[Download] Android Market 3.4.4 Rolling Out, Users Reporting Great Speed Enhancements


It seems Google’s got a new version of the Android Market rolling out for everyone. Its version number is 3.4.4 and the most noticeable change (aside from a slight difference in verbiage for the auto-add shortcut option) is just how fast the application performs.

As the application is as image rich as it’s ever been we understand why some older devices struggle to handle it smoothly. But users are reporting that the application provides significant speed improvements and folks on devices as old as the HTC Hero are no longer gnashing their teeth trying to work their way around the market without it stuttering.

The silent update may not have been pushed to your phone yet but fret not as the APK has already been uploaded for public downloading. No root required. [Download via Android Police]

[Update]: From what I can see they’ve also put trailers in the photo carousel on app listings so you won’t have to scroll down to press play anymore. Neat and simple, yet convenient.

Quentyn Kennemer
The "Google Phone" sounded too awesome to pass up, so I bought a G1. The rest is history. And yes, I know my name isn't Wilson.

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  1. OG EVO 4G here and i still have the OG Market.  i want to update but the official way.

  2. Just installed.  Much faster than I’ve been experiencing lately!

  3. I now can’t buy anthing through the App (UK user here), but I can still but using the PC

    1. Hmmm is it possible that this is for certain regions? I’m not too sure why you’re having these issues. I’ll definitely have to look into it.

    2. I’m in the UK as well. Installed this .apk and it’s working fine. I just tested by purchasing moto mx for 10p and it went through just fine.

  4. Nice and smooth =9
    Thanks for posting it Quentyn 

  5. Installed, but the video’s do not show up in the carrousel for me. Still have to scroll to the bottom.
    Dunno if its faster yet….will have to get back on that after some more fiddling around.

  6. must faster here on the og droid, but only after clearing the cache

  7. Oh, that’s why I had to randomly accept the agreement again yesterday. Thought there might have been an update but didn’t really see anything different. Good to know then.

  8. Holy fucktard, Batman.

    This was indeed a lot faster.
    Works great on my Galaxy Nexus (which for some reason had not gotten the update yet … )

  9. i tried to install it on the tablet. works fine, but the homescreen of the market doesn’t take up the whole tablet screen space

  10. IMO, they should cut the height of “reflection” in half on the phone’s market. Right now, it’s just too tall and distracting.

  11. Or eliminate it. It’s just a waste of space.

  12. no update for the nexus s 4g, yet

  13. Is it safe to dl it and install the apk?

  14. Anyone know if it fixes that pesky little multiple gmail address problem?

  15. This market is way faster. I hope it takes care of the instances where I can’t get it to load. They aren’t often but they are certainly annoying.

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