Featured Video of the Day: Camera Battle between HTC Amaze 4G and iPhone 4S [Sponsored Post]


Apple made a pretty big deal out of the camera on their iPhone 4S, but can it win a head-to-head battle with the HTC Amaze 4G? And we aren’t just talking a sheer spec comparison. Even if we were the Amaze 4G’s 8MP camera still boasts several features that offer a unique advantage over the same megapixel count on the iPhone, including BurstShot and SweepShot. But you’ll learn all about those when you check out the above video. The 8-bit armor donned by some riled up gamers might be a bit goofy, but the message isn’t. The HTC Amaze 4G on T-Mobile emerges victorious.

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  1. well, that was just horrific, wasn’t it?

  2. dat shoryuken

  3. Wow silly me. I posted this video for free lol.

    1. welli liked it…people are so anal..they need to get a sense a humor,regardless how funny or not it is…aplus

  4. yay, panoramic/burst/smartshot, etc etc…Still is going to look washed out and have a shit ton of noise. I’m an Android fan as much as the next guy, but the 4S’ camera is in it’s own league. 

    1. 4S and SGSII are both excellent.  

      1. Agreed, maybe putting the SGSII by the 4S would have been a better fight, even though the amaze has more “features” the SGSII camera is pretty incredible

    2. The 4S camera isn’t in its own league at all. It’s in the same league as most high end phones, not even the best as confirmed by this PC world test:
      The video capture on the iPhone 4S is even pretty average.

      1. What seems to be the defining fact is that iPhone tends to use a more flattering white balance. 

        Caveat: I’m extremely new to photography (just got my first dslr only a month ago) and I’m still learning.

        But look at the test photos from the PCWorld article. I agree that the SGSII’s camera in fact has slightly less noise and some faster stops, I think the iPhone uses software optimization that the layperson finds more pleasing.

        Though as someone who goes for most accurate representations, the iPhone has never impressed me. Most photos look slightly HDR and cartoonish.

      2. they are pretty dead on when they review..but these wannabee camera experts who blog think they have a better idea…we call em trolls

    3. Do you mean Apple fanboy league? My Sony Ericsson X10 that I just dumped after having for 2 year had 8MP camera but with a high-end sensor.

      1. Did my post not fucking say “As an Android fan?” Get over yourself. I’ve been on your side of the fence for years, hating on the “Apple-ite Sheep, Fanboys, etc.” Only Android fans are ignorant and biased enough to keep carrying on this stupid mundane argument. I use both a 4S, and I have an unlocked SGSII, when I put the pictures onto my laptop screen, or into photoshop, or wherever I choose, they are SIGNIFICANTLY noisier than the images from my 4S. That was the only argument here.


        Also, if it wasn’t for the iPhone, none of you would have an Android phone in the capacity it is today, FACT.

        1. What I don’t understand is.. why are you bringing this up in a thread about an HTC phone ?

          1. First of all, the thread is about the HTC phone having a superior camera to the 4S. If you’ve used an HTC phone, you know their cameras are not exactly top-notch. The SGSII was seemingly the only Android phone that others in here brought up in debate with me about, so I began to talk about that.

            What I don’t understand is…why are you asking me this ignorant question without reading the underlying conversation?

          2. ok.. I see your point that you didn’t start the SII thing.. sorry bout that.. As to your comment on HTC cameras.. http://www.phonearena.com/reviews/iPhone-4S-vs-Droid-Bionic-vs-Galaxy-S-II-vs-Amaze-4G-camera-comparison_id2883/page/2  Just beacuse a prior model or models haven’t been good, diesn’t mean they all are.

    4. what,people who say this shit dont know how to use a camera..period.i own both,,,if you know how to use its not a league of their own….sg2 has been proven to be better..and nokias n8 is the one in the league of their own..fact…as a real camera guy..i use it on set.

      1. as a real camera guy, you’d think you’d use a real fucking camera. I wouldn’t even use the 4S “on set”. Unless you’re making movies with Legos.


      2. Proven to be better? Would you like to show that proof?

        1. pcworld..etc..etc…but if you like go read you cnet..iphone whores..i dont drink kool aid..

      3. whoa..4s is an iphone?yes?…if so we agree then!!

    5. Apple has been using backlit sensors for some time. However, they were not the first one. Nokia has had great optics for a while. However, it seems that when Apple uses something, many people think that Apple invented it. Go figure. Also, the current camera module on iPhone is made by Sony.

      1. I never claimed Apple invented anything regarding the camera,we all know most of the iPhone’s parts are outsourced so please refrain from the Apple-sheep references here.

        1. So you admit that there are phones that have had similar if not better cameras? Then how is apple’s camera on it’s own leaugue?

  5. I dont know how to feel about that video..

  6. Possibly the gayest video in the history of Android vs iOS.

    1. Still not as gay as twilight

  7. I have both the 4S & Samsung Epic Touch Sprint & they are both great phones….. this video is the most ridiculous I’ve seen by far!

  8. this video is the most ridiculous I’ve seen by far

  9. These Android vs iPhone commercials are getting pretty embarrassing. 

  10. Scott Pilgrim, also… this video shows nothing

  11. Great commercial…except the iphone 5 is the iphone 4s.

    1. uh..i think he was saying wait til the iphone 5 comes out..yes it will be called the icrap i mean iphone 5

  12. I dislike Apple’s Corporate decisions more than Google’s.  I generally take Google’s side.  Having said that, I believe the iPhone 4s’ camera is clearly superior to even the SGS2.  And I believe the smoothness of the 4s is superior as well.

    Android will never be able to compete clock for clock with iOS.  Speak with any non Google employed EE and they will agree.  Sometimes the truth isn’t what we want it to be.  Reviews can’t change it.

    1. im assuming you mean people who are iphone fanboys?yes? trolls?yes? i had an iphone  dont care much about them..and really lets not make then to have superior cameras..even cameraa experts say so and by the way i hate how fruitboys make an arguement..lame..before we both think whos is better go ask a nokia n8 phone it kills iphones, ask any real camera expert..dumbass…and this coming from a gs2 person…and gs2 runs circles around a iphone..im holding both right now…its been proven..time to learn something buddy.

  13. That is the very first post I see here that says “Sponsored Post”
    Thanks guys for disclosing and preserving your journalistic integrity.

    1. In all seriousness… if Phandroid continues with “sponsored posts” I will remove Phandroid from my Google Reader stream.

      1. How about all the contests? Those are all sponsored as well. Phandroid doesn’t spend their own money buying thirty Kindles… At least I hope not.

  14. the iphone dude dress and look so much better. 

  15. I want an app that will make me 8-bit.

  16. that video was so gay

  17. Real photographers laugh at people that argue over who has the better phone camera.

  18. http://imgur.com/M5AuK



    All 3 taken with my amaze. Tell me I have a sh!* camera compared to iPhone again…

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