Happy Holidroid Contest: Monday Trivia Challenge – First To Answer Correctly, Wins!


If you’re unsure what this whole “Holidroid Contest” thing is all about, be prepared to get excited. From November 24th through December 25th, Phandroid is giving away a Kindle Fire every single day along with other great prizes like the Galaxy Nexus Galaxy Tabs, JAMBOX, SmarTouch Gloves, Android Phones, Android T-Shirts, Seidio Vouchers and more. Read our announcement post for details.

Yesterday’s Winner

Yesterday’s winner a lucky reader Ashley Bair who was picked randomly after being asked which Android phone they would want to be “stuck with” for their rest of their life. Congratulations, Ashley! For the rest of you, don’t worry because we have yet another contest today. Let’s see what’s up for grabs this time around:

Amazon Kindle Fire

The Kindle Fire could be this holiday’s hottest product: at only $199 it’s not only one of the most  affordable Android tablets, it’s also one of the best. That’s a killer combination. With a beautiful UI, great battery life, carefully curated apps/games, and an amazing array of media options thanks to Amazon’s Digital Content Ecosystem… the Kindle Fire is a sure win. Good luck winning one in our contest, but at only $199 it’s probably worth buying one just in case!

Isotoner SmarTouch Gloves

Every single holiday season these SmarTouch smartphone gloves are consistently one of my favorite gift giving items. They eloquently solve one of the most fundamental problems a tech lover faces: using your device in cold weather. Wearing gloves usually prevents your touchscreen from working: take your phone out, take your glove off, use your phone, hand gets gold, shove phone in pocket, rush to get glove on. NO MORE! Isotoner’s SmarTouch gloves, designed in my colors and sizes for both men and women, has technology that passes the electrons your body gives off, through the gloves, onto the capacitive screen and allowing it to work. VOILA! Seriously. It works. Trust me. Try it… and you’ll love them forever.

Seidio $30 Voucher

With so much smartphone use comes battery drain. Thankfully, Seidio makes some awesome extended batteries that fit many smartphones, allowing you to get longer battery life with the same device. No more toting around a charger everywhere you go: just snag a Seidio and call it a day! Seidio also makes cases, holsters, and other great accessories for your smartphones.Check them all out here.


Andy Robot T-Shirt

True Android enthusiasts and tech lovers enjoy expressing their Android attitude and there is no better way to do so then with an Android Robot T-Shirt from the brilliant folks at iSteamAndy. They’ve created a series of artistic, creative Android Robot themed T-shirts with fun, rich imagery. They sell like hotcakes and have limited production runs so get each design while you still can. Some of their top designs (and ones we’re giving away) include: Dark Night AndyiSteam Andy,Flying AndyExploded AndyAndy Verus, and Unstoppable Andy. Check out

ZeeMote Bluetooth Game Controller

The Zeemote Bluetooth Game Controller compacts things into one comfortable, ergonomically sound gaming package. You use one hand and the controller has an analog stick with four action buttons on it. It’s a bit reminiscent of a Nintendo Wiimote – makes you wonder where the name was inspired from. There are many games in the Android Market already compatible with the Zeemote, including the popular title R-Type, and you may even be able to use it with some of your emulators. It goes perfectly with many Android devices, from 3.2 inch phones to 10.1 inch tablets. And if you want the ultimate gaming experience, Zeemote + Phone/Tablet + TV + HDMI-out = awesome.

Samsung Galaxy Nexus

Who wouldn’t want the Samsung Galaxy Nexus? It’s the world’s first smartphone to run Android 4.0 (Ice Cream Sandwich) and features the specs to match, including a 4.65-inch 720p HD display, 1.2GHz dual-core processor, and plenty of on-board storage. HUGE props to Nikolay Ananiev, the developer of an app called Tiny Flashlight + LED, who donated the Samsung Galaxy Nexus for giveaway. His app has OVER 10 MILLION downloads and Nikolay contacted us asking for ways he could give back to the community as a way to say “thanks”.

Today’s Contest Rules/Regulations:

Trivia: When the Phandroid team went to San Francisco earlier this year for Google I/O 2011, how many points did I — Chris Chavez — score when playing the huge Android ADK powered labyrinth game in our video? Hint: It may or may not have been the world’s highest score. First to answer correctly in the thread on Android Forums gets all of today’s goodies! Happy Holidroid!

Looking for a great gift? Don’t forget about our Holiday Gift Guide!

Tomorrow’s Contest:

We’ll be giving away a Kindle Fire, SmarTouch Gloves, $30 Seidio Voucher, Andy tee and a Sony Tablet S! You never know when we will be posting our challenge so check back early and often!

Chris Chavez
I've been obsessed with consumer technology for about as long as I can remember, be it video games, photography, or mobile devices. If you can plug it in, I have to own it. Preparing for the day when Android finally becomes self-aware and I get to welcome our new robot overlords.

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      1. Hey Chris btw who won the video challenge from december 16? 

        1. Still reviewing ’em. Video challenges are always the most time consuming (wish we didn’t do ’em). Hard to go through 600, 2 minute videos =/

          Always been a fan of the random contests =p

          1. oh, never thought there were so many entries, well ok then, have fun reviewing them haha ;)  

  1. 40

  2. 3 points

  3. 3 points

  4. 23

  5. you scored 0

  6. Must answer correctly in the thread on Android Forums! :P

    1. Rules? Where we’re going we don’t need rules. *puts on futuristic sunglasses* :P

  7. you score 4

  8. you scored 1

  9. 43

  10. 24?

  11. 2460

  12. 3 :)

  13. phuck these contests

    1. I’m no fan of the speed contests either, but sheesh.
      Somebody needs a hug, like…bad…

  14. 3 points

  15. Soo… what is the correct answer?   I’m seeing people say 3 but then Chris said Section179 was close with 42.

    1. You’ll find out tomorrow when we announce the winner! :D

      1. Really hoping my answer is right, I was the first to respond on the forum!   Please pretend for me haha, I have been getting every single post to my email just so I can hop on the Happy Holidroids when they come along and finally I get first post.

        1. Oh yeah! Just saw you were the first poster!!! 

          Unfortunately…. breaks my heart to tell you, with the wrong answer =(

          SO CLOSE!!!

          1. Chris! When you’re going to announce the winner of the video challenge? I’m waiting to know

          2. Oh, I just told @JDtheluckyone:disqus 

            Still reviewing ’em. Video challenges are always the most time consuming (quite frankly, I wish we didn’t do ’em). Hard to go through 600, 2 minute videos =/Personally, I’ve always been a fan of the random contests but those are no “fun” =p

    2. yeah cause 3 is inbetween 4 and 2. 432.. ;)
      thought i actually had a chance today to. slow day at work. =(
      well, grats whoever won. i saw too mant posts infront of me so i know its not me. :(

  16. im so mad with myself i overlooked the link!

  17. 43

  18. really, the one time I think I got it, I realize there are multiple labryinth videos?!? You guys have way too much time on your hands!

    1. It’s a tough job… but somebody’s gotta do it :))

  19. 412

  20. 44

  21. 3 points!

  22. Man, I really need to get on the ball with one of these. I need something to make me feel better about my car unexpectedly needing new tires.

  23. dang…someone already said 3

  24. Oh I already saw you answered. :P

  25. I need a hug too.  I don’t know why I even bother looking at these contest threads- I’m happy *someone’s* winning, and it’s super cool, but it also sort of reinforces what a loser I am, every day…

  26. 41

  27. these guys rocked a labyrinth. Maybe they can run the whole show on android the next time around. Also, it was nice watching your google i/o vid again chris… … and was that some lederhosen envy i sensed?

    1. Sometimes I wish I was German so I’d have an excuse.. xD

  28. my answer : “correctly ” I do believe I am the first lol great video btw wish I could go sometime

    1. You, little trickster, you…

  29. Who won fridays contest????

  30. 1 point haha

  31. 3 points! So did I win? Lol

  32. 41

  33. “3 points, I heard it was the high score for today” at around 5:33 coincidentally.

  34. Question: is the Galaxy Nexus you’re giving away CDMA or GSM?

  35. 2 points

  36. 5 points

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