Dec 29th, 2011

Something else of Big Red’s seems to be down but it isn’t the data network this time. A growing thread over at their support forums is filled with users who have been unable to activate newly purchased phones.

One person says they had no problem activating their newly-purchased Android phone, but one person out of five pages of users isn’t quite convincing that this isn’t a small hiccup. Some have been trying to activate their phones for the past 24 hours, apparently.

We’re not sure if their device activation service went down due to the LTE network going down yesterday (which has since been fixed) but the timing is definitely strange. If you’re planning on buying a new phone today and you try to activate but it fails (not saying it well as we’re not sure how widespread this issue is) you may be out of a phone until something gives. Let us know if any of you are experiencing the same. [Thanks Jamie!]

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