Ice Cream Sandwich AOSP Build Compiled for the Motorola XOOM


Now that Android 4.0.3 is available as part of the Android Open Source Project’s codebase, you can expect to see a lot of effort from the developer community to get Ice Cream Sandwich ported to new devices. An easy place to start is the Motorola XOOM. The world’s first Honeycomb tablet received its own custom-tailored AOSP build from Google, so getting it up and running was mostly a matter of compiling the code and flashing over the new software. The guys at DroidNerd did just that and posted the results up to their YouTube page. They call the updated OS “crazy fast” on the XOOM, making it feel “new again.” With all this fresh source code floating around, we are expecting many opportunities to make Android devices feel new again will be popping up over the coming weeks.

[via DroidNerd]

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  1. So why hasn’t verizon/motorola gotten this started yet?

    1. give them time. they just got done holding back the G-Nex.

      they can only screw over so many customers with products & updates at a time.

  2. can’t wait to see it on my TP

  3. Wow! It’s faster and smoother! Can’t wait to get my xoom updated.

  4. I started jumping through but has anyone seen how it redraws widgets when the tablet is rotated.  That is really the only instance of lag on my TF1.  It redraws them and then it takes a second for everything to populate and it to be smooth again.

  5. yeah

  6. gyahhh…. of all the days for me to forget my xoom at home, i choose today. stuck at work now, pondering diving into ICS.

  7. I thought that they couldn’t do Tegra 2 devices until the drivers were released. Does it have hardware acceleration?

  8. It runs AWESOME on my Xoom, even better then it ran overclocked to 1.5.

  9. It is fast and smooth. Still features yet to come while waiting for drivers. But bodes well for ICS on tablets and general xoom usability.

  10. Dude, I NEEDZ me an ICS tablet!!

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