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Verizon experienced another data outage yesterday and it was a lengthy one – half a day, give or take a half an hour. On their Twitter account, Verizon said that 3G was unaffected even though users had trouble connecting to the 3G network even when switching to CDMA-only mode.

They claimed the same thing during last week’s outage when 3G was, in fact, affected for 4G device users. 3G-only device users didn’t see any outages but that’s because their phones use a different authentication service to get onto the network. For 4G users, they use an entirely separate service for both 3G and 4G and many were without data at all (1xRTT included for most).

We’re not sure what’s been going on with Verizon’s “fast and most reliable” network as of late but we hope they’ll be taking a look at this month’s outages and work on preventing them in the future. We know they’re bound to happen but it’s quite troubling when outages happen this frequently. Long story short: all is well and you can go back to drinking up that fast LTE juice. [via VZBuzz, thanks to everyone who sent this in!]

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  1. Another outage plus the $2 Convenience Fee??? WTF!

  2. All I can say is demand a 2 dollar credit for every time this happens. It’s a customer inconvenience charge to them.

  3. Nashville still at 3G!

  4. St Louis is back to 4G…finally.

  5. why did they feel the need to lie about 3G???  It was clear that 4G phones were also not getting 3G?  This bothers me more than the outage itself.

    1. They didn’t lie. 3g users did not experience an outage, only those that are 4g phone users did. They look at anyone with a 4g phone as a 4g user, whether you actually use 4g or just 3g. It has to do with how you phone connects and authenticates on the network. Next time it goes down…lol….check your settings and you will see 3g as the network type but under mobile network it will say connecting. 3g is there but the phone can’t connect to it.

      1. On all of the outages (that sounds horrible), my 3G has continued to work on my Thunderbolt.  I’m in Portland, OR.

        1. My friends thunderbolt was also working. Buy my nexus and brothers bionic weren’t. Everyone with 3g only phones didn’t seem to have a problem. Wonder what the Thunderbolt does differently compared to other 4g phones.

  6. I had 3G while 4G was out. My 4G was not showing this morning, so I rebooted my phone and now it is fine.

  7. Still can’t activate my new Galaxy Nexus in Indianapolis. Are new activations still being affected?

    1. I’m not sure but my Nexus wouldn’t get 4 or 3G in Indianapolis yesterday but all seems well today. Not sure what is up with the activation. Good luck!

      I wish they would clear things up and explain what’s going on. 3G only phones still work but 4G phones won’t connect to 3G when these outages occur. What gives?

  8. Yelm, WA (near Olympia, WA) Last night my Nexus worked. No 4g but had 3g.  This morning I have no service what so ever.  No phone, no data.  Can not even dial 611.  I had a problem last week where the phone displayed No SIM Card or SIM card error. And had to remove and reset the SIM card to get it to work.
    Verizon tech support stated that 4g is still down.  Also stated not to remove the SIM card.  Putting 2 and 2 together i figure I had another SIM card error during the night.  According to tech support the phones cannot be activated when there is a 4g outage. 
    So until the 4g is restored in my area I have no phone service.  No one can call me and I cannot call out.
    How’s that for the most reliable phone network.

  9. calling and texting weren’t effected? yeah right! i knew something was up when i couldn’t send texts last night

    1. It would have been an isolated issue then because the data network being down has nothing to do with voice and texting…

  10. Until I rebooted I was stuck on 3g even after cycling airplane mode and cdma/cdma-LTE. A reboot brought me back to 4G.

  11. heh. I had to use my Sprint tablet yesterday because my Verizon phone was useless. It’s a pretty sad day when I use Sprint because my Verizon phone won’t connect.

  12. My 4G never stopped working in Las Vegas

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