Getjar Gold Apps Sale – Over 100 Paid Apps For FREE


Tis the season for sales! And I’m not just talking about clothes or gadgets but those sweet little apps you have running on your phone as well. Taking a note from Google’s sale, independent app market, Getjar, has begun offering up some of the hottest paid apps in Android and all for absolutely free.

Getjar actually created a whole new site for their December Gold Apps catalog and it’s actually pretty fun. You scroll horizontally to see all the apps (horizontal is the new vertical) and can even jump to specific apps by clicking on the corresponding letters (pictured above). When you find an app that interests you, simply click on it and you’ll be taken to Getjar’s mobile site where you’ll have to download their app store to begin downloading your free app.

It’s kind of a process but if legitimately free apps are worth it to you, then hit up the the “Gold Apps Catalogue” in the source link below.

[Getjar Gold Apps Catalogue | Getjar App Store]

Chris Chavez
I've been obsessed with consumer technology for about as long as I can remember, be it video games, photography, or mobile devices. If you can plug it in, I have to own it. Preparing for the day when Android finally becomes self-aware and I get to welcome our new robot overlords.

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  1. Do you know what apps they are giving away for free? Dont want to go through the process to find out they only have fart apps.

    1. Noooooooooooooooooooo they’re good ones! Just click the Gold Apps Catalog!

      I wouldn’t steer you wrong. You’ll see :)

  2. Ehh mostly crap I don’t want to do it anyway cause you’ll get no updates

    1. I mean.. it’s free. I like to download games as a way of trying them out before I get them in the Market. 

      Think of it as a trial… that last forever =p

  3. Who thought of that horrible design? Plus the page is taking 2 hours to load and there aren’t any alt tags on images. Horizontal is most definitely not the new vertical.

    1. Loaded in a few seconds on my Evo 3D =)

    2. yea, its really hard to scroll without a wheel haha 

      1. I’m trying to browse their site in Chrome on Ubuntu. PIT without a wheel capable of scrolling horizontally.

  4. There’s something for everyone here.Great find,Chris!

  5. It doesn’t take thaT LONG. no sense in complaining. actually they have splashtop desktop, tapatalk and others. not the best choices, but splashtop is a must for free. also beautiful widgets.

  6. samurai arent bad. 

  7. There are a good handful of quality apps here. Super glad to see Tweetcaster Pro on the list. Some fun games and a few highly usable productivity apps! Great find! Hoorah for free stuff!

    Also for those who don’t like the layout – I just looked through the apps on my desktop and sent direct links to the ones I wanted with Chrome to Phone. Worked efficiently for me! Give it a shot :)

  8. To bad my Nook Tablet isnt supported by the website

  9. They have  Wave Launcher

  10. thanks for the good news!!

  11. Last time I installed it to check it out I found it was draining my battery.

  12. If you download the getjar app, it is much easier to scroll, plus you can see the descriptions. Just click the gold star and there they are. They have been doing gold apps for a while, I just check it everyday like I do amazon faotd.

  13. I went to the GetJar site a few months ago.  It required that I give them information on a Facebook account to create an account with GetJar.  GetJar wants permission to do about everything in that account but change the password.  It is an evil method of doing business.

  14. How does Getjar keep track of which apps you downloaded under the free period?  If I decided to “reset” my phone how do I prove that I got the apps under a free period.  I like how Amazon and the market keep your apps on the website for all future use.  Thanks.

  15. 404

  16. is there a way to buy and download later?

  17. Kind of an annoying experience but for a bunch of free apps, like the updated Tapatalk and Beautiful Widgets, it’s hard to complain. Didn’t work on my tab, but bluetooth sharing the APK files worked just perfect.

    Also when your done getting your apps, you can uninstall GetJar and they stay just fine. You can’t update in the market, but if you really love the app, buy it! It’s a great way to test things out IMO.

    1. Not only that but you don’t even need to login (via Facebook).  I was able to pull their gold apps without signing up for anything or providing any credentials.  If you download and then cancel the install the .apk files are left in /mnt/sdcard/getjar/cache and can be installed later. ; )

  18. GetJar sucks, not worth it.  Don’t care what they are giving away.

  19. thx for the News !!

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