Google Begins Android 4.0 Rollout to GSM Nexus S


The Android 4.0 rollout for the GSM/UMTS Nexus S has begun, according to a post to the official Google Nexus Twitter account. A corresponding help page has been set up over at Google’s support page to aid Nexus S owners in the transition to the latest version of Android. The rollout starts today and will continue to reach Nexus S owners throughout the month, though for the impatient we expect an official update file to surface online for those wishing to manually upgrade.

[via Twitter | Thanks, Alex!]

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  1. I want to cry of happiness but I feel stupid.

    So instead I keep helplessly typing in *#*#checkin#*#* And staring at my Nexus S, hoping it will come. 

    1. As soon as the official Google link hits the Interwebs, you’ll be doing an “Apply update.zip” instead of waiting ;-)

  2. i got excited for a second, and then i read the s

  3. Source code please!  :-D

  4. Wow… that was fast.

  5. This is pretty cool. Nexus S owners will be getting ics literally the day after the galaxy nexus was released in the US. This is the reason I had to get a nexus phone. One year from now when the new android version is released. I don’t want to be stuck waiting for an update.

  6. still waiting for nexus s 4G update though =/ hopefully it comes sooner than later


  7. I did that and i got it, it is downloading as i speak :-)

    1. You checked in? 

      What country do you live in? GAH I’m so excited and impatient!!

  8. Here it is

    1. So jealous! Can’t wait!

      1. Sorry guys i was too excited i forgot to get the link. I had to dial *#*#CHECKIN#*#* to get the update

        1. did you have to restart after checking in? i checked in and it succeeded, then checked system updates and nothing available for download.

          1. What does checkin do?

    2. OMG! Amoled Nexus S? I’m fearing european nexus will go last :_(

  9. how do I copy the zip file or get the link if I get the update to share

  10. This link worked for me (Official Google server)…


    Renamed update.zip and installed from the stock recovery… I’m on 4.0.3 now (:

    1. Will that version work for the I9020A version, or is it just the T-Mobile version?

      1. Not really sure, I’m on T-Mobile in the US

  11. Does it keep the “washed out” (on SAMOLED) look from 2.3? I love my Voodoo’d screen on my NS


  13. Downloading now!!!

  14. Well installed and it was easy but no face unlock and so far auto screen brightness does not work. Love it otherwise and a tad sluggish, had a few freezes too

    1. Does it keep the “washed out” (on SAMOLED) look from 2.3? I’ll just wait for CM9 if thats the case.

  15. Anybody get it on the US at&t version?

  16. Updated, now on 4.0.3, enjoying it but face unlock is not included…

  17. Sorry for off-topic question: Does G-Nex has notification light? I just bought it yesterday and I havent seen it go off yet. Do I have to turn on some setting? Thanks in advance

    1. Yes, it does; It’s located in the bottom centre part of the front of the phone. Where the android virtual buttons normally be.

  18. I have the I9020A Version here in Canada on Koodo mobile; does anyone have the update.zip for that? The OTA hasn’t come yet, and obviously the T-Mobile update – which won’t work – is the only one I can find!

    I’m so impatient, but any news – or links – to the update.zip for the I9020A version would be GREATLY appreciated.

  19. Not as zippy as gingerbread but better than recent custom roms. My browser keels closing with no error message.

  20. Love ICS ! but no face unlock on the Nexus S ! i want to try it :(

  21. someone please explain what happens with the 4 capacitive buttons that existing on these older phones when they are upgraded to ICS.    ICS has 3 of its own buttons that are software only.  Do the 4 original ‘physical’ buttons just go away and become useless..OR to the 4 remain useful, but you get the additional ICS 3 buttons (making for wasted screen space)???!    Because those 3 ICS software buttons have very different purposes and uses than the physical 4 found on ‘older’ phones.  Someone please share.  thanks!

    1. I’ve been wondering that, too! Here’s what I found when I updated my Nexus S yesterday:


      1. Thanks.  I was hoping this would be the answer.  Seems to me that having the 4 buttons is a better interface…even with ICS

  22. It Just Updated!!!!!!!! YAYAY!! :)

  23. Nexus S 4g?????????

  24. where is the OTA for AT&T?? i want it now!! :(

    … im so impatient now.. lol

  25. it seems that the Nexus S is getting the new Android 4.0.3

    read more: http://goo.gl/EDuS6 and http://goo.gl/PUeLh

  26. ill stay here with my nexus one :(  waiting………. waiting………. :`(

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