NFL Pro 2012 Now Available for Free in the Android Market


Following the launch of the third title in Gameloft’s Modern Combat series, they have launched another new game to the Android market: NFL Pro 2012. It’s an NFL football game adapted to the small (or medium, depending on what device you have) screen for football action on the go. It’s going up against a heavy hitter in Madden but considering that they are offering this game for the low cost of free, I can’t see why you wouldn’t download it and give it a shot at your earliest convenience. Hit the Android market up for the download. [via Android Central]

Quentyn Kennemer
The "Google Phone" sounded too awesome to pass up, so I bought a G1. The rest is history. And yes, I know my name isn't Wilson.

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  1. It’s great and terrible at the same time.  Gameplay is great, better than madden.  BUT…  the stupid in game credit system completely Ruins it… uninstalled.

    1. elaborate some…in game credit system?

      wish i was able to get madden 2012 installed back when vzw gave it away for free some weekend a month or so ago.

      1. yeah you need to earn credits in game by playing, or you can spend $1000000000 buying them.  The credits are used to unlock plays and stuff. 

        Probably easier to test it out for yourself but to sum it up, you can’t just start it up and play a game like you can in Madden….

        pretty annoying IMO.

        1. yep. thx. won’t even bother with it now

  2. Is it just for tablets or something? I tried to get it for my Rezound and it says my device isn’t compatible.

    1. no, works with my Galaxy Nexus

  3. Device not compatible what!?!?’?!/

    G tab w/vegan7.1

  4. works on my OGTab 7″, but the in game credit system is lame as can be.

  5. Its not terrible, running OK on my Evo. The credit system is annoying having to buy plays but its a lot of game for free IMO.

  6. Come on Phandroid, you can do better than “they are offering this game for the low cost of free” when it’s NOT. It uses an in-game credit system that you have to PAY real money to BUY.

  7. I really hate the in game credit system smh… I’ll give it a try tho

  8. Can’t stand freemium apps. Either charge a flat fee up front or have ads. Don’t nickel and dime me, that really makes me mad. I have no problem with having people pay in-app for upgrades or cheats, but don’t make people pay for what is essential to play the game.

  9. not compatible on my razr or my gtab 8.9.  Really???

  10. Did anyone actually expect a Gameloft game that didn’t hose you somehow?

  11. change build prop can play on anything have on streak 7 and Acer a100. hate the in app buying so i dont i just use the free plays wish they would just sell me the damn game for 5 it plays better then madden 

  12. This game is wonderful. You do not have to buy credits to unlock plays. You earn credits by playing. Plus locked plays types are accessible by audible

  13. I uninstalled this because every couple of days, it sends a notification to my phone.  It’s like it’s nagging me to play the game.  I got annoyed and got rid of it.  I cannot stand apps that periodically sends notifications to your phone even when you are not actually playing the game.  It’s not as bad as Airpush/Leadbolt ads, but it is still annoying.  I was going to try this game out more, but the annoying notifications just turned me off so much.  Do you really think that nagging me every couple of days is going to make me like this game more and pay you money?  

    If you don’t want to game developers from spamming your notification bar with crap, do not bother to even download this game.

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