $2.70 when I add money to my boostmobile account via credit card online.

  20. Heck yeah the FCC looks out for the people. T-Mobile had been treating me like crap. I got 8 replacement phones and none worked. My bill quietly goes higher and higher, so I decided to contact them. Within 12 days my contract was cancelled. 

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