Preview The All New And Improved Dropbox For Android App – New UI, Features and ICS Comptability


Show of hands — who wants to preview the all new Dropbox for Android? Luckily, Dropbox was kind enough to let me know of their all new version preview available for download on Android devices. This is a pretty substantial update bringing about Ice Cream Sandwich compatibility and an all new and improved UI. In short, if you’re a Dropbox fan — you’re going to want to download this. Here’s the full list of new features:

  • Favorites: quick offline access to files
  • Bulk upload photos and videos
  • Rename files and folders
  • Single-tap access to all file and folder actions
  • Improved gallery view
  • Upload from and export to local storage
  • Numerous bug fixes and stability improvements

Download Dropbox here

If you find any bugs or general weirdness, make sure you visit the forums link below and help out by reporting your issue. No word yet on when this preview will be available officially in the Android Market but we’ll keep you posted.

[Dropbox Forums]

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  1. thanks, installed to Samsung Galaxy S (Android 4.0.3) and works fine. i tested upload and favorites. especially fav. was the most important part that was missing for the android version! finally. it works really fast.

  2. Have they added folder downloads yet?

  3. No folder downloads that i can see, nor any auto-sync option (I know, lots of data … but this is MY choice no?).

    Otherwise a nice update :)

  4. No folder downloads :'( That sucks!

  5. Get Dropsync if you want automatic sync (with folders).  

    1. Better is to use ES File Explorer latests versions, and u can use dropbox like if you are using it on windows explorer or similar

  6. Not trolling at all, Dropbox seems like a fantastic idea, but I’ve yet to discover a real world use for it.

    Could someone please give me an example of what they use it for? All my music is in Google Music, all my pictures are in Picasa web albums/Googe+, and beyond those two forms of media I fail to see the practical need for web-based storage for my phone.

    1. I use it for wallpapers, documents, pics, etc. I don’t like those other options you mentioned because it just uploads everything to the cloud. 

      Dropbox is nice because it’s cloud storage AND local storage on my computer for easy access when I need it =)

      1. I see your point, but one major benefit I see with the Picasa/GMusic route (at least for music and photos) is that both have Android apps that act as true media players that also integrate that media with other applications (like Google+), rather than just providing folder-level access that treats media as mere files.

        Still, I just installed it and seems like a great solution for everything BUT my music and photos.

    2. I dump a variety of files to one Dropbox folder and the files are automatically sorted into folders specific to the file. I use Dropbox to control my PC at home from remote locations. I monitor my office remotely, I drop images into a specific Dropbox folder and some of the images (defined by file name) are sent to an image edit program and then emailed.

      Lots can be done with Dropbox

  7. A while back Phandroid featured Minus– Gives you 10 gigs from the start, and for every accepted invitation both you and the person invited get an extra gig. Continue up to 50 gigs– you can pay for more if you want. I use it all the time for sharing music with friends and storing ROMs. Totally free from the start.

  8. @05f5035e76a3cc45d3b8ed983b984a21:disqus @facebook-222403155:disqus @google-a42267bf405f7dada6fe5678270c3cdd:disqus I just downloaded an entire folder to my phone… On accident too. Lol 
    Wasn’t even aware it was a feature not offered before. =p

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