Dec 23rd, 2011

Samsung has provided and update to their future Ice Cream Sandwich plan, and for owners of the Samsung Galaxy S or original 7-inch Samsung Galaxy Tab the news isn’t so good. Due to a lack of RAM and ROM these devices will not receive an update to Android 4.0. According to Samsung, the Galaxy S and Galaxy Tab lack sufficient memory to run the new version of Android  along with the company’s custom TouchWiz interface.

And knowing folks would cry foul after seeing the Samsung-made Nexus S (which features similar hardware including a 1GHz Hummingbird processor) already starting to receive its upgrade to ICS, Samsung nipped the complaints in the bud. As they explain, the hardware of the Nexus S only has to handle a stock build of the ever-evolving Android OS while the Galaxy S receives numerous post-Google customizations that add extra strain to system resources.

Considering the massive number of people that own the Galaxy S, we imagine the public will not let Samsung’s decision go quietly into the night. We’ll point to the original HTC Desire as precedent. At first HTC denied the phone of a Gingerbread update citing that its hardware could not handle the upgrade. A rather vocal public let the manufacturer know that this wasn’t kosher and an update eventually was delivered. Could we see the same for the Galaxy S and Galaxy Tab?

[Samsung Tomorrow via The Verge]

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