Happy Holidroid Contest: Winner For Tuesday, December 20th Decided By You [Poll]


You may have seen our Happy Holidroid contest that was posted only a few hours ago where the challenge had you guys searching for a hidden image, located in a random post. To us, here at Phandroid, the rules seemed pretty cut and dry but like most things in life — they were anything but. We began to notice more than a few comments confused as to who the actual winner was based on the answers that were given. Here’s our dilemma:

  • Even though it wasn’t stated in the rules for the day that he couldn’t, Superchunk posted the entire article. The issue? Well, it’s very easy for someone to make a script to cheat (not saying he did – in fact, we’re almost positive he didn’t) and it’s one of the reasons why we had the rules we did to begin with.
  • Libepego posted what was asked in the rules but he also included a little “extra” (like Superchunk) by including the image. Something that also wasn’t asked for.
  • Vithi posted exactly what was asked for in the rules — nothing more, nothing less.

Another issue — if including “too much” information is considered acceptable, what happens when a Christmas miracle takes place where both Superchunk and Libepego answered at the exact same time? Sounds crazy, I know but it’s true. They actually tied.

Because we, at Phandroid, want to be as fair as humanly possible, we’re actually going to place the final ruling in your hands — acting as a jury of their peers. Superchunk, Libepego and Vithi’s ultimate fate will be decided by you. Who soever has received the most votes by 9:00AM (ET) tomorrow morning will be declared our official winner and gets to have their wildest Android dreams come true. Because this was a such a close contest, the other two runner ups will each get a $25 Amazon gift certificate.

So, tell us Phandroids, who do you think was the true winner for today’s Happy Holidroid contest?

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Chris Chavez
I've been obsessed with consumer technology for about as long as I can remember, be it video games, photography, or mobile devices. If you can plug it in, I have to own it. Preparing for the day when Android finally becomes self-aware and I get to welcome our new robot overlords.

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  1. Easy, me just kidding I say. The 2nd b/c its harder to do that plus he included and image but what the first one did was not against the rules so I say…. 1st

  2. hmm, this is a very hard decision.. I think to avoid these “ties” and “rules confusion”, phandroid should do away with these types of competitions and use skills or some sort of brain power trivia to be a true winner. Many people cant sit by their computer and press f5 all day.. well, that is my 2 cents if it matters at all

    1. I’m trying to get a challenge done where the person with the highest score in an Android game of my choosing WINS :D

      1. that is better Chris, because people can create multiple accounts and vote more. Its not fair, not fair at all this voting thing, and last time in the contest Dodos won and he posted the timestamp, author, two sentences and the picture (but the picture didnt come out, instead it came out a message that said what is in here its not important) … so base on that the winner was libepego. You should make a challenge, or at least something better than this to decide the winner :/

      2. Chris Chavez this its beyong bad… i mean people can create multiple accounts when voting, or post in on fb and tell people who dont even care about the forum or this android page can vote. Its not about who we think won, i would say i won, superchunk says its him an vithi is nowhere to be found :/, so whoever has more fb friends wins? is that it? :'( what is this????? Pls come up with a better solution. Pls! Sudden death or something, a challenge for us 3 alone, this does not make sense :/ 

        1. live sumo suit wrestling match?

        2. Three way sudden death:

        3. I’ll admit I voted for myself, but I’m not recruiting anyone else to vote for me.  I hope the others don’t either.

          Honestly, I was pretty sure the first guy would get disqualified and the second guy would get it, but it certainly took more time to separate the sentence before and the sentence after.

          I don’t know who I would choose as an impartial judge.  Tough one.  Hope I win, though.

          Oh, I’m vithi, btw.

        4. Just don’t count votes from accounts created after the post.

      3. I still think it’s unfair… When you made the last contest of the secret image the winner did put the tittle, timestamp, author, the two sentences before and after the image and he included what was in the image he put “What is
        in here its not important” , everything is in his post and still he won. I did exactly what he did.

        1. …and he including extra content is no different than what I did.

          1. I only put what they asked and the image was part of what we we’re looking for…

          2. I don’t see any difference. Had it stated only this or that, I would have done only this or that. But it just said to post things things including the sentences. So I copied it all so I couldn’t possibly miss the sentence beg/end.

            However, read below on a good example of how we could of tied. Maybe we should be asking for a split in all fairness.

      4. yea… now your talking Chris! I would love to see a android game competition! save the good prizes (samsung galaxy nexus if their are any left) for the hardest challenges!

  3. Yall could just give it to me and solve your problems.

  4. When will the judging for the Holidroid video contest be done? We’ve been waiting for 3 days…

    1. We’ve been watching the videos for 3 days straight. 600, 2 minute videos is a lot to go through.. =p

      1. There were only 18 videos. Where did the other 582 come from?

        1. Video responses on YouTube don’t automatically get posted. We have to screen and approve each one individually. =)

      2. Chris there are only 19 videos on the video response i saw it today. Counting one guy that had some troubles and had to upload again today cause his video was banned from youtube, so he ask if he could post again and they gave him green light to do so, because he had posted on december 16. SO 19 videos, where are the 600 you are talking about o_______________o

        1. I’m hoping they didn’t get some other contest entries confused with this one
          It’ll be a longer wait.. :(

        2. When someone posts a video response to another video, it doesn’t automatically get posted. Otherwise I’d hit up Justin Bieber’s videos and become famous. 

          The majority sit in our inbox and we have to approve each one individually (after watching them of course). 
          Can’t having someone post a some video bashing our site. Lol =p

          1. Hey Chris i posted on december 16 my video (the one with the smart bear) on a video response on youtube. It got removed today by youtube do to copyright violation, i re-upload it and it got removed away again, i re-upload it a third time with a different song and now they didnt remove it. I put it on december 16 but when it got removed today and i re-upload it it says december 20… i pasted a link on the description that take you to the video challenge post you guys put up that day because i put a link with the video in there as well the post should say 4 days ago by now, so you can see that i posted it on time. If you click the link you are going to get that this video was remove but it wasnt my fault, and that is why i re-upload it. Am i still participating? it is a pretty good video and i posted on time, respond to this when you have the time. And thank Chris.

  5. i voted for superchunk because i see it first but we will see how it ends.


    make the both ppl who had the tie and decide on what they get.
    one of them gets the sony and the other gets the rest. or just come up with an agreement. this will be even better

  6. I say an epic battle of rock, paper, scissors to the death is in order.

  7. Superchunk is going to be pissed lol. (I voted for you, even though I think you went against the spirit of the rules).

  8. I vote for Vithi.  Answer to the point.  Nothing more, Nothing less. As simple a sthat.

  9. It would be even easier to write a script to rig these results. lol

  10. I don’t understand why this is even being questioned. I included everything required.

  11. I think both Superchunk and Libepego should win, and there’s one less day of the contest if necessary.

    1. where’s that dislike button..  lol sorry

      spreading out runner ups across multiple days really isn’t the way to go.  we just need to determine the winner for today, and move on to new contests each day, all with 10 pages of rules in hopes this doesn’t happen again :)

  12. Superchunk followed the rules and he shows up first in the thread. He wins.

    You guys let the guy win with a cheater script for the ‘elephant man/peanuts’ secret phrase contest, so why are you being so anal now?

    1. So we get bashed when we weren’t anal, now we’re getting bashed because we’re being anal now but weren’t before?

      1. But, I didn’t break any rules. I didn’t cheat in any way. I included everything that was requested. I don’t understand why this is even being questioned….

        Now you’re just going to get definite cheating as one of those two get thousands of buddies to come here and vote.

        Its not fair. If I were them I wouldn’t do this. I’d just say congrats. Just like I’ve done on every other contest I’ve lost.

      2. I’m criticizing the inconsistency. Based on how you guys handled the other contest, Superchunk should be the winner.

      3. Don’t worry I still love you guys <3 :)

        The problem is your guy's rules wasn't specific enough. SuperChunk Technically won…

        1. Our rules could never be specific enough. For instance, when I posted the contest the other day and said, “first to answer correctly, wins.”

          There was someone who literally answered with “correctly.” Technically, he should have won. But he didn’t. Cuz I knew what I meant and I made the rules =p

          Its just seriously upsetting that we’re bending over backwards here to give people tons — TONS of free stuff but we’re haggled on every. single. contest. post. =/

          1. Haha! That’s epic. Well then, go with who you guys thought won. :)

          2. There is a drastic logical difference in saying “correctly” as compared to me copying the whole article. I still had to continuously read the site. I still had to open the article and look for the pic. I still had to highlight the article and copy it. I still had to go to the original holiday post to access the forum. I still had to open the forum page and go to the end. I still had to paste and then press post.

            I did everything as requested. I am feeling really cheated right now which is why I’m posting so much.

            I think the other two should bow out. This isn’t fair in any fashion.

          3. Apparently you and the second person to post behind you tied, so in terms of a vote, it would go either to the community or to the judges, and I think they’d choose the other guy.

            You’re looking at this contest wrong if you feel cheated…

          4. @facebook-100001151887665:disqus I was the first… I don’t understand your comment. 

          5. Hey Chris, don’t sweat it. 

            People are going to get upset… and usually those that are upset are the vocal minority. 

            The rest of us are thrilled to be a part of Phandroid, taking part in a fun contest every day, and enjoying the friendly competition.  It was, and is, a great idea, and a complete win for all.

            You guys are all AWESOME and clearly dedicated to this community, so to you I say kudos… well-done… and thanks for being my daily addiction for the past two years!

            Keep the good stuff coming! :)

            *Edit: You personally are not my daily addiction. That would be a lil creepy. Phandroid in general. Ha

  13. Also, this is FAR easier to game than your contest. All anyone has to do is get a bunch of friends family facebook forums etc to vote for them.

    I did nothing wrong and I am really upset that this is even put to a vote.

    1. The rules were clearly stated. It’s much easier and less time consuing to copy and paste an entire post than copy and paste two separate sections like the rules stated. I feel Vithi won hands down. No vote needed.

      1. I FOLLOWED the rules! I “included” everything that was requested. I was the fastest. 

        Hell, everyone at least has “author” and that’s not requested. This is just silly… I can’t believe anyone is being so literal.

        The point of adding the sentences was to make sure people actually opened the article and looked for the picture. Because the first similar contest was so messed up by others.

        Me copying the whole article to get all the info is NOT cheating.

        1. Lol, author is included in the Title & Time Stamp… Saying it isn’t is being literal, what you’re accusing others of doing.

          Vithi did everything exactly as asked. Even if he didn’t include the author you would argue you were fastest.

          1. Really? “Author” is included in “title & time stamp”? Funny, I only see “title” and “time stamp” in “title & time stamp.”

          2. You are hilarious. Accept the fact Vithi won and move along.

          3. I would do exactly that if today were tomorrow, which is Opposite Day, but it’s not, so I won’t.

          4. Whoever wins, I think Superchunk gets the poor sportsmanship award. No offense, but you sound very  bitter. Nobody is accusing you of cheating. You just didn’t follow the rules. At a minimum, you’re getting $25 to Amazon, so cheer up. 

          5. How am I having poor sportsmanship. I won. I did everything that was stated in the rules. I am being cheated right now as this vote isn’t fair in anyway.

            I copied the whole article… so? I knew that copying the article would get all the info. That’s not cheating.

            My author comment was showing that even being literal, pretty much anyone who had the right info… still had extra.

    2. I think you’re forgetting that you AND Libepego both posted at the exact same second. According to your logic (which should actually be Phandroid’s logic) — you guys tied. 

      In which case this moves to sudden death and you’ll have to mud wrestle to see who comes out on top..

      1. If why were the exact same second then why does the forum show my name first. To a computer, my post was first… even if it goes down to less than a second.

        … and if you really want to say we tied fine, though I disagree and would say the same if I were second, split the prize. All I want is a galaxy nexus or that sony tablet.

      2. There’s no such thing as a tie. The boards posted Superchunk’s first for a reason. I mean, if two sprinters are racing at the Olympics and one gets a time of 4:03.0024 and the other gets 4:03.0025, it’s not a tie. The RSS timestamp you guys are reading probably doesn’t expand far enough to see the difference, but it’s there.

        1. true, and if it really was a tie, then ASCII would likely be next priority.  if that was true, libepego would have been listed first.

        2. That is not true, its more like the objective is to run a marathon and the first person to drop a plinko chip wins, but you only record when the chip landed not when it dropped.

      3. maybe you could ask all three if they would accept the terms of dividing the prizes, Highest Vote % get’s 1st choice of prizes (tablet S), 2nd get’s 2nd choice (kindle fire). 3rd get’s the remainder items plus the two gift cards.  That might go over better.

        To SuperChunk, Libepego, and Vithi,
        what do you think of this idea?

    3. I am so angry at your response I had to reply. You should be thankful for not being imediately disqualified and having the opportunity to be given a second chance by being in this public poll vote.

      Copying and pasting an entire post takes MUCH LESS time than actually individualy going back and forth copying and pasting the Title, time, before and after sentences one by one.

      You also didn’t follow the directions. I think there should have not even been a poll vote. Vithi was clearly the winner.

      Thanks Phandroid for this contest. I keep playing but keep losing, but it’s ok, It’s been fun so far!

  14. Rules are rules. The only one to follow them exactley was Vithi…so thats my vote. To all three though congrats. At least you will be winning something.

    Thanks to phandroid for trying to make these contest as fair as posible. :-)

    1. Not true, He didn’t follow it either if the other two also didn’t follow it. He included the author of the article.

      1. Okay I guess I understand that but if that’s the case then none of the 3 contestants should win. It should be the first one to follow the directions exactly but out of the 3 contestants that I’m given the one who followed the directions the closest is my choice.

    2. No, he included extra information, too. (name of the author)

  15. I voted for Superchunk because the contest rules did not say ONLY the time stamp, sentence before, and sentence after. The rules clearly just said those things had to be included in the post. I responded with all the text of the page myself and if I would have been first, I would have expected to win. If there may have been a tie but the first person who the system let through was Superchunk.

    1. If I were superchunk, I would be upset.  I don’t like that he posted the whole article, but I don’t think he “broke” the rules.

      “Visit this thread on and
      let us know the title and timestamp of the post containing the secret
      image as a reply. Include the sentence immediately preceding the image
      and the sentence immediately following it in your post on Android

      Let us know the title and the timestamp… check.
      Include the sentence immediately preceding the image… check
      … and the sentence immediately following it… check

      And regarding someone writing a script to post the reply, if someone has the skill set and time do do that, +1 for ingenuity.  This is a technical forum after all, isn’t it?

  16. I think its pretty clear cut. The poster who followed the rules wins. Plain and simple and noon can argue it wasn’t fair.

  17. This guy, KhaOz, should win because he was the first actual Forum user that posted the correct info.  Your three choices above are here for the contests only and most likely will disappear as soon as the last giveaway goes down.

    KhaOz actually has participated on the Forums beyond posting in ONLY Holidroid threads.

    1. My account has been around since October 2010. I visit the site all the time, just not an active forum member.

    2. That shouldn’t matter at all. I have followed Phandroid since their very beginning. I peruse the Forum all the time but never had a reason to post anything until the holidroid contest. Just because you are “active” in the forum doesn’t mean you have any more dedication to Phandroid or android products. It means you like to chat in forums. That’s only a tiny part of this site so it’s irrelevant. Chance are, I’ve been a Phandroid follower longer than you, and I purchased a G1 the 1st day it was released, but that doesn’t mean I have any more right to win anything.

  18. These contest are going to make a lot of people happy, but it seems its also gonna piss a lot of people off.

  19. Vithi wins. It has nothing to do with cheating. Rather, it’s about following instructions. Vithi most closely followed the rules and deserves the win. 

    1. Nope. If you want to follow the super anal version of the rules, then this guy won:

      1. No, He included the author which was not asked for.

  20. What is this? :( i thought i won, why are we voting. :/ and vithi is winning he was the lowest of the three of us to post :///  

    Chris what is this? Please come up with a better solution to this problem :S

  21. Who’s the nicest?  Or who wears more v-necks?  Give it to him.

    1. Who wears the DEEPEST v-necks….. That would be my deciding factor xD

      1. Chris your clearly taking this as a joke, but to this 3 people its not a joke. Cant you be a little more serious about your work and make up a better solution for this problem. There are a lot of people saying you can easily alter the results of the vote because you can vote for yourself more than one time with different accounts and whatnot. This is just a poor way to resolve this conflict. So maybe you should delete this post and come up with a better solution, a more Chris like solution? Come on, you know this is a bogus way and a lazy way to end this contest because it is not fair. Do something else so we don’t lose hope and believe in the people that administer and keep us entertain and up to date with their daily posts.

        1. But it’s ultimately not my decision. Never was. I am but one man, in a team of people, who contribute to Phandroid of which Rob is in charge. It’s like the senate or house or representatives =p 
          And the poll only allows one IP. Voting was never my idea to begin with. I see this as cut and dry — whoever followed OUR rules, as interpreted by US, should win — plain and simple. But my hands are tied. 
          I just like to see good, deserving, fair people get their desserts. =)

      2. I agree with Chris, this is how they should be decided:

  22. i vote for first guy.  Imagine if u were first, and then it goes for a vote, would feel bad. just saying, good luck!

  23. I don’t think any of the three should win if you follow the rules as written. Even Vithi posted too much info by including the author.  The first person to truely post per the rules was dnthomps.

  24. I’m exomatrix and I sat in front of my computer and waited… Then I copied and pasted the link… I don’t know how to script so why did I get skipped for the poll?

    1. the rules said you had to copy the timestamp, article title, and the sentence before and after the picture. Not the link.

      1. Yea I see that now… I feel really stupid now… I waited for so long to copy the link please forget I ever commented

  25. I say the third person should win. Superchunk’s argument is like someone saying, Get me the apple on the top of the tree, and Superchunk cutting the tree down and saying, You can get it now.

    Exactness wins, IMO.

    1. It worked for Captain America

  26. I have the solution: Cut the baby in three pieces. 

  27. do a random draw of everyone thar got it right, easiest thing to do.

    1. I think this is the best option. Especially since there is no clear-cut winner. It’s what’s I’d do. Throw everyone who answered correctly in the entire thread and throw them in a hat. That way no one can be a hater based on how it is chosen.

  28. Disney Updates Where’s My Water with 20 New Levels, Launches Free Version
    December 20th, 2011 at 6:01 pm

    “Stretched Thin” features 20 new levels of challenging gameplay, in addition to new collectibles.
    Since launching on the App Store on September 22, “Where’s My Water?”
    has become a favorite amongst critics and gamers alike, reaching the No.
    1 spot on the App Store in 30 different countries and maintaining a
    5-star App Store rating.If you want to be specific.  The closest to the above should be the winner =). 

  29. Why is there even a vote?

    Just give it to the guy who followed the rules.

  30. I think we all win if there aren’t any more hit f5 all day, skim through all the posts without reading them, and hurry up and copy paste.

    Thank you for the contests, but it does not give all of your readers a fair chance (using an RSS reader the contest is over before the feed pops up) and I think today’s results (or lack of) illustrates this.

    Give all three of them the prize…they’re obviously dedicated to refreshing Phandroid all afternoon and evening.  Isn’t that the type of reader this contest is attracting?

  31. Hey @Gamercore:disqus , why not let them all be winners and share the prizes!! Surely they would have a blast sharing a Kindle, and sharing the smarttouch gloves LOL! Just kidding. But I really I think you should let them all be tied and each win the prize package for their own. You can afford two extra Kindles, gloves, Seido vouchers, T-shirts, etc.? No?

    1. Weird I typed in Chris Chavez but it came up as your other username hmm

      1. Kinda cool. O_o

        Anyway, I think it would be difficult on all 3 of them agreeing on who gets what and not only that, it’s time consuming. It’s tough trying to stay on top of the contest everyday, contacting winners, writing up articles, shipping out boxes full of merch.
        These contests are supposed to be easy. Rules. BOOM. Winner. BOOM. Next contest. BOOM. I guess nothing in life is simple. Not even giving away stuffs =p

  32. Im not ragging on u guys, I’m really not because what you are doing is seriously cool, but maybe going forward u might just consider doing a random drawing every day. It would avoid things like this, and give everyone a relatively equal chance to win.

    Just a thought. And thanks for doing the contests in the first place.

    1. I like random. It’s fair. Enough. 

      But random is also boring… =p 

  33. they should have done a different way.
    people can easily vote for themselves over and over

    1. It’s blocked by IP.. O_o

      1. i voted for all 3. lol
        i just vote and then i close firefox and it let me vote again and it counted.

        1. You doin’ some kinda black magic over there? O_o

      2. It requires no login… anyone in the entire web can vote here. So this really becomes a contest of who can advertise better.

        I refuse to do it and the other two have said the same. I hope that’s the case, but, the internet is what it is.

  34. @Gamercore:disqus – Phandroid needs to take a page out of’s contest playbook. They do them right. I can’t believe how many great prizes you guys have here to give away, however the contests put forth each day are ridiculous (particularly the speed related ones).

  35. The only possible way the first two guys posted at the “exact same time” (down to the second) is if they cheated somehow. I think its impossible for both of them to have clicked “post” at the same time, given time differences and internet speeds for it to match up so perfectly. I simply dont believe either of them are legit. I may be wrong but my vote is cast.

    1. Lets play the theoretical game…person “A” hits POST at 6:01.00pm with a 50ms ping and person “B” hits POST at 6:01.02pm with a 30ms ping and that would be how it may have happened…they didn’t have to hit post at the same time for it to register in the server at the time .

      1. Then maybe we could discuss a split between us.

        1. I’m only stating that it is possible to have a tie…as for how it’s decided is not up to me…although in my opinion, i believe the poll/decision should only be between you (superchunk) and Libepego since you two tied before Vithi posted.

  36. Who won the latest video challenge?

  37. These contest rules need to be more specific. Run a secondary trivia contest just for those 3 participants.

  38. This is going to be a long post, but try to read it, especially Phandroid staff.

    Well, first of all, I will definitely NOT be voting, because I believe it’s the wrong method in handling this situation.

    Chris, this is not the way to go about choosing the winners. It’s stated clearly in the rules that Phandroid has the final say in who wins or doesn’t (interpreted from the Holidroid rules posted on November 24th, “Phandroid will select and identify winners at our sole discretion”), so leaving it up to a vote is in pretty bad taste. It’s okay to ask for advice from readers, which is something that I believe any news site should take advantage of, but the final decision should be up to you.

    Now, regarding my advice on the matter; following the rules to the letter, SuperChunk would be the winner, and that is based purely on technicality. Nowhere in the rules for today’s contest does it state that he couldn’t post the whole article. However, he is definitely trying to win on a technicality.

    His posting the entire article is definitely against the spirit of the rules and the contest, regardless of what he was thinking when he posted. Almost every entry in today’s contest, and in the other contests similar to today’s included only information relevant to what was asked (title, time-stamp, preceding sentence, and following sentence).***

    So, for SuperChunk to argue that he is the winner, his argument is clearly based on a technicality and not within the spirit of the contest, as an OVERWHELMINGLY majority of entries display. Personally, I don’t like nor do I agree with his attitude and opinion regarding the outcome of today’s contest. I’m sure other people agree with me, and I’m sure other people disagree with me.

    But the most important thing is that the decision should NOT be up to us. It may not be an easy decision, and someone WILL be upset with the result one way or another, but it should be Phandroid making the decision, not a vote. Any other way hurts your integrity.

    TL;DR: Phandroid, get your act together and make your own decision.

    *** Some people argued that some entries also included the author of the article which wasn’t asked for in the rules, but it’s up to Phandroid staff whether they think the rules can be lax in that regard. It’s a very minor detail compared to copying the entire article.

    1. The problem with what you’re saying is that, as Phandroid pointed out, Superchunk and Libepego actually posted at the same time. So, even winning on a technicality isn’t as clear cut as you claim. I voted for vithi simply because he was the 1st one to follow the spirit of the rules (and anyone who claims they didn’t know that that’s what Phandroid wanted probably doesn’t deserve the prize anyways). 

      In the past, Phandroid has chosen the winner that way (when people posted the name of every single article in the 1st to post contest) and it eliminated lots of people who felt they had a valid shot at winning (me included). Fact of the matter is, unfortunately there isn’t a simple way to decide a winner. Phandroid will have people yelling no matter what they decide so in this case, I think they did the right thing by having other people vote. As you stated, it is at their ‘sole discretion’ who wins, so it is also at their sole discretion how the winner is decided. I don’t always agree their choices but in this case, I think it is actually the best thing to do.

  39. I voted based on the information provided…but had I read the thread first, I would have given my vote to vithi, because he’s the only person who is acting like a grown up.

  40. Well since I was rather bizzay today, just flip the goods my way.

  41. Why copy the whole article when its easier and faster to just click the url, copy, paste and wah-la?  

  42. I think everyone that voted should make a comment with just the name they voted for so we can really see who really won the poll. I mean if I was on the poll, I know I could find a “never-ending” supply of proxys to vote as many times as i wanted. Not to mention all I would really have to do is stay ahead a few votes and since we can see how many there are at any point why not win by just a few votes to ease suspicious minds. I love how no one thinks of this stuff beforehand.

    1. Anyone know how many different possible IP addresses there are?…I’m just saying

  43. SuperChunk’s post looks really suspicious with all of the information that he posted in such a short time. 

    libepego included the link and image. 

    vithi came the closest to what was asked so my vote goes for him. 

    However, this is indeed hypocritical of Phandroid to do this Superchunk when they let the guy with the elephant peanuts win despite obviously cheating. I suppose that’s why they making the reader make the decision instead of them. 

    1. I think Phandroid is acting appropriately…it’s like Android…each version improves and adapts on the previous.

  44. I know that a random winner is not the most exciting, but I think it is the way to go.  Then you do not have all the problems that this entire contest has had. 

    By the way are there any galaxy nexuses left to give away?

  45. everyone needs to relax! Give Chris a break! its 1 guy vs 1m people! 

    Before this, Phandroid was a community of tech obsessers and trolls. and now all i see is greedy people trying to win (very, very, nice) prizes on some site they will never check back on again until next year!ultimately, its the Phandroid staff who gets to choose who the winner is, and thats on all the contest! and if you dont like it, SHUT UP AND LEAVE!

    you can vote up top, but who knows whose name we will see tomorrow for the winner on the next Holidroid Contest. thats still up to Chris. :]

  46. What todays contest already started crude I missed it!

  47.  Include the sentence immediately preceding the image and the sentence immediately following it in your post on Android Forums.The first person to find the secret image is the winner.This is my thing the rules are listed above it does not say to post entire article it does not say to post picture it says what it says I think that the two that tied are out they did not follow the rules that were very clear to start with!!!

  48. To stop all of the arguments I will just take the prizes and go on my way :D

  49. I am not voting dont even know what  happened here srry I win my prized tablet somewhere else but Iam determained to win one of um.

  50. oh wait this is tuesdays good I though I missed wednesdays

  51. Why should we decide for you? You’re the ones that chose to make this contest a first come first served free for all. You should have contemplated that sooner or later this would happen.

    1. Thanks, although it’s been silent from Phandroid so far. Not sure what’s going on.

      1. I’m sure the next contest will be up shortly. Its typically a midday thing.

  52. I think today’s contest should have everyone count SuperChunk’s whiny posts (my guess is over 100 by the end of the day).  I’m voting for the third guy because he doesn’t complain and whine like a 3 year old.

    People need to have some gratitude and get over the fact that they are not owed anything in life.  These are gifts that are being given away out of their pockets.  Get over it.  Greed is not a good look, especially at Christmas.

    1. …..and I would have voted for SuperChunk if he hadn’t complained so much.

      1. You’re right. I did come across as a whiner. However, in a few hours time I went from being “OMG I WON $800 OF AWESOME STUFF!!!” to “omg… now I’m going to lose.”

        Kinda disheartening. It is what it is and I did and do congratulate Vithi on the win.

  53. ^5 to Vithi for following the rules to the T sot hat doesn’t need a sobb story to get the rules bent.

  54. Disney Updates Where’s My Water with 20 New Levels, Launches Free Version
    by Kevin Krause on December 20th, 2011 at 6:01 pm
    “Stretched Thin” features 20 new levels of challenging gameplay, in addition to new collectibles.
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    has become a favorite amongst critics and gamers alike, reaching the No.
    1 spot on the App Store in 30 different countries and maintaining a
    5-star App Store rating.

  55. A little late to the party, but what if the 3 “winners” were to have their own private Phandroid contest. We want to think of it as advancing to the final round of a gameshow. Clearly everybody is upset and has their own opinion as to the letter and spirit of the law. I understand that voting could be a fair tool but with the three divergent views and limited sample size and voting time, so many factors are unbalanced. I appreciate that the Phandroid mods are trying to make this outcome as fair as possible (even offering 2nd/3rd place prizes!)  and it does suck that it has to come to nitpickiness.

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