Android 4.0.2 Update Rolling Out to GSM Galaxy Nexus


A day after the LTE version of the Samsung Galaxy Nexus received its Android 4.0.2 update its GSM brethren is following suit. Users are reporting a 8.7MB update that brings the phones firmware build to ICL53F, which brings along “important bug fixes” that should hold serve with the tweaks delivered to the Verizon Galaxy Nexus.

Google has already announced Android 4.0.3, which is said to be headed to handsets in the coming weeks and will take over as the “base” version of Ice Cream Sandwich for all phones moving forward.

[via AndroidCentral]

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Google Begins Android 4.0 Rollout to GSM Nexus S

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  1. My entire family just got the Galaxy Nexus and they’re loving it! Great phone.

  2. VVV You’re right.

    1. Are you sure because I got the update for the volume bug 2 weeks ago and my version stayed at 4.0.1. I did check before I had the update so I’m sure that my version didn’t change.

      Edit: Also why would the Verizon model have the 2G bug fix? It was for GSM phones not CDMA/LTE.

  3. anyone know if either of these updates addresses the lag going between portrait/landscape?

    1. I hope they do.

    2. my phones on 4.0.2 it doesnt lag just takes a min to change to.landscape

  4. Anyone know if the Facebook account sync issue is ever going to be addressed?

    1. That’s covered in 4.0.3

      1. Correction: that’s *rumoured* to be covered in 4.0.3. I’ve read no first-hand confirmation. I believe it’s a misinterpretation of the new social stream API. Facebook just has to get off their butts and use the API that’s been there since 2.0 to support contact sync.

        1. I just updated my Nexus S to 4.0.3. I can confirm my suspicion that Facebook account sync is NOT restored in 4.0.3.

          1. Don’t kill the man’s hope.

  5. Respond to this comment with a no.

    1. No.  When I got to the Verizon store yesterday, the rep let me play with my phone for about 15 mins before he was able to check me out.  During that time, it received the update while it was only connected through WiFi and was NOT activated on the carrier yet.  It didn’t even have the SIM card in it either.  So it was pushed by Google or some other entity outside of Verizon.

      1. Thanks for the info turd.

    2. No google controls its updats thats why its a nexus phone. I believe verizion phones will see updates a few days before the gsm verizion

  6. I can’t wait to get this phone

  7. Earlier today an update was pushed to my Android phone Samsung Galaxy Nexus (ICS). After update my password to decrypt storage is not accepted. I know the password but it is not being accepted. Any suggestions? I am not alone. See http://www.google.com/support/forum/p/Google+Mobile/thread?tid=6d2be1417b7c9839&hl=en

  8. 4.0.2 address the lag and stuff ion 4.0.1 give it some time the phone just came out google will fix the bugs in due time.

  9. Anyone here smart enough to explain why a user can see more data/text vertically on an HTC Rezound and less on the Galaxy Nexus (GN)?  You have even noticed this??  Have you ever noticed this same problem on a Samsung phone???  Well, folks, it is TRUE.  Samsung uses a larger font (and you cant realisically change to  anything that gets more text on the screen.
    Both screens are HD is resolution. Hint:  The problem with Samsung phones is NOT resolution.  It seems to be their font.
    To test this (on any phone), open identical browser apps.  Go to Phandroid or Yahoo.com.  Make sure you change to go to FULL desktop page.  Compare the two phones side by side.  Rezound will display for more data/text in the vertical (in both portrait or landscape)
    No saleperson in the world has been able to explain and none of them knew about..until I proved it.  IT is a fact!   Why??  Why does Samsung does this?  I can see more data on a 4.3 HTC screen than I can on a 4.6 Samsung phone.  Make no sense!  Poor!

    1. Samsung doesn’t use or do anything. You are comparing features of two different versions of Android. One of the features of ICS is to set the zoom level of the browser, on the Galaxy Nexus it is set to “Medium” by default. Change the setting to “Far” and the type is smaller. Change it ti close and the type is larger.

      Next time you need help with phone features do yourself a favor and not ask a salesperson.

      1. Ah, yes, I am comparing apples to apples.  I am not talking about browser text size. 

        Listen, take two phones with same resolution same screen size verticallly (make them both Gingerbread phones…one phone is a Samsung and another phone is an HTC).  Samsung phone can even have a bigger screen for all I give a darn.  THERE!!!!   Do the compare!   The Samsung will show less data/text/information in the vertical!  Prove fact.

        Why do people on this site talk about stuff that they have never personally witnessed??!!!   99% of the people here have never touched the phones they are talking about.  Do the compare!  Do it in real life.  You will see what I am talking about. 

        Samsung ain’t talking about it because Samsung knows all about it.  99% of Android users are too ill informed to even notice this.

  10. someone please explain what happens with the 4 capacitive buttons that existing on these older phones when they are upgraded to ICS.    ICS has 3 of its own buttons that are software only.  Do the 4 original ‘physical’ buttons just go away and become useless..OR to the 4 remain useful, but you get the additional ICS 3 buttons (making for wasted screen space)???!    Because those 3 ICS software buttons have very different purposes and uses than the physical 4 found on ‘older’ phones.  Someone please share.  thanks!

    1. On the Nexus S, the 4 physical buttons remain and are used instead of the 3 soft buttons on the Galaxy Nexus.

      I’m not sure what you mean when you say the 3 soft buttons on the Galaxy Nexus have very different purposes and uses, since the “Home” and “Back” buttons mirror the old Android “Home” and “Back” buttons. The “task list button” for the Nexus S remains the same “long press on the Home button.”

  11. my uk gsm galaxy nexus still hasn’t received 4.0.2.. :(

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