New Google Wallet APK Installable on the Galaxy Nexus without Root


Hesitant about rooting your shiny new Samsung Galaxy Nexus but still reeling from a lack of Google Wallet? No problem. A new APK that brings Wallet to rooted and non-rooted phones alike is making the rounds through the Android developer community. If you do happen to have a rooted Galaxy Nexus running some other form of the NFC payment system, the handset will likely have to be restored to a pre-Wallet state before the new APK can be installed.

Verizon asked Google to withhold Google Wallet from their LTE version of the Galaxy Nexus, citing security concerns that arise from the new technology. This hasn’t stopped many from speculating that Verizon made the move so as not to compete with Isis, a mobile payments system back by the carrier and several others including AT&T. Leave Big Red to fuss over those details. We’re having our cake and eating it, too.

[via XDA | Thanks to those who sent this in!]

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  1. Everyone I know including my self could not get it to work. GSM 

    1. installed perfected on my GSM Galaxy Nexus (yakju built, 4.02, unlocked bootloader, no root, located in NY). tested it at local 7-11 and got myself some gum. 

    2. I used the previous method of flashing the zip on the LTE version and it worked twice but force closed immediately after the payment went through. It does work but it will be nice when I can get it running without the bugs.

    3. Works fine on my GSM model

      Try scanning the QR code from androidpolice:

      Worked perfectly for me, even got the $10 instantly

      1. All I get is unsupported by carrier or device.

        1. Which build of ICS are you on? yakju?

          1. 4.0.3

  2. I wonder if this apk will work on nexus s

  3. Got it to work on my LTE Nexus.  Haven’t tried to actually pay for anything yet with it.  Amazingly there aren’t many of those pay pass readers around Orlando.

    1. try  – you’d see more places than you think. Pretty much every 7-11 in your area.

  4. But is it secure?

    1. Tried it for the first time this morning, 20 minutes ago to be exact. 

      1. you only have 3 ways to pay with G Wallet. A Prepaid card you have to load manually, a citibank Mastercard, or a gift card from specific stores. Unless you attach this to the Citibank card any loss should be pretty limited.  
      2. Your phone’s screen has to be unlocked. 
      3. You must do the transaction within 2 minutes of entering your PIN into google wallet. 
      4. The NFC Chip has an extremely short range. It has to be sitting on top of the reader. Unless you are in a crowd, like a Singapore subway type crowd I don’t think you will have too much to be concerned about. 

      1. I think the bigger concern, when installing this apk, is knowing whether it has been altered to send your CC details to some unknown location.  At least, that’s my biggest concern.

  5. I am not a developer ,so I am confused at how to get Google Wallet on my phone. Can someone please help me out?

    1. Download the attachment (Go to pg. 1  on the thread)  Then, send it to yourself via gmail, save and install by enabling non-market apps, and viola – Google Wallet programmed on your Verizon Galaxy Nexus

    2. Download the APK from this link:

      Then install it like any other 3rd party app like Amazon’s Appstore

  6. A little late on this post.

  7. Worked fine for me Verizon Nexus. Got 10$.
    Already made purchase on 7eleven.

  8. Is there a confirmed safe place to get the google wallet APK? I’m a little hesitant about installing a payments app from a megaupload link that I got on a forum. Also does installing non-Market apps void the warranty on the phone does anyone know? I think rooting does, I don’t know about just installing an app.

    1. apps don’t void warranty no matter what source they’re from. unless they root the phone.

      also, if you install a malicious app that damages your operating system, you could do a system restore.

  9. Man I need a NFC MicroSD card stat!

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