Browser Face-Off: iPhone 4S, Galaxy Nexus, Rezound, Razr and Galaxy S II Compared [Videos]


As a long time Android user since the G1 days, I have to say having a choppy browser has been one of the areas that has really irked me about Android devices. Watching all those smug iPhone users with their super fluid browser, scrolling up and down, in and out, I have to admit — I was jealous. Now, with this new generation of dual-core superphones, you would expect all the browsers, across all devices to be nice, smooth and silky, right? Wrong.

If you’re sitting on an upgrade, on the fence about which new device to get, maybe this collection of videos from our very own Android Forums member, Medion, will help push you over the edge. Who comes out on top? Who’s cuisine reigns supreme? As a reference, we’re including the iPhone 4S because… c’mon — it’s damn smooth.

Apple iPhone 4S

Galaxy Nexus

Samsung Galaxy S II

Motorola Droid Razr

HTC Rezound

After watching these videos, have they possibly changed your mind at all on a future purchase? Granted, there are other factors that influence value like camera and manufacturer UI’s. But when it comes to browsers, I can tell you I’m seeing things in a whole new light. I’m talking to you, Rezound. Get your choppiness together.

[Via AndroidForums]

Chris Chavez
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  1. now for side by side comparison! ^_^

    1. We can save that for the speed tests =p

  2. Nexus does not have same processor as the rezound. The nexus has a newer version of the omap that is in the razr.

    1. Could have sworn they both had the 4430? No?

      1. nexus has omap 4460, rezound has dual core snap dragon. Razr has omap 4430. May want to go change the last part of your article lol.

        1. Thanks, Chris. Fixed. And by fixed, I mean deleted. =p

      2. A simple Google search can tell you otherwise :P  It only takes less than 10 seconds, really =]

        1. What’s Google? O_o


            LOL had to do it still love you bro

    2. Nexus – 4460
      Razr – 4430

    3. LOL – Now your misleading too.  

      Razor has OMAP 4430

      Nexus has OMAP 4460

      Rezound has Snapdragon MSM8660

      1. How am i misleading? Clearly the nexus has a newer omap(4460 vs 4430 in razr) and the rezound is a snap dragon.

        1. No, you said Rezound instead of Razr =p

          1. WTF are you talking about? I said and you can look at my post the nexus does not have same processor as the rezound, the nexus has a newer version of the omap in the razr…

          2. Just realized my post said Rezound and not Razr. My apologies. As you were…. =p

          3. you were talking about 3 different phones. Yes, the rezound has a different processsor than the nexus, but then you went on to compare the nexus to the razr. Your post lacked proper flow

  3. What a stupid test. You used demo phones off the shelf? Freshman reviewer.

    1. I was going to say the same thing, you can’t be serious in using demo phones, this entire test is null. Sorry.

      1. @facebook-551172140:disqus @twitter-250240195:disqus Yes, because “demo units” aren’t really phones O_o

        1. lol. +1

          1. @twitter-9186602:disqus Flash was updated with Android 4.0 support.

        2. Its not that they’re not phones but they often run a customized firmware and are often not nearly as smooth as the out-of-the-box phones.

          1. Store phones do not run anything customized, except what comes out of the box, that was the most ignorant comment ever. A phone in the store is the same that you could buy. smh

          2. except is has people loading crap on it all day and never reboots and its in a big tin can so gets no signal

          3. Actually store phones usually get the best signal in stores since there are usually extenders or repeaters in the store. nice try though covert..

          4. You’re actually an uneducated dumbass..who makes assumptions without knowing what the fuck he’s talking about. I sell phones and there’s specially tweaked firmwares that restrict certain features, like preventing adding a passcode lock or disabling the ability to delete apps. Or the demo software that loops to show off features of the phone. Check out display iPhones.

          5. sure. Not all phones only have that software on it. Nice try though. smh

          6. ERRR wrong…..

            Demo phones OFTEN TIMES have DEMO software loaded on the device.

            Often times this makes our devices on display seem FASTER then they really are.

            All our demo phones have some sort of net-nanny going on in the background as well that is adding an EXTRA loop that the browser must go thew before it hits the website as well…

          7. most stores DONT have repeaters, unless its a carrier store like a sprint store or verizon store. best buy does not have repeaters, signal is HORRIBLE in any best buy i’ve ever been to

          8. Yea, that’s wrong… completely wrong. The first time I went to look at the HTC Sensation in the store they had more apps loaded in it than I have ever installed on my own, and they were running a different launcher… So yea, not really sure wtf you’re talking about.

          9. So because people installed apps that still doesnt change the phone and a launcher is just that a launcher…smh sorry zif you are wrong

        3. you’re a dumbass chavez

      2. I’m the person who took these videos. They are a simple demonstration, not a be-all-end-all review. With that said;

        The iPhone wasn’t a display model, it belongs to my wife. My personal SGS2 (international model) works the same as the AT&T model. In fact, it was used to shoot the videos. The Galaxy Nexus was opened in front of me and I was the first to handle it. We actually had to wait for it to finish the 4.0.2 update before I could play with it. That leaves the Rezound and RAZR, and as Chris said, they were real phones. Yes, your browser will behave this way on this phones. Follow the link at the bottom of Chris’s article for the FULL “review” with all of the pertinent information before you judge.

        1. I appreciate your comment, however I’ve used both phones (Rezound and Razr) and did not have the lag in the browsers that this video demonstrates. That was the catalyst for my comments.

          1. Please, PLEASE read the link at the bottom of the article. In it, the actual write-up that I did, I stated that this website is like a torture test designed to highlight the different methods used by these browsers. In normal browsing, the RAZR/Rezound did fine. With the changes made to the Chromium-based ICS browser, when these phones get the ICS update they will be roughly just as smooth.

          2. Conversely, when the GNex gets Flash, it is questionable as to whether it too will be choppy when scrolling. $10 says that’s what’s making those two phones choppy, as I’ve seen that same behavior before on sites when my browser is rendering Flash ads, and when turning it off, it’s smooth. The SGSII has a blank space for the banner ad in the video, the iPhone doesn’t do Flash, and it isn’t baked into ICS for the GNex the way it looks to be for the RAZR and Rezound.

            At least for the RAZR, it’s SUPER clear that this is a Flash rendered ad unit, as when you zoom in and out, it disappears for a minute and re-renders, and when scrolling it phantom-trails the unit space.

            Edit: Not to say that the tile issue doesn’t also play a part – it probably does. But Flash is another factor that should be considered.

          3. This is actually to Josh, but the layout won’t allow me to reply to him. :|

            The GN has Flash, and I just tried it and it’s nothing like the Razr/Rezound in those videos.  Scrolling is still incredibly smooth.  Pinch zooming gets laggy if it’s rendering the flash, but otherwise it’s fine.

            Either way, like others have said, it’s an extremely unscientific experiment/comparison of the phones.  Did you even end background tasks before trying this out?  You have no idea what kind of crap is left running on store display models.

      1. If you want to link someone else’s work, at least bother to frame it correctly. I would have checked Jay’s original post if I was lead to believe that his information about that particular website was critical in explaining the results that would otherwise be misleading to people looking to see the true potential of the phones. I’ll just follow Jay’s posts and other’s like him, or at least skip your misleading wordy articles and go to the source myself. I don’t have an issue with being wrong, I clearly misunderstood the basic premise of the test. Having said that I will skip phandroid articles in the future unless they link to real information. All I seem to see on this site these days are ridiculous, unsubstantiated rumors or inflammatory posts made to excite all the fanboys.

        1. Josh,

          I sent the article to Chris and WE put it up hastily and incomplete. He did his part and I am to blame. I apologize for that. I thank Chris for giving it the exposure that it got. Please don’t blame him for this.

          1. I feel bad, I should have just gone straight to your link. I’m not into all the fanfare of the blog, I just want straight up information.

          2. Don’t let it get to you. We all rush to judgment, and no one here is Innocent. Chris made a small typo about a CPU comparison between phones, I did a half-assed comparison without taking Flash into account, and you jumped to conclusions. Trust me, we all jumped off that bridge :)

          3. Don’t feel bad, everyone makes mistakes.  Just realize that jumping to conclusions, and long winded explanations can sometimes if not all the time make a person look foolish.

            I have to give you props for not trolling.  People who will admit their error are few and far between these days.

        2. Inflammatory posts? Unsubstantiated rumors? Please link one post today that supports your claims. I honestly have no idea what you’re talking about but I mentioned in the post that this information was gathered from one of our forum members.

          The point of these videos was simply to show how fluid the browsers were on different devices. Whether they were owned, demo units or whatever — I thought they did a good job of showing the browsers in action. Informative. Interesting. And I was simply passing the info along to our readers.
          But thanks for visiting It’s been… real. 

          1. No offense but I’m obviously looking for a more tech/detail driven site, something in between XDA where I don’t know enough terminology and basic blogs that just produce headlines. I appreciate how you came to Jay’s rescue in this whole thing, but his explanation was enough to fix my misunderstanding. It wasn’t your fight. Your stupid picture that you posted was petty. If you were really interested in educating people you would have reminded me how important the original post was. My ignorant comment was directed at Jay (the originator of the information) and after I read his explanation amended my opinion. So in the future I’ll make sure I check your sources instead of reading what you write. I thank Jay for his cool head. You could learn a lot from him.

          2. I’m cool. You cool? We cool. 

          3. And you are doing all of this why, it’s your fault you did not read the source, the link was not hidden and if the source is from elsewhere it’s been standard for as long as I know to link it at the end of the article.

            It was your responsibility to read EVERYTHING before making any judgements, and you FAILED at doing that, but instead of admitting it was totally your fault, you would like Chris Chavez to share the blame with you, ummm, NO, you would have Chris plagiarise so that you won’t have to do the reading, and then make a comment like this ” or at least skip your misleading wordy articles and go to the source myself.” Man up dude

        3. United fans shall not be respected. Arsenal all the way :)

          1. Yea!!!…wait…what!?

          2. Wait, what was the scoreline of that game on August 28th again?

          3. On August 28th Newcastle beat Fulham 2-1 haha

          4. I’d 8-2 be an Arsenal fan.

          5. Yeah but the thing about Arsenal is they always try to walk it in.

    2. Perhaps you would like to go out and purchase all of these phones and do a proper review?

      1. Wish I had that kind of cash…..

      2. no but if you don’t have the means to properly review something, DON’T. he has now made it look like the SGSII has a crummy browser, idk if it does or not, but anyone watching this will say, oh man the iPhone and Nexus just blew the SGSII away, when in reality, the SGSII was a kiosk phone in a big metal warehouse with a crummy signal

        1. It’s explained in the full article, click the link below the article to the source.

    3. Pretty harsh, but yeah not great.  We didn’t learn anything.  They all do the same thing…

      1. It wasn’t a lesson for learning; it was a demonstration for understanding.

        It’s supposed to give you a rough idea of the differences/similarities between these devices.

    4. Screw man u! Go CITY!

  4. GNex and Rezound don’t have the same processor…

    Galaxy Nexus – 1.2GHz OMAP 4460
    Rezound – 1.5GHz Snapdragon MSM8660
    Droid RAZR – 1.2 GHz OMAP 4430

    1. The stock speed of the 4430 is 1Ghz and the 4460 is 1.5Ghz according to TI’s website. But yeah, both are clocked at 1.2 in Razr and Gnex.

      1. Therefore, you have overclocking and underclocking..

  5. I never understood people who use standard browsers. It is a bare minimum to make you browse internet at the cell phone booth/store, but when it comes to day-to-day browsing, “aftermarket” browsers bit the crap out of the factory ones. Dolphin HD FTW!

    1. if you like dolphin you should try xScope it’s even faster 

      1. xScope you say???? O_o

        1. sounds like a pron web site to me

          1. haha one of the reasons not so many know about it I think. weird name but yea xScope Pro is what I run and it blows the rest out of the water. I really love the double tap slide to zoom feature. 

          2. Hum..  It sounds good..  Ill have to check it out.  Thanks!

            ——– Original message ——–
            Subject: [phandroid] Re: Browser Face-Off: iPhone 4S, Galaxy Nexus, Rezound, Razr and Galaxy S II Compared [Videos]

      2. Agreed, it’s definitely my favorite browser.

    2. I use both the stock browser and Dolphin HD on my SGS2. Stock is smoother (as in the video), but Dolphin lags on the test used in the video. It’s about as bad as the Rezound/RAZR, maybe a tad better.

    3. I like Dolphin, but honestly the default browser in ICS on the Nexus is GREAT. Have all my Chrome bookmarks synced in along with everything else, page rendering is lightning fast and it feels like a true browsing experience.

      Like I said I dig Dolphin, been using it for a year on my Evo. But with the Nexus, I see no reason to go third party.

        1. Amen, my Nexus won’t been in my hands for another 1-2 weeks…or so LetTalk says.

          …they did give me a 25 dollar accessory coupon for the trouble, so I guess that’s cool.

    4. Obviously you haven’t heard of a phone called the Galaxy S II. Nothing and trust me I’ve had my fair part in using other browsers and from other high spec phones, can beat Galaxy S II stock browser.

      1. Yea the hardware acceleration is a beaut. I have the Skyrocket and only one thing keeps me from using the stock browser…the fact that when the phone clears the browser cache you lose all the tabs you had in the browser…not sure if the reg GS2 has this problem too though. Using the Ninesky browser for now.

  6. both razr and rezound are really choppy

    1. Both are rendering Flash, which certainly the iPhone is not, and I don’t think the Galaxy Nexus is. Not sure on the SGSII, but it doesn’t look like it (white box for the banner ad space).

      Scrolling with Flash elements rendered on the page = really choppy browsing.

      1. Have you seen scrolling on the Galaxy S II WITH Flash? Smooth as BUTTER..

  7. Wow. That’s a big difference. But it’s only one test with phones on display. 

    Any other Gnex owners cringe when then old Gingerbread menus came up for a sec on the Razr? 

    How quickly we forget….

  8. Personally, I like my HTC Amaze. 

    1. You should like it. Same specs as Rezound (non-HD screen and no LTE). Once you get your ICS update, you’re going to love that sucker even more!

  9. Chris, the processors used by these phones is as follows;

    iPhone 4s – dual-core A9 @ 800mhz (A5 SOC)
    Rezound – dual-core Scorpion @ 1.5ghz (Snapdragon S3 SOC)
    RAZR – dual-core A9 @ 1.2ghz (OMAP4430 SOC)
    Nexus – dual-core A9 @ 1.2ghz (OMAP4460 SOC)
    Galaxy S2 – dual-core A9 @ 1.2ghz (Exynos 4210 SOC, in video) and dual-core Scorpion @ 1.5ghz (Snapdragon S3, tested but not in video)

    I’m just stating this because in your article, last paragraph, you state that the Nexus and Rezound use the same guts. Fix that and I’ll update the Youtube links to lead here :) (or, just copy/paste the relevant paragraph from my post)

  10. hard for me to tell… but it looks like the SGSII wins? It certainly looked the most fluid to me.

    1. Please read my comments (I’m Medion) in the link at the bottom of the article. Even though I own the SGS2, I preferred the Galaxy Nexus as it seemed more refined and less artificial. Second place was a slight edge to the SGS2 (checkerboard backgrounds) over the iPhone (pagedown-esque scrolling).

      RAZR/Rezound should be similar to the Nexus after the ICS update hits them. They’re both on the confirmed list.

      1. I have never seen the checkerboard on my sgsII browser.

        ——– Original message ——–
        Subject: [phandroid] Re: Browser Face-Off: iPhone 4S, Galaxy Nexus, Rezound, Razr and Galaxy S II Compared [Videos]

    2. Too be honest, the SGSII just sort of looks like it scrolls faster to me, not necessarily more fluidly. I’m basing this off other videos I’ve watched as well, not just these. 

  11. Loading speed- Galaxy nexus pwns all! And for android overall- G-nex owns in speed and smoothness and always will because of STOCKKKK android!

    1. Actually, the web browser in ICS is now based on Google’s Chromium code (same as the desktop Chrome browser), and it now uses a tiling rendering method (same as iPhone and SGS2). When the RAZR/Rezound get their ICS updates, their browsers will be similar in fluidity.

  12. Still rocking my cyanogen DInc. Waiting for February to upgrade. I really want to see quad core stuff with ICS at CES and MWC.

    1. What are you going to do with a quad-core!? :O

      1. The same thing we did with dual-core, Pinky…try to take over the world!

        1. Hahahahaha

      2. Once I get it rooted anything I like. That is why Android will always be superior to other mobile OS’s!!! :)

        1. lol. really?  …..really?

    2. my cm7 DInc are dying so fast, i need to charge it twice each day… my upgrade is due on the 29th of this month.  

      1. I used an aftermarket li-pol batt for the first year I had the phone, so I’ve only been using the stock 1300 mAh battery for 6-8 months. So I don’t know how long they are suppose to last.

    3. I’ve got my original Droid, but I also have my order for my Nexus in…once they get stock I’ll have my new phone.  :)

      Try not to make us too jealous of your quad-core system when you get it k?

  13. I think I’m up to 15 or 16 Android devices now (I’m an app developer) and tend to use the best one as my personal phone.  I must say the Galaxy Nexus browsing experience is a heck of an improvement compared to any phone I’ve used before.  It deals with the desktop versions of image/content-heavy sites like theCHIVE, AutoBlog, and large vBulletin-powered forums with relative ease.

  14. The Razr and the Rezound both look to be rendering Flash, which is why they are choppy. Get your baseline together. =P

    1. So was the SGS2 :) But, a good point, nonetheless. I went into further detail about the reduced overhead of the iPhone browser (left out Flash, which is obvious) in the full article (link at bottom of this article). Nexus didn’t have Flash, but it is available now.

      1. You are a gentleman and a scholar.

    2. I just tested it on my SGS2. With Flash it still performed smoothly, no perceptible change in panning/scrolling or pinch/zoom. However, text re-alignment was slower. So, I will try to get my hands on the Nexus again and report back, with Flash installed. I apologize for that oversight on my part.

  15. I used to love dolphin.. then they updated the hell out of it and made it worse. As for the iPhone browser, it doesnt realign the text, so you have to scroll everywhere. Useless for any real reading.

    1. Yup especially for those of us with vision issues

  16. iPhone 4S > Galaxy S 2 > Galaxy Nexus > Rezound & Razr

    1. did you mean to put the iPhone first in line? really.. not trollin… just sayin.. cuz the GSII browser looks alot smoother in the videos than any of the others.

      1. I’ve used both and, while they’re both very smooth, the iPhone 4S is just slightly more responsive in touch which makes it feel a bit smoother.

        1. This is true. The iPhones have something unique, I’m not sure if it is software or hardware related, maybe a touch patent, that gives them a faster response time to when you touch the screen. It reads your finger almost instantly, whereas Android lags behind : (

        2. i would put the s2 1st because it is still super smooth with flash on.

      2. i dont blame him, iphone can login to my school blackboard while my HTC Incredible running cm7 cant. 

    2. The iPhone browser does not realign text so you have to scroll everywhere to see a page. The GSII and the GN do not have the iPhone problem, have flash, and are super smooth….

  17. Galaxy 2 had checker boarding. Also, should have put a Tegra 2 device to compare.

    1. Its not a hardware issue, but the Moto Atrix (Tegra 2) behaves the same as the RAZR/Rezound. Read the link the at the bottom of the article for the full scoop.

  18. And that is why you download a better-than-stock browser, like Dolphin HD…

    1. On the SGS2, Dolphin HD is laggy while the stock browser is not.

  19. Get your act together and use a different browser besides stock.   DERP!   This is the dumbest thing I’ve seen in a long time.   The stock browser lags at random times for no apparent reason on ALL phones.

    The only reason the iphone is smoother is because it stops all processing and gives touch input the priority. Thats bad for scrolling while and having the web page still loading. So if you’re scrolling the web page will stop loading until you take your finger off the screen.

    1. Incorrect. I waited for processing to be finished on all devices. Read the link at the bottom of the article for why each browser behaves as it does.

  20. The reason iphones are a little smoother is because they have no flash

    1. Incorrect. Read the link at the bottom of the article for the full details on why each browser behaves as it does.

  21. Never had my browsers hang up or glitch in any way on my Rezound.

  22. The Rezound is embarrassing itself. My OG surfs smoother. Quite sad. HTC is on the serious decline. Also, was it the video or did the Razr look a bit sluggish?

  23. People need to start realizing that the stock browser on Android (pre ICS) is pretty choppy. I use Opera Mobile on my EVO 4G and get similar smoothness to the GS II. Ever since using Opera Mobile, I haven’t used the default Android browser once. That says a lot.

    1. totally man opera is the way to go… I actualy used opera mini on an old dumb phone and it kicks ass still

  24. i would put the s2 1st as it is just as smooth or close to smothness as the 4s with flash on…samsung just have made the best android browser..rezound looks choppy and so did the razr,seriously with dual core devices the web browsers should not be choppy with or without flash…samsung proved you can have a silky browser with flash so why cant the other oems do the same?

  25. Since several are trying to rank them in order, I suppose it would make sense for me to do it since I did the comparisons. Also, please FULL article to get a better idea of what’s going on. It would really cut down on the fanboy comments for each device.

    With that said, I personally rate the Nexus first, with the caveat that it was not running Flash. It had the smoothest feel to it. In second place I rate the SGS2, which had an artificial feel to the smoothness, but was otherwise just as smooth. Also, it had checker-boarding issues due to the tiling method used. I have since run the test with Flash loaded on the same page and it performed the same way except for slower text reflow. So, Flash isn’t the cause of the issues for the RAZR/Rezound. iPhone comes in a close 3rd behind the SGS2, being just as smooth, but I’m not personally a fan of the way they use “page-down” scrolling. They have to do this or it would checker-board just like the SGS2.

    I personally felt that the RAZR felt smoother in my comparisons than the Rezound. Both are laggy because they use the older GB browser. When they get their ICS updates with the new Chromium-based browser they should be in the same league as the devices above.

  26. hopefully with HTC and Motorola getting android 4.0, the browser will be better and smoother… embarrassing for HTC especially 

  27. If all you are doing is comparing browsers, it would only be fair if they were on the same connection. Comparisons like this are pointless, affected by others means such as signal and what network you are on. If you are to do this kind of comparison, you should at least use wifi

    1. Incorrect, as connection speed was irrelevant. The pages were already loaded. This test was to show touch-based interaction with the web browser, nothing more.

  28. Anyone here smart enough to explain why a user can see more data/text vertically on an HTC Rezound and less on the Galaxy Nexus (GN)?  You have even noticed this??  Have you ever noticed this same problem on a Samsung phone???  Well, folks, it is TRUE.  Samsung uses a larger font (and you cant realisically change to  anything that gets more text on the screen.
    Both screens are HD is resolution. Hint:  The problem with Samsung phones is NOT resolution.  It seems to be their font.
    To test this (on any phone), open identical browser apps.  Go to Phandroid or  Make sure you change to go to FULL desktop page.  Compare the two phones side by side.  Rezound will display for more data/text in the vertical (in both portrait or landscape)
    No saleperson in the world has been able to explain and none of them knew about..until I proved it.  IT is a fact!   Why??  Why does Samsung does this?  I can see more data on a 4.3 HTC screen than I can on a 4.6 Samsung phone.  Make no sense!  Poor!

    1. Actually, my SGS2 allows me to change the font.

      1. No you can’t…not like you think you can.  I tried it on the ATT SGS2.  All the new font does is look smaller, but a smaller letter/font (and the black space around that smaller letter) take up just as much space!  The new font takes up just as much vertical and horizontal just adds more black/blank space around the text. 

        Seriously, try it.  Don’t just talk about it or what you THIINK it can do.  Do it AND then compare the screen to another high-end non-Samsung phone using the EXACT same webpage.

        1. you can once you rooted. 

          1. Changing the font doesn’t solve the problem.  Once again, a poster on this site that talks about something but they have NEVER actually done what they talk about…if they had, they would know that it doesn’t work or solve the problem/issue.   Read my post above and know what we are talking about.

  29. the iphone 4s is like that really cocky tiny guy who curls all day at the gym…

  30. I don’t know what everyone is talking about.. the Galaxy S2 looked pretty damn good in the browser test… the HTC rezound failed horribly

  31. someone please explain what happens with the 4 capacitive buttons that existing on these older phones when they are upgraded to ICS.    ICS has 3 of its own buttons that are software only.  Do the 4 original ‘physical’ buttons just go away and become useless..OR to the 4 remain useful, but you get the additional ICS 3 buttons (making for wasted screen space)???!    Because those 3 ICS software buttons have very different purposes and uses than the physical 4 found on ‘older’ phones.  Someone please share.  thanks!

  32. At least run this “test” with browsers using the same settings (Flash disabled if you’re comparing to iPhone) and on the same page.

    1. They are on the same page. Also, they’re not being compared to the iPhone (it was there for shits and giggles only). It’s showing the differences between the stock 2.3 web browser and the stock ICS web browser, as well as the tweaked Samsung 2.3 web browser. Read the full article (source link at bottom) for that info.

      I admit that I could have done better with controlling flash as a variable and I will correct this. But, that’s been addressed in the full article as well.

  33. Pretty useless comparison/Face-Off. No page loading speeds, No speed rendering comparison, No Cache clearance tests, No HTML5 and Flash loading and display speed comparison. 
    Your videos are only showing scrolling and zooming.

    1. Someone didn’t read the full article at the bottom!

      1. Someone didn’t know how to title its piece appropriately

        1. I agree that Chris’s title is misleading, but anyone who actually read the content can see what the purpose was. It’s evident that you read the titles, looked at the pretty pictures (or in this case, videos), and jumped to conclusions. Don’t worry, happens to the best of us :)

  34. Wow, the Rezound and the RAZR are awful.  The scrolling and zooming is very jittery.  The Nexus and Galaxy S II are as smooth as the iPhone.

  35. In store demo software or not, these videos are still a good indication of the browser speeds on these phones. The Razr and Rezound need a lot of work. But I already knew that after playing with so many Motorola and HTC phones.

    I currently have a mytouch 4g rooted with Cyanogenmod 7. The stock browser sucks. I use opera mobile.

  36. Just did the same test on my evo 3d and it was perfectly smooth.  What’s wrong with that Rezound?

  37. No issues with Rezound, and I’m looking at you.   Just sayin…

  38. Phonedog’s Aaron does better reviews on any phones than this guy.

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