Android Overload: Over $1 Million Stolen From Android Users In 2011, Sprint Is Now The Official Carrier of the NBA and More


Happy Galaxy Nexus day, everyone! Yes, the Galaxy Nexus became officially available in the US today through Verizon but that doesn’t mean there wasn’t a heap ton of other news hitting our inbox. Just take a look at all the stories below. These are the ones that didn’t make it onto our front page but we still felt they deserved a final once from you guys. We like to keep our readers well informed (it’s what we do best). So have a look around and if you read up on anything interesting, leave your thoughts below.

  • HTC has released the source code for their Sensation, Sensation XL, Rhyme, and more.
  • ASUS Transformer Prime ship date slips to January for Italy. [Electronista]
  • Clearwire raises another $734 million in funding from Sprint and public offering. [BGR]
  • Sprint is now the official carrier of the NBA. [Sprint]
  • Lightsquared makes a deal with the FCC to give up spectrum for 2012 launch. [GigaOM]
  • Samsung Galaxy Tab provides inflight entertainment to first class travelers. [TheVerge]
  • Google Map Maker now open to everyone. Help make Google Maps better. [RWW]
  • Google+ check-in offers go live in the Android app. [VentureBeat]
  • Over $1 million stolen from Android users in 2011. [BriefMobile]
  • Intel gets into the NFC business. [WSJ]
  • Meizu gets its own store in Hong Kong. Sell MX for cheaper. [Engadget]
  • Intel creates new group to focus solely on mobile. [IntoMobile]
  • Microsoft Lync now available for Android. [Market Link]
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  1. Instead of spending money on Nascar and the NBA, how about spending money on the network instead?

  2. Nexus is hunted literally after its release. The USP of the device being, it is parented by the Google’s software and Samsung’s hardware! The product would be the best of the kinds and iphone have a reason to feel left out!
    Thanks for the detailing!

  3. Are you ever doing to check your links before posting ? More broken links (as for every Overload piece).

    .Google+ check-in offers go live in the Android app. [VentureBeat]

  4. I’m stunned, the NBA drop T-Mobile as their official wireless partner.

  5. LOL fucking amazing how a big story such as $1 million being stole from Android users gets grouped in with non stories to hopefully cover it up.

    Unreal how you guys want to protect your shitty open OS that ALLOWS PEOPLE TO STEAL MONEY FROM ITS USERS!LMAO THIS IS FUCKING TOO GOOD TO BE TRUE.

    Holy shit, are you guys STUPID.

    1. Dear iTard, $1M is a drop in the bucket.

      1. Drop in the bucket? Would you like to repay all those people?

        I highly doubt a shitty Android developer like you, who develops dumb fucking apps that keep your phone at 100% brightness when charging, would ever make a million dollars in their lifetime. 

        1. Ah, I forgot to make things simpler so the iTard could understand it: One million dollars is a drop in the huge bucket of all android users. Divide $1 million by 200+ million android activations and what do you get? $0.005. A rounding error. (and besides, it’s mostly dummies (no matter the platform) who are soon parted from their money anyway)

        2. Go play in the road!

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