Apple Awarded Patent On In Call App Switching – Multitasking Smartphones Sound Familiar To You?


They’ve done it again. The boys at Apple must have some kind of strange patent voodoo because once again, the United States Patent and Trademark Office has awarded them with another IP to stick inside their portfolio, this time with a patent for a “portable electronic device with graphical user interface supporting application switching.” Sound familiar to you? It should. Somehow Apple received a patent for a multitasking smartphone that allows a user to switch between calls and apps. Yup, they seem to have patented Android. You best believe that with Apple’s small victory over HTC yesterday, their lawyers are already plotting new ways to stick it to Android manufacturers everywhere. What’s next? A patent on green robot mascots? Well, played, Apple. Well played…

[USPTO via Engadget]

Chris Chavez
I've been obsessed with consumer technology for about as long as I can remember, be it video games, photography, or mobile devices. If you can plug it in, I have to own it. Preparing for the day when Android finally becomes self-aware and I get to welcome our new robot overlords.

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  1. So now you can patent things already in use four years after the fact. I’m in the wrong business. Android unfortunately had better become a bit more evil because Apples’ hatred for Android is like that of a famous powerful German from WWII. (Not Voldemort.) Next thing you know they’re going to patent the notification shade and widgets. Our patent system is so broken and obviously broke for cash since they keep taking the patent fees for idiotic crap. Apple must be paying these judges something. Oh well. At least Microsoft and Apple have become friends with their common enemy.

    1. Patent law takes years to get passed. It might be possible that Google had filed for this, but Apple beat them to it. 

      Lessons for Google to learn perhaps.

    2. hows about Google stop copying everyone they they wont get there asses sued

      1. What did they copy? List of examples… 

        Edit: Actually don’t bother, you’re clearly a Apple troll

      2. oh yeah apple created the 1st tablet,the 1st touch screen device,the 1st app store,they created the mouse oh yeah no they didnt,apple make great devices but they are not as original as you think,they take other peoples idea and make them more consumer friendly…everyone copies everyone…unless your blind ios 5 is a copied from wp7,android and  bb…stop being a blind fanboy and open your eyes…you like apple no problem but that doesnt mean just cause you think apple is great that everyone else should. choice is good for everyone,we should be happy there is ios,android,wp7,bb,symbian etc because it isnt a 1 size fit all world…and oh yeah just cause they have the patent now does not mean it cant be invalidated later in a court case,if you actually followed apple have had a few patents already invalidated due to prior arts and most likely it will be the same with this as its been possible to do this even before the iphone existed i mean i use to do it on my nokia’s….as i recall apple also won a patent on slide to unlock and eveyone was worried but when they used it against samsung the judge said they have no case…so i wouldnt exactly go get drunk on apple just yet.

      3. *sigh* Age old useless comment and response from both, or actually all 3 sides. I’m just glad that Apple, Google, and Microsoft don’t manufacture vehicles. We all know which two would stake claim to inventing the wheel first, and spend billions proving it in court. They’d just stick to the plan of improving it in really tiny little increments to maximize their profits because they know that the masses are sheep and will accept that, and we all know which one would want to improve the wheel in leaps and bounds to make it better for everyone.

  2. I’m starting to think apple is bribing some important people.

    1. What gave it away? the billions of dollars they have? or that they’re the richest company in the world?

      1. They’re not the richest company in the world. They’re hardly in the top 50.

        1. Apple’s market cap (~$345 billion) is among the top 5 internationally, and frequents the top two spots on and off.  Apple has more liquid assets than many countries.

          You, apparently, have no idea what you’re talking about.

            Apple is 47th on the list. Barely made it to the top 50.

          2. Thats a different set of metrics… Apple sits at #2 for market cap, which is a measure of company richness.  Feel free to sort the list by market value.

    2. I started to think this a long, long time ago… they just call them “campaign contributions” today. And to be fair, Apple is hardly alone in doing this.

      Boy am I glad the USSC removed the limit on what companies can contribute, we wouldn’t want them being under represented.

      1. The word you are looking for is called Lobbying!

    3. No bribes are needed.

      The US Patent system is broken.  It has been broken for a long time.

      Back in the day (about 20 years ago) when software patents were first on the horizon, some Apple developers were the loudest and most vocal opponents of software patents.

  3. Apple pisses me off.

  4. We all should get together and protest against the patent system.
    I am serious. Count me in. Let’s occupy.
    Android, and any other OS, will become extinct if this stupidity kept going.

    1. That would be funny… But ultimately futile unless you have a better system to put in its place… which is ????

      1. How about a system where there is actually a seconds worth of though about whether the patent is obvious or already in the public domain?

        No system anyone could ever come up with would be effective if those in charge of upholding that system don’t do their job.

        Nothing wrong with the existing system other than the corrupt Aholes that are overseeing it (and Apple’s blatant abuse.)

        1. So when Google sue anyone, that’s not abuse ???

          But that does not answer the question, what is the solution to this, a solution that works for all, and is fair for all.

          1.  How often does Google sue someone vs. how often Apple sues someone?

          2. Your point being ???

          3. To @slaguru:disqus his point is that you have no point. And you don’t. How often does Google go around suing people as opposed to how often Apple does? How often does Google sue people over ridiculous patents? Steve Jobs just hates Android because he is a big baby, so he wants to do anything he can to destroy it.

          4. And when did Google sue anyone over patents, please tell me?

          5. Google don’t. They just lend patents to people to help sue others. They don’t have the guts to do their own legislation in case they are seen as ‘ evil’.

          6. @slaguru:disqus “Google don’t. They just lend patents to their partner to level the playing field when Apple is trying to run them to the ground with frivolous lawsuits. They have the guts to help manufacturers instead of being evil.” There, I fixed it for you.

      2. How about a system where you have to actually have a working model or functioning code to demonstrate the patent you are applying   for. It drives me nuts that you can patent an idea, that you can’t actually create at that time. I think I will go out and apply for a patent on teleportation today. Unless Apple beat me to it.

        1. Who is to say that the code works, who is to say that the model works, and that is the final model… If a patent was awarded to a working model, then would it not absolutely define the standard, leaving no room for subjectivity.. If yes, then what is to stop me coding the exact same applications, just using a different color for example and calling it my own ????

          1. I think it should not be subjective. You should be able to demonstrate that you can create what you have documented and it should perform what you claim. I think that would eliminate Patent squatters.

          2. So every patent would need to be version specific, a patent for example a blue icon, and then the same icon but red, and so on. 

            Yep that would be better.. 

          3. Better yet, stop patenting process. Software shouldn’t be patented. It should be protected through copyright. If Amndroid lifts Apple’s code, they should fry. If they arrive at similar process through their own code, they haven’t stolen anything. Otherwise, firestone needs to sue a bunch of people for ripping off their tire concept. 

    2. only morons “occupy” and only morons use the word “occupy”

      1. you just used it twice…. oh the vengeful hand of irony. 

      2. Ok moron.

  5. Can google patent the notification bar and sue apple now?

    1. Apple’s probably already started trying to patent it themselves.

      1. If they do and win it, I dont care if it gets thrown out later, I will stop what I’m doing and begin working toward becoming a politician because this shit needs to stop.

        1. HAHAHA, and what do you think a politician is? those are the ones apple are using to get their dirty laundry done.

          1. I highly doubt you’d be the one getting Apple’s dirty laundry one done if the only reason you’re getting into politics is Apple.

            How do you think money works? It doesn’t – even though it seems like it some times – have Jedi-mindtrick capabilities.

  6. If the iPhone could multi-task this may be useful to Apple!!

    1. I think we can assume by this filing that next year’s iPhone 4GS will finally catch up to what others have been doing for years now.

  7. In related/unrelated news: I am attempting to patent the act of getting up heroically from your desk by way of shoving backwards off of said desk with a 180 degree spin and some manly grunts while seated in a chair with wheels… and perhaps some muscle flexes. 

    So you suckers better get ready to dish out some royalties! 

    … or maybe I’m the only one who does that???

    1. I’m going to patent  “The act of intaking air through the nose or mouth for the purpose of supporting one’s life”

      I’m going to be fucking rich!!!!!!!!

    2. It’s cool, man. I already found a workaround. Instead of a manly grunt, I’ll do a manly moan. 

  8. This will get thrown out in court. Android can prove they have used that method WAY before Apple filed a patient for it. A first year law student could get it thrown out. 

    1. you could do it on oldschool smartphones that predate the iPhone itself let alone the patent. Our patent system truly is fucking retarded

      1. I was application switching on BlackBerry’s in 2004!

        1. I was doing this also in 2004 with a WinMo phone. In the middle of a call I would be doing other stuff or looking up something on my phone. It always bewildered me when the all mighty Apple phone came out and I heard people say: I have to hang up before I can do X thing. 

    2. Not if the U.S. changes to the first-to-file system.

      1. You’re already behind the times.

        The US already has recently changed to a first to file system.

  9. Another one with no brain. Just dumb as shit

  10. As Dan Ehresman said , this wouldn’t stand up in court, so will probably never be used.  Really all the Americans out there should be up in arms about the USPO since it is their fault all these irrelevant patents are getting awarded.

    1. Its not really the point that this needs to stand in an American court. Apple will sue worldwide, and a registered patent is a powerful weapon.

  11. Is there nothing we can do ?!

    Like start a petition so the patent offices wake up or something ?!
    That is actually sickening.
    What a terrible company.

  12. Apple doesn’t even know what multitasking is

    1. When Android had multitasking, and iPhone did not, Steve Jobs said on stage that people don’t want multitasking.

  13. Wait… didn’t Android have that YEARS before the iPhone did? I vividly remember it being a big feature that Android had that iPhone didn’t.

    1. multitasking on smartphones predate android and ios…. our patent office is retarded

      1. maybe, but its not upto the patent office to look for things to patent its upto the company that wants a patent to step forward.

        1. What? That makes no sense. Apple says “hey we want to patent multitasking,” but then it’s up to the patent office to see if it hasn’t already been made. You have to actually make something (and think of it yourself) before you can patent it.

    BEFORE? They should have patented this, the notification bar and a lot
    of other things that are unique to Android. That’s why Google is such a
    fail. And this will cost them money and Android functionality.

    1. Because Android was not Google’s property at the time this tech was being developed. The original development company should have done that. 

      Also original Android was not multitasking, it was program parking, again the time to patent was when this tech was introduced.

      1. Android is open source, so technically anything that Google developed, including the ability to multi-task and use an App in a phone call, is in the “public domain” … Apple is stealing, one again, from the public domain and then claiming the people they stole from are the thieves. 

        Apple is such a dishonest and corrupt corporation, how people can stand buying their ill-gotten products is beyond comprehension. 

        1. Can you give me the facts about Apple’s corruption ???, I would like to make a block busting documentary about that… until then I will make do with how Apple is stealing anything, if its not be patented ???..

          Blind hate is just … stupid. Back up talk with FACT.

          1. I’m pretty sure he gave you some facts. Just because no one patented it doesn’t mean you invented it. Apple stole many ideas and claimed it as their own. This is just the tip of the iceberg. What about the Android Notification shade. That was added to iOS5. Folders, another thing Apple implemented that Android had before. It would be okay if they used these things without claiming that they are their own and if they weren’t constantly suing opposing companies. iOS doesn’t have true multi-tasking, so please explain to me why they are patenting it. They are patenting things on Android phones because they are on Android phones. They didn’t invent multi-tasking. They are just preventing Android from using it because Steve Jobs hated Android.

          2. Ok, same question, where are the facts about stealing, and where can we get a court case started ???.

            As for multitasking, ok, where does this patent state anything about multitasking ???, its app switching that is not true multitasking as everyone here likes to point out …

            It even says SWITCH APP as a clue. 

            As for Steve Jobs hating other peoples technology, well he would be in good company here …

        2. So, that means that Google can’t patent anything because Android is open-source?

      2. But I suppose that now that they own Android, they can patent it, right?

        1. No, because Google need to keep it open source. They can only use existing patents by giving them to companies being sued by Apple or MS , like the patents they have let HTC use. 

          If it was not open source then they would lose the advantage of polluting millions of phones with their advertising (they are a marketing company not a tech company after all). You see if people had to pay for Android, then they would object to getting ad centric software (which Android is) .

          1. Am I missing somethign here or isn’t iads apples way of pushing advertising also? In fact’ my wife is on the ipad right now and I had her turn the screen around and guess what was occupying the entire top ot the screen…gasp…ads! Oh high and mighty apple would never push ads! Shame on google!

          2. Ads do not pay for iPads. At least Apple and MS are technology companies not just a big ad company.

          3. Seriously? Please tell me where all of the Google advertising is. The only thing I can think of that has ads is the in-app ads that developers CHOOSE to put there to make money for THEMSELVES.

            If you are referring to the fact that Google’s name is on everything, well, no kidding. They own Android. They provide services that are a part of their own site but do not require you to use any of them if you don’t want to. Besides creating a Google account for Market purposes, everything else on Android can be strictly third party…

            Please show me the ad-centric software… please do.

          4. So a company that puts ad-works into its SDK is not ad centric. Wow, keep taking the Google pills.

            How do you think Google makes money.

    2. The first phone I ever had could do this (C2005), why would google even consider patenting in-call multitasking 6 years later… there is so much prior art it’s ridiculous.

      1. Ha! Excatly the comment I was going to make, I think even the ‘Handspring’ line did this.

    3. Well said, Google people are all idiots, how is it they haven’t sue apple for using the notification bar? if apple turn around and they will and sues Google for using the notification bar then Google desrve it.

      1. Because – and I’m implying you’re an idiot here – Google doesn’t want to. Google is, as DannyB2 said, innovating, not sueing people just because they hate them. Steve Jobs has been quoted saying that he’ll do everything to bring Android down, just because he doesn’t like it. He said that Google was just faking him. Now, please note the notification bar: Android started with it, Apple brought out in iOS 5; multitasking: available long before either Android or iOS, and even then Android had it way earlier; the *list* of *apps*: seen that before… There is nothing new about iOS except for the design and usability. Apple isn’t innovating, Android and its community are. Apple’s stealing ideas and then patenting them.

        You are an idiot. Have I said that already? Yes. And I’ll say it again. You’re an idiot.

        1. oh thanks, i didn’t get it the first time, but the second time did it for me thanks again, i didn’t realize that you work for Google, hahahaha.

    4. BECAUSE GOOGLE IS BUSY INNOVATING.  That’s why.  Sorry to shout.

  15. This is bulls#%@! Google needs to step up their game.

  16. We have a decent phone. Why do you think CRapple is running scared! Sue everyone (cause I cant compete), Sue everyone (cause we steal their ideas and make BS pattents) lol.

    1. Dude, why are you replying to the troll??

      1. Too true. Guess I just woke up grumpy and not thinking this morning lol. Lack of sleep.

        1. It happens to the best of us :)

  17. Im surprised you can patent such generic thoughts. Thats not even a function or item its a thought. Hey I wanna patent anything that can do BLAH and they are just giving it out. Didnt I read somewhere once if its any everyday kinda thing its a no go?

  18. I could switch to apps when in a call on my Sprint Blackberry 8330. This was made before the iPhone was. Therefore, I call shenanigans. 

    1. I could answer a phone call while on the internet using my 14.4K modem back in the early 90’s … Apple’s business model is to steal ideas from the public domain, confuse the legal system, and then sue over them.

      1. That is why Apple can SUCK IT — I don’t buy their products.

  19. That’s it. I filing for a patent on apples.

  20. Its simple dont mess with the worlds most valuable Tech company

    1. Calm down troll

      1. Are you 2?
        Can’t handle a different opinion other than your Google KoolAid induced one?

  21. We seriously need a patent reform. 

  22. You mean like how apple copied drop down notifications? Or how about all the other companies apple ripped off? Nokia among others. I also believe apple just lost in Germany over the radios in every Iphone/Ipad device.

    1. Dude, why are you still replying to the troll??

  23. Google is at it again with the copying 

    1. Apple is at it again

      Yea, apple copies too, shocker.

      1. Name the Google patent Apple copied

  24. pretty sure competitors would have to copy their process and ui exactly to be found infringing.  sensationalist post.  they werent granted a all powerful patent on multitasking like you seem to suggest here

  25. look on BBC tech news Google have been accused of copying Microsoft. No surprise there

  26. Has anyone considered that maybe Apple wouldn’t be able to patent things if google did? Why don’t they protect their stuff? You have to admit that it is a smart move by appple.

    1. Don’t try and inject reality to the android fanboy world.
      In their land of unicorns and LSD filled lollipops Google can do no wrong.

    2. Because, unlike Apple, Google isn’t run by rampant idiots who’d like to spend their time patenting stuff that others have been doing for years before they did.  Only the fuckheads at Apple do such idiocy.

      1. Or they might just be sitting around making killer products like Google Buzz. Maybe they should have patented that crap.

  27. This is toooooooooo funny and proof that Apple is running out of cheap magic tricks, Eventually they’ll have to sue bankruptcy.

    1. Not trying to be a pot stirrer, but Apple has over 80 Billion in Cash, that’s more than the US government.

      Don’t get me wrong.. I disagree with these stupid patents and any company that is doing it.

  28. And I believe your Apple phone is crap and wouldn’t exist without a whole slew of PDA’s that existed long before the iPhone, but you’re just a troll so your opinions mean very little

  29. I’m going to patent the letter “i” and then sue the pants off of Crapple.Given some of the patents granted by the USPTO, I don’t think this will be a problem.

  30. I’m tired of this pissing contest that Apple started

    1. WOW Apple started the patent process?

      1. Apple started abusing the broken patent system in a large scale way.

  31. I can’t wait for the Jobs comet to go by and the Apple Cult to off themselves… 

  32. the nice thing about apple winning is the cries of the whiny bitch google fanboy

    1. I take a longer term view.  This will not end up well for Apple.

    2. Oh shit! I thought this was an android website! Nice of the apple gang to come in and show their true age…

      1. nice try but I have 3 android phones on my account plus my company uses google app.
        I know it’s shocking but you can own a product and still be critical of the product you own.
        you should try thinking for yourself 1 of these days. I know that’s not popular with you extreme android whiny bitch fanboys

        1. Oh, my apologies good sir, I didn’t realize I was whining, or bitchy. The google mothership didn’t inform me as such. Its nice that mom and dad let you play on the computer. Its nice to try to play grown-up on the internet isn’t it. I can make up stuff too, like I have 12 iphones and ipads and a multibillion dollar company that uses iphones exclusively. But when it comes down to reality, I only have a hand full of android phones around the house, a couple of tablets, and yes, an ipad.I am critical of the stuff I own. That’s why I own android phones. I’m happy with them, but there are things that can be improved. But, I don’t hop in comments in an article and start calling everyone whiny bitches. I’m an adult and can have a civil conversation. I would say that maybe some day you will catch on to the concept, but juding from most of your comments, I think I would be wrong. Enjoy your christmas!

  33. Since Android is open source, there are no patents, right? So that means Apple can keep this up with everything Android.  SAD

    1. What does open source have to do with patents?

      Open source is a set of Licenses used by Copyright owners to enable people to freely run, copy, modify and distribute their source code.

      If Jane has a patent on drawing rectangles on the screen, then both closed source and open source software could infringe upon that patent.  Whether an infringing software is licensed under an open source license is irrelevant to whether it infringes upon Jane’s patented invention of drawing rectangles on screen.

    2. It would, if Apple would have invented this. They haven’t.

  34. I rarely ever come on here and even less comment but I swear The_ATL_Guy is the biggest troll I’ve ever seen, one minute hes on Androids side the next on Apples side, why is he even on here….

  35. Fake multi-tasking.  Haha. Idiot rotten apple.

  36. Just like most of their other patents this will get thrown out too. Big yaaaaawn!

  37. Two words, Prior Art. IBM had a “portable” computer in the mid-80’s (briefcase anyone?) that supported PC-GEOS, a graphical user interface, that allowed application switching. The USPTO is just retarded to think that “this hasn’t been done before now”.

  38. Having read through the more detailed description of the patent this does not threaten Android.  It specifically calls for changing the UI of the application switched to from the phone call to include an icon to switch back to the call.  Also, in typical Apple fashion, it features things like automatically forcing people over to speakerphone mode when multi-tasking.  The patent was also applied for in January of 2008, and it may yet be possible to prove prior art with Android or other systems should this come into court and start to lean in Apple’s favor.  Overall, I wouldn’t stress about it.

  39. USPTO needs to be investigated by the Justice department.  I’m not joking.   There have been bribes in the past from companies to organizations such as this.  Apple has billions so paying off a researcher or two at the USPTO in order to get a patent for obvious phone and tablet features isn’t out of their modus operandi.   I can pretty much bet something is going on there, if at a minimum bias by the USPTO towards Apple.

  40. You have to admit, is obvious android is winning. 700 k a day, plus the militant idrones come to our news sites…. Theirs must be really boring…

  41. google, please sue ITC for this

  42. Ok, time to trash the whole IP patent system and start fresh.  This time in a non-stupid way.

  43.  I swear it’s things like this that make me think the government wants monopolies and they are just blowing smoke up our asses with their anti-monopoly laws. 

  44. This my friends is how we, the consumers lose. Vote with your wallet, boycott Apple, or contact your public officials to voice your concern. This is downright ridiculous, and those who awarded the patent should be fired.

    1. Sorry but your comment is completely backwards. 

      This is how consumers win by forcing innovation.  It’s the reason that the patent system was developed. 

      1. Do your live under a rock? Yes, patenting your achievements promotes innovation from competitors, but those days are long gone. It’s now so backwards and broken by allowing ridiculous patents that should never be awarded and end up actually hurting and impending innovation. You must own Apple stock or are a confused and delirious fanboy.

        1. So your suggestions are:

          1. Boycott Apple.
          You want people to walk around in front of the Apple store with signs and megaphones proclaiming that Patent 8082523 is invalid? 

          2. Contact your local public official. 
          Do you really think that they even know anything about this patent? 

          3. Fire the people that awarded the patent. 
          Why? Where did they make an error?

          The patent was scrutinized for nearly 4 years, has dozens of other patents cited and includes references to all the older app switching technology. 

          1. 1. Boycotting isn’t the same thing as protesting retard. It is simply refusing to purchase a product, essentially voting with your wallet. 2. They probably *don’t* know anything about this patent, that’s exactly why they should be contacted to be made aware of our flawed patent system, and our disappointment as a consumer. Out officials are there to represent us, the people, the consumers. It’s their job. If we choose not to voice our concerns, what good does that do?
            3. That wasn’t meant to be taken 100% literally, but they definitely should be subject to be review, much like referees are subject to review when they make a poor decision. Deciding a ruling on patents is a big deal, and is not to be taken lightly, especially when it may hurt the consumer. It’s called accountability.

            Is that too difficult to understand?

        2. Come on.. I am confused? Look at your suggestions:

          Boycott Apple
          How do you suggest this be accomplished? Get a megaphone and picket sign then stand in front of the Apple store proclaiming “patent 8082523 is invalid!! Stop buying Apple products!!”

          Complain to your local public official
          “Dear Congressman. This is my official protest to Apple receiving patent number 8082523. Even though they filled the paperwork and went through 4 years of working with the USPTO to get this application approved you need to do everything in your power to invalidate it. Wile your at it please fire the patent examiners that approved it”  

          1. Boycotting is not the same as protesting. How many times do I have to say that until you get it? I don’t need to protest in front of an Apple store to make a difference. And not everyone will boycott and it won’t make a huge difference overnight. It’s like recycling: I just do it. I don’t protest in favor of it though. More importantly, when one person does it, there isn’t much of a positive effect attributed from that one person alone. But if a great number of people do it, the tiny effects become multiplied on a massive scale and amount to a large and significant change. The same goes for charity donations. Do you donate to any charities? Does your donation support the entire charity? Of course not, it relies on the unification of many donations across the scale. Same goes for the congressional approach. What if one quarter of all the people who loved Android did this? What if it was just one tenth!? Think about businesses that profit from and conduct part of their commerce due to some sort of relationship with Android? If enough people, business, organizations, etc. voice their concern, it gets the attention it needs. Just look at Carrier IQ.

            You finished now? Or do I have to take you back to school for another round?

          2. You crack me up. 

            Do you realize that boycotting is a form of protesting? Maybe you should look it up. Type the word boycott into google and click on the first response. You can see all the protesters with their picket signs in the pictures. 

            But that’s really not what this is all about its it? 

            Maybe you can school me on this:

            Explain what Apple did wrong by filing for a patent on their IP that would be so bad that you need to boycott?

            When Google files for patents on Android to protect it’s IP is that OK?  

            What part of the patent process failed that should require someone in the USPTO be fired for issuing a patent to Apple? 

            How do you propose a company should protect it’s IP? 

            If a group of businesses profit from a relationship with an infringing Android do you think that they should be allowed to get away with it just because they make money off it?  

            By the way.. Do you really LOVE an operating system for your phone?

          3. I’m saying that I’m not going to buy their products…you keep talking about standing outside and protesting. Third time’s a charm I guess: That is NOT boycotting – it’s physical public protesting, which, while sometimes may be done in conjunction with boycotting, but is still not the same thing so stop putting words into my mouth. <- Was that so hard? As I said before, I don't have to protest, as simply refusing to give them my money (boycotting, remember) is easier for most people who don't have time to stand around with picket signs all day. I guess the recycling example I gave you went over your head. Yes, companies should be able to protect their IP, that's why the patent system was created, buy you're still failing to realize that we are beyond that now and those days are long gone. The current patent system is flawed and broken, companies are granted ridiculous patent rights for a simple and generic technology process that should have never been awarded to them. Then they use that incongruous patent ruling that should have never been awarded in the first place to maliciously destroy competition, ultimately hurting the consumer. And how unfitting of you to bring up Google. Do you see Google running around suing people like crazy like Apple is doing? Leave your flagrant fanboyism at the door next time. I'm done with you, you clearly just do not understand, I'm not going to continue to waste my time replying to some dumb dumb on the internet. This has become like trying to explain binary fission to a 3 year old. Agree to disagree. Have a Merry Christmas.

          4. Interesting how all your comments totally ignore the actual issue your protesting. You don’t like the system yet you don’t have a better soluition and you can’t seem to muster up anything but insults and crap. I guess that your LOVE for an operating system blind you.

  45. I read it to a be dealing with switching from a phone call to an app without losing the phone call. Am I missing something here? This was filed back in 2006. How many touch screen phones could switch from a call to an app back then? How many touch screen phones that could run apps existed then? Please do enlighten.

  46. So what the US PTO is saying is that all other mobile OS must run only 1 application at a time or they are infringing on apple’s ios??? Do they realize that almost every modern electronic device multi tasks and has been long before the iphone???
    Once again I think we all realize the US patent system is broken

  47. @hahaANDROIDiscrap – hey ahole the word is LOSER not LOOSER which means less tight. What a loser you are or is that the crappy auto-correct on your iFruit.

  48. USPTO needs to down in flames fueled by their own blood.

  49. The reason that Apple is ahead in the IP game is because they file for a stack of patents every week.

    “HTC has had comparatively few patent filings leading up to the introduction of the original iPhone in June 2007. Specifically, HTC filed zero patents with the US Patent office between 2004 and 2007 while Apple filed 507 and Google filed 67 over the same period.”

    When it comes to patents Apple is just way ahead of everyone else. They had 200+ filings at the time of the iPhone’s release related to it. Many of them were prepared and filed on the day of release. It takes years to get through the system.

  50. I still don’t see how you can patent something that isn’t “first use”.  Clearly this technology was around before Apple decided to start the patent process.  

    Apple makes great consumer-friendly products — but I dislike them as a company for this type of crap.  They are running around the world suing Samsung because the Galaxy is a true competitor… ridiculous.  

    How about giving the consumer what they want — CHOICES.  Instead of stifling competition why not beat them fair and square?

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