MOTOACTV Receiving Update, Enhances Battery Life and More


Motorola’s workout companion device is receiving a software update that brings along improvements in power consumption and other optimizations. The update is currently headed out to all 8GB MOTOACTV devices, raising their software version to 4.55.76. An update for the 16GB model is slated to begin rolling out over the next week or so and will result in a software version of 4.56.76.

The update promises increased battery life of up to 8 hours and enables multi-activity tracking as well as provides bug fixes. Check out the above video for the rundown.

[via Motorola]

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  1. does anyone even own one of these?

    1. I do and like it very much.  Nothing more than a glorified ipod when I’m at the gym for me, but once I’m out running on the road, nothing compares to the size and functionality of it

      1. Hey Gregory, how long does the battery last with GPS and music on? I’ve read somewhere it won’t last even 1:30 hour…

  2. i saw them in sports authority the other day. quiet pricey at $200

    1. It’s not pricey when you compare it to Heart Rate Monitors with GPS like the ones from Polar and Garmin.  Comparable systems without the mp3 functionality from those companies start at $300

  3. I have one and am looking forward to the new features. More information can be found here: 

    Also the version numbers mentioned in the article are incorrect as they are the current version. The new versions will be:

    8GB NA

    16GB NA

    1. do you like it? i know i looked at one,but the price was a little much,i didnt feel like it was worth it.but it could be a good workout buddy

      1. I like it and think it is a good price considering what features it has.  People continue to compare it to a iPod Nano which it isn’t.  Having the ability to track rides and runs as well as workouts is great.  The battery life is an issue for some that do long runs however not a concern for me at the moment.

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