DROID 4 Makes Quick Apperance on DROID Does Site?


Rumor has it that the Motorola DROID 4 – an LTE-enabled entry into the original keyboard-laden DROID series – will be headed our way December 22nd. As we know, Verizon doesn’t usually announce sequels to existing series too far ahead of time so that December 22nd date could hold up.

We won’t know for sure until official word comes, but we at least know Verizon is preparing to launch their marketing campaign for the device. A source of PocketNow’s reportedly spotted traces of the DROID 4 on the DroidDoes site, though going to the URL just brings up the devices that are already out.

Verizon could be gearing up for a quick press release today or tomorrow for a launch on Thursday but we won’t assume as much. All we know is that this is sure to be the DROID some of you certainly have been looking for thanks to the series finally getting LTE radios.

Quentyn Kennemer
The "Google Phone" sounded too awesome to pass up, so I bought a G1. The rest is history. And yes, I know my name isn't Wilson.

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  1. hmm….this or nexus?  I still miss the gamegripper since switching to the DX from my OG

    1. Nexus…no contest.  Go to your local Verizon store and play with a RAZR and a Nexus.  The RAZR is basically what you’re going to get from the Droid 4 except for the hardware keyboard.  I’m pretty confident you will like the Nexus WAY more.

      1. The Nexus has the same awful radio baseband as the Droid Charge, and it’s already experiencing complaints of poor reception. Stay away if you value your phone as a communication device.

        1. My droid charge has never had reception issues. Plus with the Official GB update, 4G battery life is even better.

        2. So did you return your Galaxy Nexus because of all those issues? Oh wait you’ve never even owned one have you? Stop trolling the comments regurgitating what you read on some blog. I’ve had absolutely no issues with reception. I get a consistent 4 bars almost everywhere I go. Stop acting like you’re some sort of expert on something you’ve never even used.

    2. Ya, I keep an old D2 around just to play my emulators on. Some people just don’t get it. “Physical keyboards are sooo 2007, they’re outmoded ideas! It’s a Nexus! It’s a Google Experience phone! You get updates from Google! It’ll cure cancer! It’ll cuddle with your girlfriend after sex when you really just want to go eat and play video games! It must be the most awesome thing ever in history because it’s Google’s phone! (it’s more Samsung’s than Google’s, – it just gets updates from Google, which is good, because it’s funny how quickly people forget the US-Samsungs update track-record). “This phone is 1337, pwns all and everything else is sux0r!”… and other stupid shit like that.
      What I’d love to see (although I have a better chance of winning every lottery in the US for a month), is the Droid 4 release with plain (vanilla, chocolate – whatever they’re calling it this week) ICS or even stock GB, and a non-encrypted, easily unlockable bootloader.  In short, a phone that would make it’s great-grandfather, the OG Droid, proud and give some meaning back to the Droid name which used to be synonymous with ‘awesome’ is now synonymous with ‘blur and bloat’. I would love to see a stock-android Motorola-built slider – like the OG was. Say whatever you want, the build quality of Motorola is better than Samsung’s – I’ve owned both, and it isn’t just a metal vs. plastic thing.. Although, to be fair, this non-removable battery thing, or removable-with-the-stupid-circular-tool-thing, is pissing me off.

      1. I’d love to see Motorola do as you suggest – give us a stock ICS phone, but I’m not optimistic, at least not at this point.  I’m still hoping Google can influence Motorola (they don’t have to mandate – since it seems so obvious it is in Motorola’s interest also) and basically encourage more stock ICS phones that will be updated almost concurrently with the Nexus phones.  

        I declined the most recent Nexus after waiting for what seems like forever.  I might look at the Droid 4 – if the keyboard implementation is flawless, I might go back to a keyboard phone.  But having no removable battery is a drag and having a Blur interface would be a huge drag.  We’ll see.

        1. Agreed 100%. While I’d love to see a TRUE successor to the Droid, I don’t see it happening. I also agree with the non-removable/special-tool-to-remove-batteries in that it is an incredibly stupid idea. One of the (many) very cool things about the OGD was the removable battery. I usually keep at least one, if not two spare batteries, with me for ANY Android phone that I’ve owned. I know people say silly things like “I play my (enter phone here) constantly for 16 hours and surf the web, and I still have 30% left” (more commonly known as grade-A bullshit) I could even ignore the blur, since it’s easily skinned-over (Go Launcher, ADW, etc.) but it’s still on the phone. Of course, rooting takes care of that, but OEM UIs should be completely uninstallable, and not affect updates.
           As you mentioned, a Moto phone not far behind the Nexus line in updates (which, unfortunately, aside from the Google-direct updates, the Nexus line really has no real advantage over any other phone). The OG was upgraded pretty quickly, 2.0-2.0.1-2.1-2.2…
           I remember flashing new ROMS almost daily because of the massive dev community support, ease of rooting, and virtual unbrickability. I’d love to see it on a Moto phone again, but I’m not holding my breath. Time will tell, as always.
           Even a compromise, like the Atrix – root your phone, but void your warranty knowing that they know you’ve rooted it. I have zero problem with this, but Moto seems hell-bent on making things difficult for the dev community. Bastards.

  2. Looks hot.

  3. im going with this, love a keyboard makes texting and typing so much easier at times, though i will miss ics rom on my phone =[ but that is all good with droid 4 being globally compatible and lte sounds good to me. 

    1. I’ve heard rumors that the D4 won’t be global.

  4. someone said it has a hardwired battery, any knowledge of this?

    1. It has a non-removable battery just like the Motorola Razr.

      1. …. almost perfect

  5. wish they waited for this or had all this in the 3 so i wouldnt wanna cancel my contract just to get the new version, should be yearly not biyearly hurts for those of us that just got the D3, now between this 4 and the Nexus, i may take the termination hit, just dont want to lose my unlimited data errrrr

    1. That’s why I patiently waited.  I was eligible for an upgrade back in January, but none of Verizon’s phones were “the one”.  I new something that had everything I wanted in a phone would come out eventually.  Now I lay in bed at night and sing R & B love songs to my Galaxy Nexus.  :P

  6. U can’t wait for google, Moto deal to get cleared hopefully we will see less phones but better phones

    1. I agree. I’ve said it here before. I think the barrage of all these crappy, ill-designed Moto phones and tablets coming out recently is away for the company to flush their slate clean as Google takes over. 

  7. android 2.3? really?
    and like we know motorola its pretty much having a locked bootloader in the EU?

    exactly the device one would want to buy! NOT!

    1. android 2.3? really?”

      I was literally going to say the exact same thing.  There’s no excuse for releasing high end phones with older versions of Android.  So annoying!  

      1. So then dont buy the phone! Wish you people stop wining about stupid little stuff! Its a dam phone!

        1. i was going to say the exact same thing!

          i understand wanting a phone,but i can’t stand people who cry over phones! (“why is the galaxy nexus taking so long!! i hate verizon!! i hate samsung!! im cancelling my contract!!”)

          1. so “exactly the phone one wouldn’t want to buy” is an  proclamation that i will buy this phone tomorrow?

             yeah.. right
            fucking trolls

          2. you’re anger only proves the point

        2. If you asshats don’t want to discuss Android devices, get the hell off Phandroid!

          1. theres a line between “discussing” and “crying like a 5 year old”

            a lot of people here are too busy doing the latter to do the former

  8. verizon really should release droid phones quicker. the lag time between droid phones is just way too long

    1. WOW here you go again, negative nancy……

  9. What good is it to have awesome down speeds with Verizon if you cant really use it all with a limited data plan?  Is this for  browsing purposes only?  Just wondering because I might need an excuse to jump over to Verizon from Sprint.

  10. Why isn’t there a removable battery? I would have bought it but chose to go with the nexus instead. No removable battery =useless phone= iphone

  11. Why isn’t there a removable battery? I would have bought it but chose to go with the nexus instead. No removable battery =useless phone= iphone

  12. I played around at my local verizon store, Google Talk Video chatting between a Nexus and a RAZR…  Then I left them running for about 2 hours and came back.. Still video chatting.  Now, I am going to LOL at Verizons bill.

  13. How do you hard-reset if the battery can’t be pulled out?

    1. hold the power button for an a few seconds… thats how the kindle is and i’m pretty sure the razr is too

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