Galaxy Nexus Is Now Officially Available Online From Verizon Wireless (And Everywhere Else)


This is it, folks. Despite your frustrations with either Verizon, Samsung or Google, the Galaxy Nexus is now officially available for purchase, online, from Verizon Wireless and a plethora of other online wireless retailers. Hit up that source link and let’s show Verizon (and the world) how much we love our smartphone’s stock and full of vanilla.

[Verizon Wireless | Amazon Wireless | LetsTalk | Wirefly]

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    1. nice :)

      Amazon says its retail price is $799.99, while Verizon says it’s $649.99

      1. Gotta turn a profit somehow

  1. ordered with my discount! cheap overnight shipping!

    1. Verizon won’t let me order it online without changing my plan (currently unlimited), says my plan isn’t compatible with the Nexus. Anybody else have trouble trying to use their unlimited plan that is “supposed” to be grandfathered in with the phone upgrade?

      1. I talked to a rep about that just in case it happened to me. Order on pphone or go to store. They can get around that.

    2. Will it arrive the same day(Thursday) or come in on Friday?

      1. early Friday morning

  2. Anyone else sign up on Verizon’s site to get updates about availability and now isn’t getting updates about it’s availability?

    1. I wouldn’t be surprised if I got the email that the Galaxy Nexus is available on my Galaxy Nexus.

      1. Haha yep, I thought about this too – I’m going to have the phone in a few hours before they even send out any emails.

      2. You’ll probably get that email a month from now. Really. When I signed up for Thunderbolt info, I got the email about 5 weeks after I bought one on launch day. Good luck with your GN!

        1. Really? Verizon seems a little biased to me: they dont seem to care about the greatest android phone of all time and constantly send me emails to get the I*phone and I*ad

          1. Just speaking from personal experience. Although, it was odd that around the time the iPhone was released on VZW, my NE2 was suddenly available – I shouldn’t have been up for one for another six months at the time, so I took my upgrade and got the Thunderbolt. They did send me a few emails about the iPhone until I called Verizon directly and asked them to stop spamming my email box with iPhone offers because “I have no interest in that piece of shit, and I’m tired of getting these f*cking emails about it” (exact words, and it actually worked – they never sent me anymore junk mail).
            Greatest Android phone of all time? It’s the latest Android phone, I’ll give it that.

    2. John i signed up today and didnt get an email with the account i used. I did however recieve a notification regarding the Nexus on a different email account i had set up months prior for the thunderbolt.    

  3. Ok now we can FINALLY have some hope of launch dates for other carriers!! 
    WOO HOO!
    Congrats to those that ordered…enjoy. 

    1. Yup. Verizon Galaxy Nexus Watch 2011 just shifted to T-Mobile, AT&T and Sprint Galaxy Nexus Watch 2012. =/

      1. Word.
        Editors Choice on CNET.

      2. Im giving the GSM version till the end of January to be released and if it s not by then to hell with the nexus series.

      3. Probably no Sprint version. They would have to make it a WiMax device as Sprint said they wouldn’t have any LTE devices until the end of 2012 (when the next Nexus will be released).

        T-Mobile’s version will probably be next probably in February. AT&T will get it last (around march or so if I had to guess).

  4. I have a feeling that there are going to be some issues with that phone. That release was just too weird.

  5. Phone is no longer available on letstalk already?

  6. Super Excited i just ordeded a nexus using my upgrade.  I will be giving it to my wife as a gift. She recently dropped her droid X destroying the screen and is not due to upgrade for another year. She will be happy ! Ill enjoy setting it up while she is asleep

  7. so does it have google wallet ???

    1. They say Verizon removed Google wallet and replaced it with some of its app with the same features

  8. I’m excited!

  9. Notify me when it comes to TMOBILE!!!!! WHY ISNT WITH TMOBILE?????? WHY???

    1. Maybe they will have the phone soon

    2. it is…. its been on t-mobile for weeks

  10. might want to fix the title of this article. makes it seem like the phone is available for other carriers as well.

  11.  Get the samsung nexus from lets talk.com for only $130 (new plan) / $155! (upgrade) after coupon code $75VZN and $25 off for using this link: http://www.letstalk.com/raf/126

    1. Buyer beware. All you have to do is Google “beware LetsTalk.com” to see all the problems people have had with this company. The overriding theme is very poor, unhelpful customer service. I have no experience with them, but based on what I read, plus the “sounds too good to be true” common sense test… I wouldn’t risk it.

  12. That Amazon price is only for NEW customers. It’s actually $249 for existing customers eligible for an upgrade…AND it’s backordered, anyway.

  13. I can’t believe Verizon put the Galaxy Nexus below the Droid Razr (White) and all the iPhones on their product webpage.  This incredible device should be #1.

  14. Finally. Can you all shut up now? Cry cry cry, my phone is not available yet because they were too busy making it work correctly. Can now get on with life.

    1. Yes! On to bigger and better things…. like the Sprint Galaxy Nexus launch. WHEN IS IT COMING?!?!?!!?!?

      1. Im with you on that CC… As long as it is “future proofed” so that it supports Network Vision and Sprints LTE launching next summer.

  15. I am still waiting for that HTC Quad Core phone that was showcased a while back that looked like an hour glass I love my HTC device! http://phandroid.com/2011/11/15/htc-zeta-could-be-a-2-5ghz-quad-core-monster-with-android-4-0/

    1. Pretty sure that was fake…. :X

  16. Any guesses on how many will be sold?
    The person closest to the actual number will win… absolutely nothing.
    But you will have bragging rights.

    1. At least 10.

  17. What time do the Verizon stores open tomorrow?

    1. Most are at 10, some are at 9

  18. At last, the wait has come to an end. Greetings to Galaxy Nexus. Now my gift for the holidays is secured. :)

  19. Galaxy S 3 or Galaxy Nexus?

  20. Seems like it’s not yet available on google.com/nexus like google said it would be….


  21. Will it be available at stores like Best Buy today?

  22. I have been hearing that if you switch from a 3g phone to a 4g phone you can save a $100 at the verizon stores. Anyone have any luck with this at all ordering online or at the stores??

  23. Included Accessories
    Standard Lithium Ion BatteryWall/USB ChargerStereo HeadsetPre–Installed 32GB microSD™ CardProduct Safety & Warranty BrochureQuick Reference Guide
    I thought there wasn’t an SD card…

  24. Anyone have one yet?  Are they blocking tethering?

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