Google Music Blowout Sale – Hottest Tracks and Albums Over 50% Off!


While this isn’t exactly the 10 cent app sale were enjoying a few days ago, Google Music is having a blowout sale of their own, offering up over ten million tracks and/or entire albums from some of the hottest artists in the biz right now, for a little over 50% off. Artists range anywhere from Drake, Jay-Z, to Nirvana and oldies like The Police. Not sure how long these artists will be discounted (limited time offer) so you’d better hurry if you love great music and more importantly, like getting it legally.

[Google Music Blowout Sale]

Chris Chavez
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  1. If only Google music was available in Australia……… :-(

  2. Hells ya!

  3. Pshh legall.. lmao:P

  4. Just want to let you all know that Justin Bieber’s Christmas album is also half-off O_o

  5. Musst be nice to be a americunt.
    Wish they would open it for europa too.

    1. Didn’t “americunt” liberate your asses. This is the thanks we get. I’m sure the next time your ass gets invaded you will want “americunt” to save you “AGAIN”
      Plus “americunt” invented android and apple. Invent your own shit then maybe you’ll get it first……

      1. Another ignorant and brainwashed “americunt” speaking nonsense… Google, dont invest in driver-less cars… invest in brain transplants instead…

        1. Another ungrateful dope. Don’t call us when you get your assess kicked.

          “Driver less cars”. Who the hell wants that?


  6. They do not accept PayPal!!!!   !@#$%^&*(@#$

  7. Just bought two albums

  8. any one know if its drm free?

  9. It should be noted that ALL albums appear to be $4.99 or less and all singles are $0.49 (not just the “hottest” ones).

  10. Time for me to rack up on all the Jay-z albums I’m missing in digital format!

  11. Not ALL albums are $5, like Adele’s 21. There’s a ton of good ones though. Bought 14 and shared them on my Google+ account!

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