Dec 14th, 2011

Although Verizon’s been as quiet on the Galaxy Nexus launch as they’ve ever been about a device launch, our sources are still telling us that Verizon is certainly expected to launch the phone tomorrow. We’ve heard that one before, I know. But our source is receiving more supplemental shipments and says a launch is definite.

Add that to the fact that stores which didn’t have any units should all be getting some today and it’s hard for us not to get a little excited. We’ll still stay cautious because, again, the rug was snatched from right beneath us last week just as we approached that rumored date (which looked extremely solid) and we’re still here almost a week later without a phone.

So why’s Verizon being quiet about it? Any number of things may be the case. They might still be announcing it for a launch tomorrow – no rules say they have to release all their press releases at the same time. I’m, of course, referring to the white DROID RAZR announcement they sent out this morning stating it’d be in stores December 15th.

They could also be doing a soft/quiet launch, making the device available through a number of channels without really announcing or advertising anything. The Galaxy Nexus is quite unlike any Android device they’ve had so it’s possible they want to handle its launch unlike they’ve handled any other device’s launch. Again, this is all speculation. Either way, we have our fingers crossed for tomorrow. [Thanks ______!]

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